4 Best Hearing Test Apps For Android and iPhone

December 21, 2022
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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I waited 15 years to test my hearing. I knew I had hearing loss but didn't want to deal with an in-person visit.

With a new baby on the way and people wearing masks all around me, I finally took the plunge. Like most people, I sat in front of my laptop and started researching.

I was surprised that I could test my hearing from home with a smartphone app or several web-based tests.

Of course, a hearing test app should never replace a full audiologist workup (I eventually got mine at Costco and then later went to a local clinic), but an online test is a painless place to start.  

Over the past few years, I've taken more than 20 online hearing tests, and worked with a team to build my own. This guide will show you my favorite apps and sites for quick and accurate results.

Now it's time to pick a hearing test.

There are several reputable tests that you can take via a smartphone app, but most people choose a web-based online hearing test. Browser-based tests work on smartphones or computers, while apps work only on smartphones.

The best hearing tests should offer accurate methodology and clear results for review. After reviewing 20+ apps and online tests, the options below are my favorite.

Hearing Test Apps Smartphone Only

Mimi Hearing Test - Android and iPhone

Mimi hearing test

The Mimi hearing test is one of the market's most serious and accurate options, and Mimi offers two versions of the test.

Pure Tone: Version #1 plays a tone at various frequencies and prompts users to hold a button until they can no longer hear a sound. It's not my favorite interface, but I find Mimi's results accurate.

Background Noise: Version #2 tests your hearing in background noise. This is a nice option since most online hearing tests use only pure tone beeps.

Mimi also offers some impressive integrations, including one with Apple that can help you adjust your Airpods to match your hearing loss. Mimi even integrates with some smart TVs to adjust the sound quality of your TV speaker.  


  • Beautifully designed
  • Accurate
  • Integrates with headphones and TV
  • Checks the background to ensure it's not too loud
  • Offers a background noise test


  • Only available with a smartphone app|
  • Mimi takes longer and is more involved than other options
  • Mimi doesn't include much education about your results

Download Mimi For Android and iPhone

Hearing Test and Ear Age Test - iPhone Only  

I've tried this simple hearing test app a few times with consistently accurate results. The most popular version of the test plays a series of beeps at various frequencies and volumes and returns an audiogram-style chart. The app is no-frills and takes less time to set up than Mimi.

The app includes a fun (but gimmicky) frequency test that tells you how old your ears are based on the highest frequency you can hear. The "hearing age" version test takes less than a minute and gives you a single number (mine was 45). The age test misses most of the nuance of complete hearing tests because it only looks at the high frequencies. Most of my loss is in the mid-frequencies.


  • Simple to use
  • Takes 6 minutes (or 1 minute for the age test)
  • Gives accurate results


  • Only available via smartphone
  • Less advanced than Mimi
  • Lacks educational content about your results

Download the App Here

Online Hearing Tests Smartphone Or Computer

If you look beyond the app store, there are several other reputable hearing tests online. I prefer some for their educational approach, simplicity, and video content. These are my two favorite online hearing tests you can take using any mobile phone or computer.

Jabra Enhance Plus - iPhone, Android & Web

Jabra Enhance Plus is a leading hearing aid brand that programs hearing aids remotely and ships them to your door. Because remote testing and care is a part of their core business, Jabra's online hearing test is excellent.

The simple interface prompts you to increase the volume until you can hear each tone. Jabra's test gives some great educational content about your loss and even includes a custom video based on how you score.

Worth a try for anyone who is learning about their hearing loss.


  • Gives accurate results
  • Available via smartphone and computer
  • Simple interface
  • Educational content and video paired with your results


  • Results are not captured in an audiogram style
  • Does not test hearing in background noise

Try The Jabra Enhance Test Here

Soundly - iPhone, Android & Web

A little self-promotion here. Last year we worked with a talented team of engineers and audiologists to build a simple hearing test with instant results. The test takes less than 5 minutes and prompts you to drag the dials to the softest sound you can hear. Your results include an audiogram-style chart and a detailed breakdown of how to read your chart.


  • Gives accurate results
  • Available via smartphone and computer
  • Easiest user interface
  • Audiologist explanation of results
  • Audiogram style chart


  • Does not measure hearing in background noise
  • Does not warn you if your environment is too noisy to take the test

If you want to see more online hearing test options, check out my full guide to online hearing tests here. I hope this guide gives you the clarity you need to take the plunge and test your hearing for the first time.

Try The Soundly Test Here

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