About Soundly - Our Mission, Story, Research and Focus

May 5, 2022
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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Soundly Staff

We launched Soundly.com in May 2022 to create a better starting point for the hearing health experience.

The idea initially came from my own frustrating experience searching for hearing aids. It seemed that there should be a simpler, better-organized way to access information about our hearing.

Today Soundly comprises a team of audiologists, hearing aid wearers, and technologists who are hard at work to build the experiences you find on this site.

What We Do

Soundly does not sell hearing aids directly. In fact, most of our site visitors work with a local doctor to test their hearing and fit their hearing aids.  

Instead of selling hearing aids directly, we spend all of our time reviewing products, publishing clearly organized information, and building modern tools to make the process of accessing hearing health easier. 

As a user, you can explore top products side by sidefind a local doctortest your hearing, or ask nearly any question through Ask Soundly

Soundly is supported through advertising and brand partnerships and is independently owned. 

Our Review Process

We physically review the leading hearing aids on the market for sound quality, comfort, durability, and more. We recently recorded live sound from over 20 hearing aids using a calibrated binaural microphone. You can listen to various products throughout the site through the compare section. 

In addition to our product reviews, lead audiologist Dr. Amy Sarow authors various hearing health-related guides on everything from Cochlear Implants to Tinnitus. You can find that information on our regularly-updated blog

We firmly believe that technology is essential for making hearing health more accessible. For that reason, we dedicate significant resources to building helpful tools like our AI-powered chat, Ask SoundlyAudiologist Locator, and free hearing test

Thousands of visitors use these tools to understand their hearing health and care options. 

Soundly Studio

Hearing wellness deserves more attention. Soundly Studio is our effort to highlight topics related to our ears and hearing. Last Summer, we launched a collection of hearing aids on the #1 kids' gaming platform, Roblox. Fifty million+ players can now wear the new hearing aids during gameplay. 

In 2023 we launched World of Sound with GN Hearing and three global artists. The campaign aimed to raise awareness of sound's invisible power in our lives.

Get In Touch

We're proud of the team's work but recognize the work ahead to make hearing health more accessible, engaging, and (maybe even) fun. 

If you are interested in collaborating through our content, technology projects, or Studio, we would love to hear from you at hello@soundly.com

If you are a reader and have questions, please send us a note at customercare@soundly.com

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Frequently asked questions

Does Soundly research over-the-counter hearing aids?

Yes. Soundly compares prescription products side by side with over-the-counter products. We care about quality and do not include low-cost amplifiers or products that fail to meet our audiology team's quality standards.

Does Soundly sell hearing aids?

Soundly does not sell hearing aids directly. Our team of hearing aid wearers and audiologists research all the best available products to help you make a more informed decision. Once you choose a product we'll connect you with the best brand or care provider for your needs.

How does Soundly choose products?

There are over 120 hearing aid brands available. We don't think all of those brands are worth your time. We devote thousands of hours annually to testing products for quality, comfort, value and care. The best products end up on this site. Today Soundly includes around 50 high-quality products on the site.

What is Soundly?

Soundly is a hearing health education site. We are a team of hearing aid wearers and audiologists who test products and research care methods. We then publish our findings on this site to help readers make more confident and informed decisions. You can use our comparison tools to see products side-by-side, take a hearing test or read expert reviews on our blog. Happy researching!