Introducing Ask Soundly - A ChatGPT Powered Hearing Health Assistant

May 1, 2023
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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Soundly AI powered hearing health search assistant

We’re excited to announce the launch of our new AI-powered search feature, Ask Soundly.

Starting today you can use the search feature right here on to interact with our new AI chat feature. Consumers can now ask a wide range of hearing health and hearing aid questions and receive personalized responses in natural language.

Ask Soundly leverages a robust library of vetted hearing health content along with the language capabilities of GPT-4.

The new search feature can understand full sentences and give detailed answers.

Ask Soundly Creation Process

Our team, including Lead Audiologist, Dr. Amy Sarow, and technical partners at Hunt Gather, developed Ask Soundly with consumer experience and content accuracy in mind.

Restricted controls are in place to stop chats unrelated to the information on the Soundly website, and searches are anonymized before reaching the GPT-4.

Ask Soundly is trained with a wide array of technical information around specific hearing-related topics, giving users the power to troubleshoot and research in meaningfully new ways.

Expected Use Cases

Examples of Ask Soundly's use cases include answering questions like "what are the best invisible hearing aids?" and "how can I pair my hearing aids to iPhone?"

Ask Soundly can also answer general questions like "what are the symptoms of hearing loss?" or "how long does a hearing test usually take?".

Ask Soundly will never replace the expertise of audiologists and industry experts but it can provide answers to countless questions about hearing health, hearing aids and related technology.

Why We Created This Tool

Soundly’s mission is to create a welcoming and informative front door to the hearing health world. The ability to offer instant and personalized advice and troubleshooting to any user at any time of the day is a big step towards that goal.  

We believe that this innovative tool will help consumers take control of their hearing health journey by providing quick and hyper-personalized information.

Ask Soundly is one of our many efforts to help consumers navigate the hearing health market since the OTC ruling was enacted (October 17, 2022).

AI-supported experiences like Ask Soundly are still in their early days. We hope that you will join us in the beta test and provide your valuable feedback so that we can continue to improve the Soundly experience.

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