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Flare Calmer Audio Review

December 2, 2023
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Written by
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A

Dr. Amy Sarow is a practicing clinical audiologist and serves as Audiology Lead for Soundly. Her expertise and experience span topics including tinnitus, cochlear implants, hearing aid technology, and hearing testing. She holds a doctoral degree in audiology from the University of Iowa. During her residency at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Sarow was inspired by the three-tiered, patient-centered approach, incorporating clinical work, teaching and research.

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Soundly Staff
Soundly Staff
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As an audiologist with years of experience, I have seen first-hand the damaging effects of noise-induced hearing loss on many of my patients. It's not just industrial workers who are at risk – anyone who enjoys live music or frequently listens to loud music on headphones is also vulnerable.

While some people may want to avoid loud sounds altogether, others simply want to take the edge off of irritating sounds. That's where Flare Earplugs come in. They are designed to help those with sound sensitivity to go about their day without unwanted high-pitched noises that may grate on the nerves.

In this article, I'm going to review Flare Calmer Earplugs and share my thoughts on their effectiveness, comfort, and overall value.

Is Flare Calmer the same as earplugs?

Flare Calmer devices are fundamentally different from conventional hearing protection devices like earplugs. Unlike earplugs that reduce the overall volume of sound, Flare Calmer selectively softens high-frequency sounds while leaving low- to mid-frequency sounds largely unaffected. This selective attenuation of frequency ranges provides a completely unique sonic experience.

Initially designed to pair with headphones for an enhanced audio experience, Flare Calmer devices have gained popularity among people with sound sensitivity. With this innovative technology, users can experience a balanced and less irritating sonic environment without compromising on the overall auditory experience. 

Some Flare Calmer users go as far as to describe them as "life changing" because they're able to enjoy activities again or go about their day at work without feeling the discomfort that they otherwise experience. Think of it like filtering out high frequency sounds or giving yourself a mild high frequency hearing loss. 

What should I look for in good earplugs for sound sensitivity?

When choosing earplugs, several factors should be taken into account:

Comfort - The earplugs should be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods. Check the material used; silicone tends to be the most comfortable and popular option.

Durability - Opt for earplugs that are durable and will last a reasonable length of time. While disposable earplugs are convenient, reusable ones, if maintained properly, can be a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice.

Maintenance - Look for earplugs that are easy to clean and maintain. Regular cleaning can extend their lifespan and ensure they continue to effectively block out noise.

Sound Quality - Ensure that the earplugs don't distort the sound of music or other audio you wish to hear.

Ease of Use - For regular use, you don't want to struggle with those little pieces every time you put them in. Look for earplugs that are simple and quick to insert and remove.

Portability - A handy carry case is essential for taking your earplugs on the go. This will protect them from damage and dirt, maintaining their effectiveness.

Remember, it's important to protect your hearing, and investing in a good pair of earplugs is a small step towards that.

A note here is that NRR is less of a concern with this style of ear device. These earplugs reduce frequencies selectively, which has less of an impact on the overall sound reduction. For example, Flare Calmer reduce the frequency range of 2000 - 8000 Hz by about 10 dB but do not impact the lower frequencies.

Unboxing, Testing, and Notes

During my test run with Flare Calmer, I had the opportunity to try out an assortment of their earplugs. What struck me immediately about their product line is the array of choices available - it seems they've really thought about different user needs and preferences. Flare Calmer offers both standard and mini sizes, accommodating the majority of ear canal sizes for a comfortable fit. Additionally, they cater to different age demographics with adult and kid options. 

The color variety adds a touch of personalization, allowing users to choose one that best suits their style. For those with greater sensitivity, Flare Calmer even provides an extra soft option. It's clear that the company has put considerable thought into their product design, striving to ensure that there's something for everyone.

Upon trying on the Flare Calmer, I found the comfort level to be quite high, especially with the Calmer Soft option. This variant offered an optimum fit, adapting perfectly to my ear canal, thanks to its extra pliable material. 

I was particularly impressed by the sound quality. It produced a noticeable yet subtle reduction in sharp, high-frequency sounds such as the clattering of dishes or the barks of dogs. Though I do not personally suffer from sound sensitivity, I noticed an enhanced focus during my use of the Flare Calmer. I could easily imagine how significantly it could benefit someone who does have sound sensitivity.

While the Flare Calmer doesn't fit the traditional earplug mold, it certainly stands out as an effective tool for dealing with situational sound sensitivity. If you find yourself in environments where high-frequency sounds become overwhelming, these devices can be a game-changer. 

