I reviewed every Audicus product. Here’s what I learned.

November 4, 2022
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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Audicus was one of the first brands to program hearing aids remotely and ship them to your door. Their reviews are mostly 4, and 5 stars, and their prices compete with the best offerings available.

This summer, I decided to order all five of Audicus's products to try them for myself.

In this post, I'll share more about the company, each of its products, and my experience.

About Audicus

When Audicus launched nearly 10 years ago, the brand was dubbed the Warby Parker of hearing aids for their simple online service and modern design.

Unlike other online hearing aids like Eargo and Lexie, you do not need to program your own devices. Their team of hearing specialists set you up with an online hearing test or accept an existing audiogram.

With those results in hand, Audicus programs your hearing aids before shipping. When the hearing aids arrive in the mail they are already programmed to match your hearing loss.

If you need adjustments to your program, you can get adjustments at home or ship your hearing aids back (depending on the technology level).

This remote care process saves time and cuts the cost by about 50%-70% compared to traditional options.

Audicus also offers in-person service in several major cities. Audicus branded clinics can be found in Chicago, Denver, and NYC. If you live in any of these areas, you can make an appointment for a free in-person hearing test and hearing aid demo. If you decide to purchase, the specialist will program them on the spot and you can leave with your hearing aids the same day. More details and a list of locations here.

Audicus is based in New York with support staff spread across the U.S. Audicus hearing aids are currently manufactured by two of the world’s largest hearing aid makers, Sonova and WS Audiology.

Audicus manufacturing partner facility at WS Audiology and Sonova

Audicus Products - Pricing, Features, & Review

Audicus offers four products. They are all programmed to match your hearing loss and then shipped to your door. Below is a breakdown of each product level organized by price. I have included some notes on my own experience with each product.

Audicus Omni - $2,998 or $159 per month (per pair)

Image of the Audicus Omni hearing aid in hand and behind a woman's ear

The Omni is Audicus's newest and most feature-rich hearing aid to date. Omni allows Bluetooth streaming from both Apple and Android devices and has an optional rechargeable battery (additional $400 for a pair).

The devices make auto adjustments to your environment and reduce feedback. Importantly, Omni allows an Audicus hearing specialist to make remote adjustments after your first fitting. You don't need to send the product back in the mail for adjustments; this feature is only available with Omni and Spirit.

Audicus Spirit is comparable to the 200 level product from Jabra Enhance ($1,995).

Audicus Spirit - $2,398 or $129 per month (per pair)

Collage of Audicus Spirit Hearing Aids

The Audicus Spirit has almost all of the technology that comes with Omni at a more affordable price. Spirit offers Bluetooth streaming from both Apple and Android devices and has an optional rechargeable battery (additional $400 for a pair).

The device makes real-time adjustments to improve sound quality and allows an Audicus hearing specialist to make remote program changes after your first fitting. No need to send the product back in the mail for changes.

Images of Audicus Spirit hearing aids

How are Omni and Spirit different? Omni has 16 channels of program customization vs Spirit’s 14 and offers 6 listening environments v.s. 4. If you are looking for 90% of the features at a lower price, Spirit is a great option.

Audicus Spirit is comparable to the 100 level product from Jabra Enhance ($1,595).

Audicus Wave - $1,398 or $89 per month (per pair)

Images of the Audicus Wave hearing aid

Audicus Wave is the third-tier technology from the brand. The Wave comes with most of the core features available, including automatic program switching, Bluetooth streaming to iPhone and Android devices, and feedback reduction. Like Audicus Omni and Spirit, Wave comes standard with disposable batteries and can be upgraded for $400 per pair.

The Wave does not allow remote adjustments, which means that if you need something changed after your initial programming, you'll have to ship the hearing aids back to Audicus for the change.

Images of Audicus Wave hearing aids in hand and in ear

In my experience, Audicus Wave offered similar sound quality to the higher-tech Spirit, but I did notice slightly less clarity in voices and richness in music. If budget is a factor, the lower price might be worth it. Wave is a reputable device with both Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. If you choose this technology level, you'll need to ship your hearing aids back to Audicus for adjustments.

Audicus Mini - $1,998 or $109 (per pair)

Audicus Mini was released in November 2022 as an affordable in-ear alternative to traditional styles. The hearing aid fits in the ear and comes with custom programming by the Audicus team before being shipped.

The rest of the tech in the Mini hearing aid is straightforward. Audicus Mini hearing aids use a size 10 disposable battery (replaced every 4-5 days) and do not have Bluetooth connectivity. The main selling point is the discreet size at an affordable price.

Images of Audicus Aura products in ear and in hand

Audicus Mini hearing aids are simple to set up, and the in-ear style is convenient for masks and glasses. I could not get the Mini to hide entirely inside my ear, which was still discreet but visible in my ears. Mini is the lowest-priced audiologist customized hearing aid that fits in the ear.

Mini does not have an onboard volume button, so you will need to use the Audicus app for volume adjustments.

How To Purchase Audicus Hearing Aids

Here’s a breakdown of the Audicus order process:

  • You will start with a free phone consultation with an Audicus care provider. Audicus will arrange for your online test during this call or get your current hearing test results.
  • You'll then purchase the product (with a 45-day risk-free return policy) over the phone or online.
  • An Audicus hearing specialist will program your hearing aids to match your hearing loss and ship the product to your home.
  • You can adjust the volume yourself, but you can not change your hearing aid program. To do that, you'll need to set up a follow-up appointment with Audicus, and if you have the Spirit hearing aid, they can make adjustments remotely. If you have one of the other models, you can ship your product back to Audicus for adjustments.

Included With Your Purchase

  • 2 hearing aids custom programmed to your hearing loss
  • A carry case or charging case for your hearing aids
  • Various ear dome sizes to fit your ears
  • One year manufacturer warranty
  • Unlimited lifetime specialist support

Return Policy

Audicus offers a 45-day risk-free trial

Overall Notes

Audicus has more than 7,000 reviews with an impressive average of 4.7 stars. Audicus customer service and lifetime specialist support are unique to the industry.

By moving the fitting process from local shops (with lots of overheard) to one central website and remote audiologists, Audicus cuts the price to about half of what you could expect from a local shop.

Audicus hearing aids are made by Sonova and WS Audiology, which sell similar technology for $4,500 through a local care provider.

If you are on a budget and want fully customized hearing aids, Audicus is among the best options available (Jabra Enhance is the only real competitor with a similar model and price).

If you can afford it, consider the Spirit or Omni models for its sound quality, Bluetooth, and access to remote programming.

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