Best Seller

Audicus DIA II

$ 998.00  / pair
7107 Reviews
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Best Seller

Audicus DIA II

$ 998.00  / pair
$ 998.00  / pair
7107 Reviews

Audicus was one of the first brands to program hearing aids remotely and ship them to your door. When the brand launched nearly 10 years ago, Audicus was dubbed the Warby Parker of hearing aids. They make their service simple to use and offer a range of simple but effective products.

Unlike other over-the-counter style devices like Eargo and Lexie, you do not need to program your own hearing aids. The Audicus team of hearing specialists walks you through an online test or accepts an existing audiogram. With the results in hand, they program your hearing aids before shipping. This streamlined process saves you time and cuts the cost by about 50%-70% compared to traditional options. 

Audicus DIA II is the most affordable product from the brand. Like the other Audicus products, the DIA II is shipped to your door with a custom program to match your hearing loss. DIA II uses disposable batteries, does not allow streaming, and is approximately 30% larger than the Clara model.

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$998 / pair

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Behind the Ear
What's Included

2 hearing aids custom programmed to your hearing loss 

Various ear dome sizes to fit your ears 

Unlimited specialist support

1 year manufacture warranty

Return Policy

Audicus offers a 45-day risk-free trial


Manufactured by Sonova, a trusted leader in the category 

DIA II offers background noise reduction and intelligent sound algorithms

Change the volume using buttons on the hearing aid

How It Works

All Audicus products are fully programmable by a hearing professional. Unlike some other over-the-counter options, you will not need to self-program your devices. 

Audicus will ask you to take an online hearing test or send an existing hearing test. The company then assigns one of their remote audiologists to program your hearing aids. If you need further adjustments and have the Audicus Omni or Audicus Spirit, the audiologist will access your hearing aid remotely. If you have DIA II, Clara, or Wave, you will need to mail your hearing aids back for reprogramming. 

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The breakdown

What makes Audicus hearing aids different than other options on the market?

Audicus moves the whole fitting process from local shops (with lots of overhead) to one central website and remote audiologists. As a result, they can cut the price to about half of what you could expect from a local audiologist.

Audicus hearing aids are made by Sonova, which sells similar technology for $4,500 through a local care provider.

Hand holding Audicus DIA II
Audicus DIA II hearing aidsMan wearing Audicus DIA II hearing aids

The tech inside

Audicus hearing aids come at a variety of tech levels. Audicus DIA II is the most affordable product from the line and does not come with Bluetooth streaming or rechargeable batteries.

All Audicus products automatically adapt to your environment, have clear sound quality and are fully customizable to your hearing loss.

Getting up close

Audicus hearing aids sit almost invisible behind the ear and offer easy to use button controls for volume and program changes.

Audicus DIA II allows you to change the volume using buttons on the back of the device.

Man adjusting volume of Audicus DIA hearing aids

Overall notes:

Audicus has more than 7,000 reviews with an impressive average of 4.7 stars. Audicus customer service and lifetime specialist support are unique to the industry. If you are on a budget and want fully customized hearing aids, Audicus is among the best options available.

Jen Anfinson, AuD

Audicus DIA II is the simplest product from Audicus. DIA II offers full customization to match your hearing loss but lacks some important features found in higher priced models.

Jen Anfinson, AuD
Ramsay Poindexter, AuD

Audicus is a fair option for anyone looking for remote care. The telehealth model helps reduce the final price.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD
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