Although they don't completely block out noise, they dynamically alter the soundscape, transforming potentially distressing high-pitched noises into a more manageable, less intrusive auditory experience. For those prone to sound sensitivity, the Flare Calmer can bring back the joy of participating in activities that were previously challenging due to disruptive noise. 

In summary, it's a well-designed, innovative solution that addresses the unique needs of individuals with sound sensitivity.

Who Should Avoid Using Flare Calmer?

Flare Calmer may not be the best choice for individuals who are frequently in extremely loud environments. For instance, if you work at a construction site, frequent a gun range, or ride motorcycles, the noise levels in these settings can be hazardous and may induce hearing loss. 

In such scenarios, traditional earplugs are advisable as they provide comprehensive hearing protection. This is crucial to preventing noise-induced hearing loss, which can result from prolonged exposure to excessive noise.

Similarly, those suffering from tinnitus might also find limited benefit from Flare Calmer devices. Tinnitus is characterized by a constant ringing or buzzing sound in the ear, and while Flare Calmer can reduce the harshness of other sounds, they may not necessarily alleviate these symptoms. 

In fact, wearing these devices could worsen the tinnitus perception, as tinnitus is often high frequency and reducing these sounds could even ramp up tinnitus perception. However, if individuals with tinnitus also have sound sensitivity, Flare Calmer could still be a beneficial tool. It's always recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or an audiologist for personalized advice on managing specific hearing concerns.

My Verdict

Overall, the Flare Calmer is an exceptional product that caters specifically to individuals suffering from sound sensitivity. This innovative solution dynamically alters the soundscape to transform potentially distressing high-pitched noises into a more manageable, less intrusive auditory experience. 

It's not just an accessory, but rather a tool that can significantly enhance the quality of life for people with sound sensitivity, allowing them to participate again in activities they may have avoided due to disruptive noise. For such individuals, Flare Calmer truly offers a fantastic solution. It's evidence that when a company understands and empathizes with its customers' unique struggles.

Pros of Flare Calmer

  1. Variety of choices: Flare Calmer offers an array of options catering to a broad spectrum of user needs and preferences. From standard and mini sizes to adult and kid options and colorful variety, there's something for everyone.
  2. Comfort: The comfort level is quite high, particularly with the Calmer Soft option. This variant provides an optimal fit, adapting perfectly to the ear canal due to its extra pliable material.
  3. Improved sound quality: Flare Calmer produces a noticeable yet subtle reduction in sharp, high-frequency sounds, aiding in enhanced focus and reduced sound sensitivity.
  4. Life-enhancing: For those with sound sensitivity, the Flare Calmer can significantly enhance the quality of life. Distressing high-pitched noises are transformed into a more manageable auditory experience, enabling participation in previously challenging activities due to disruptive noise.
  5. Innovation: Flare Calmer is a well-designed, innovative solution that addresses the unique needs of individuals with sound sensitivity. It's more than an accessory, it's a life-enhancing tool.

Cons of Flare Calmer

  1. Not Suitable for Extremely Loud Environments: While Flare Calmer is effective in reducing distressing high-pitched noises, it may not provide adequate protection in extremely loud environments such as construction sites, gun ranges, or motorcycle riding. Traditional earplugs, offering comprehensive noise reduction, are recommended in these settings to prevent noise-induced hearing loss.
  2. Limited Benefit for Tinnitus Sufferers: Those suffering from tinnitus might find limited benefit from Flare Calmer. As tinnitus is characterized by a constant high-frequency ringing or buzzing sound in the ear, the use of Flare Calmer devices could potentially worsen the tinnitus perception.
  3. Requires Medical Consultation for Certain Conditions: While Flare Calmer can be beneficial for those with sound sensitivity, individuals with specific hearing conditions should seek personalized advice from healthcare professionals or audiologists before use. Comprehensive understanding and management of individual hearing concerns are crucial before incorporating any new device into a hearing health routine.
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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Flare Calmer offers a unique solution to the often-overlooked issue of sound sensitivity. Its array of options ensures a fit for all ages and sizes, while its focus on comfort and style allows it to seamlessly adapt to everyday use. 

Although it does not fit the conventional earplug mold and may not be suitable for environments with extreme noise levels or for individuals with tinnitus, it performs commendably in selectively reducing high-frequency noises, enhancing focus, and making potentially distressing sounds more manageable. 

By providing an innovative alternative to traditional earplugs, Flare Calmer succeeds in addressing the unique needs of individuals with sound sensitivity and contributes positively to their quality of life. Always consult with a healthcare professional or an audiologist for personalized advice on managing specific hearing concerns.

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