ReSound Hearing Aids: Brand Overview, Latest Technology, and Prices

March 2, 2023
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Looking for hearing aids with a little more oomph and a unique spin? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Enter: ReSound, the hearing aid company that’s been innovating hearing health since 1943. If you’re looking to add the latest technology advances—and elevate your lifestyle—you may want to consider this brand. 

Keep scrolling to get the full scope on ReSound, including a company overview, their technology and newest products, plus a dive into how the brand levels up against other products on the market.

About ReSound

Okay so, you want a design-led (and tech-savvy) hearing aid but you also want a product that’s crafted with durability and authenticity in mind. That’s where ReSound comes in—the company is one of the leading brands from GN Hearing, a hearing and audio company with over 150 years of expertise. The company’s HQ is located in Copenhagen, Denmark, but its reach extends all over the world. That being said, ReSound is a leading brand largely recommended by audiologists and hearing health care professionals worldwide. 

And, what exactly makes ReSound so tech-forward? The brand was the first to feature iPhone-compatible hearing aids in 2013 (talk about life-changing for anyone who uses a smartphone). The innovations don’t stop there as ReSound has made leaps and bounds to introduce tech-ready features like longer battery life, unique designs, and intelligent devices.

The Latest ReSound Hearing Aids

Image of the ReSound One hearing aid. The latest hearing aid in the ReSound family.

ReSound is big on quality and innovation, which means the brand rolls out new products every few years or so. What can you expect with new product releases? Smarter tech and more real-life applicable features.

Here’s the scoop: The brand’s flagship product is ReSound OMNIA, and it’s now available across their full hearing aid line including a new smaller mini behind the ear-style device.Curious to know more? The ReSound OMNIA has some pretty exciting technology, and we break it all down below.

Bluetooth compatibility - Android and iPhone users, rejoice. ReSound OMNIA allows audio streaming, and iPhone users can also make hands-free calls with the Resound OMNIA. Android users will still need to keep their phone close to pick up outbound audio.  

Battery-powered or rechargeable options - In terms of sustainability, these hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries that last 30+ hours on a single charge—yep, really—depending on streaming. Prefer disposable batteries? No worries, you’re covered. The ReSound OMNIA also comes with an optional 312 battery.

Remote programming: These hearing devices can be remote programmed after the first fitting with your audiologist.

Sound quality: This is where innovation happens. ReSound hearing aids include a wide range of features that provide clear and precise sound quality. For example, the M&RIE which is the third microphone ReSound placed on the hearing aid receiver to capture the natural sounds that enter the ear.

New, More Powerful Ultra Focus: Say hello to better speech clarity. The new increases speech clarity in background noise by 150 percent (wow, right?). And, that also means the wearer can understand speech with an 8.6 dB increase in background noise volume. This feature is specifically intended for an experience in which you face the person speaking (think, coffee shops, restaurants, meetings).

That’s not all. ReSound offers the ReSound OMNIA three technology levels. To note, if you’re looking to go up a tech level with your hearing device, that means you’ll receive more technology capabilities for an increased price. This can be a confusing price model—especially if you’re looking for your first hearing aid—but it is currently the standard across brands.

Before we take a look at individual levels, every level (regardless of cost) in the ReSound OMNIA family has strong underlying technology that also includes Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries.

ReSound OMNIA tech levels:

  • ReSound OMNIA 9: The highest tier in the ReSound OMNIA line. This tech level is made specifically for people who engage in an active lifestyle—think, travel, sports, work, and social activities—which includes hanging out in groups. If you plan to get the maximum sound clarity and versatility from your hearing aid, this is the one.
  • ReSound OMNIA 7: This next option comes with many of the bells and whistles from OMNIA 9. The difference? OMNIA 7 offers less customizations and fewer automatic program changes.
  • ReSound OMNIA 5: Now, this is the lowest level in the OMNIA family. How is this level different from OMNIA 9 or OMNIA 7? The OMNIA 5 has much less automatic program switching and does not come with a third microphone in the ear. This level is a solid option that’s customizable with a lower price tag. 

Want to learn more about ReSound OMNIA? Check out this detailed review from Dr. Cliff Olson.

How to Purchase ReSound Hearing Aids

ReSound hearing aids are mainly sold via a local audiologist, and some products are available through Jabra Enhance online. Ahead are the purchasing options for ReSound.

1. Find a local audiologist.

Use the internet to find a provider that can address your specific health goals, concerns, and lifestyle needs. Once you have an appointment, the health care professional will guide you through the entire process which includes a hearing test with product recommendations. During this process, you will not know the price at the start but you can expect to pay around $5,000 to $7,000 dollars depending on the level of technology you elect. As always, make sure to confirm with your audiologist that they are comfortable working with ReSound products.

2. Get a pre-negotiated price via a network.

Image of woman using to compare hearing aids

The good news is that there are many national networks providers that can offer lower costs at typically 25 to 40 percent cheaper. The professionals likely work with medical providers and clinics you can find online, which will lower the cost before your initial visit. Want to compare pricing? Check out this link.

ReSound Hearing Aid Prices

ReSound Hearing Aid Price Levels

Similar to other top audiology brands like Phonak, Oticon, and Signia. As we discussed earlier in the article, when you speak to your audiologist, costs can vary from $5,000 to $7,000 for a pair of hearing aids.

Here are the pre-negotiated prices for each technology level if you purchase through pre-negotiated rates.

ReSound OMNIA 9 $4,598 / pair

ReSound OMNIA 7 $3,798 / pair

ReSound OMNIA 5 $3,198 / pair

ReSound Key (budget line) $2,500 / pair

ReSound hearing aids delivered online through Jabra Enhance $1,195 - $1,995 / pair (more info on how this works below).

ReSound Reviews

Image of ReSound One in ear and held by hand

Here at Soundly HQ, we combed through ReSound reviews from hearing aid users and discovered ReSound gets 4.5/5 for their newest products on review sites. After looking over the reviews, most folks are very happy with their ReSound hearing aids. Aside from a few Bluetooth connectivity issues and the device learning curve, there weren't any outstanding product performance gaps. 

"I got the new ReSound ONE M&RIE hearing aids and as a first-time wearer I love them. Everything sounds very natural and they even do a great job in a noisy environment like a restaurant, where I can hear clearly without a lot of background noise. I definitely give these Resound Hearing Aids a Five Star Plus rating." —Seve, IL 

"Microphone in-ear provides additional sound detail and directionality. No issues with rechargeable batteries. iPhone app with multiple listening programs is very convenient and each program can be adjusted to suit local environment. Due to the products complexity there is a learning curve but well worth the effort." —Linda, NM

"Enjoying my ReSound ONE 9 hearing aids and I can definitely tell that it is easier to hear where sound is coming from, thanks to M&RIE receivers. A few Bluetooth glitches here and there, losing connection with my iPhone." —Michael

Want some more community-based intel? Of course you do, so peep these reviews here and here.

ReSound vs. Oticon, Starkey, Phonak, Widex, and Signia

Image of ReSound hearing aids compared to other brands like Starkey, Signia, Phonak and Oticon

There are five large companies manufacturing the majority of hearing aids on the market. To boot, the brands all offer comparable levels of technology at similar prices. 

Essentially, compare hearing aid pricing to buying a car. Just like most cars come from a few major auto retailers, hearing aids are also largely designed and sold by a few big brands. Think of Phonak, Widex, and Starkey as the BMW, Ford, and Jeep of hearing aid sellers and technology. And just like cars come in all shapes, sizes, and upgrades, major hearing aid brands have similar levels, sizes, plus bells and whistles.

So—hearing aids come in a range of technology that increase in price (much like a car). While a car might have more expensive features like touch screens and Bluetooth capability, a hearing aid has other deluxe features (aka, robust sound processing and more). 

What exactly makes ReSound stand out from its competitors? Check it out:

  • The industry-leading third microphone placed inside the ear gives the device more power to pick out sounds in the midst of background noise.
  • ReSound is a consistent leader in device connectivity and compatibility. They were the first to connect to iPhone, and while most brands now offer the same levels of connection, ReSound is likely to keep innovating for future features and compatibility.
  • The ReSound ONE design is tech-forward and aesthetically pleasing in its unique, and minimal design sensibility with its geometric shape.
  • ReSound sells its product entirely online and is the only major brand to do so(see Jabra Enhance below).

Our hearing device enthusiasts at Soundly all agree: If you’re looking for a behind-the-ear hearing aid, you won’t be disappointed by ReSound OMNIA. However, if you’re more in line for a custom molded or invisible aid, consider Starkey or Phonak.

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How to Purchase ReSound Through Jabra Enhance

Jabra Enhance Hearing aids compared to ReSound hearing aids

Both Jabra and ReSound share a parent company that sells the same exact technology. The only—but big—difference? Jabra Enhance actually programs hearing aids remotely and ships to your home, and the process can offer mighty significant savings.

If you’re looking for an easy—and super convenient—way to purchase hearing aids with ReSound’s features, you may want to consider this option.

How Jabra Enhance works:

✔️ Start with a hearing test on Jabra’s website or send in an up-to-date audiogram. 

✔️ With the test, Jabra will program the hearing aids and ship them directly to you. 

✔️ Need further adjustments? Jabra’s hearing team will tune the program remotely.

✔️ Jabra offers three years of unlimited follow-up care with all purchases  

Price: $1,195 for a pair of battery-powered, $1,595 for a pair of rechargeable, $1,995 for rechargeable with the most premium sound quality.

Features: Rechargeable, Bluetooth enabled, Behind The Ear Style

Learn More About Jabra Enhance

–The Soundly team

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