5 Powerful Noise Canceling Apps For PC and Mac Computers

September 21, 2023
Stephanie Valente
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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been distracted at work. From traffic noise and city sounds to playful kids and talkative pets (who’s pet hasn’t introduced themself on a conference call?), it’s so easy for focus or a call to get disrupted.

If you’d like a little more support in that arena, consider using a noise canceling app for your computer. Why should you consider a noise canceling app? If you live or work in a busy environment (think, young children at home or taking calls from a coffee shop), there’s some downsides to taking online meetings. Typically, you’ll run into surprises with background noise (like a doorbell), and that can throw you off your game.

And, any little noise can interfere with the quality of a call. So, install an app on your PC or Mac and crush extraneous noise once and for all. 

Whether it’s a video meeting or a quick huddle with a coworker, using a noise canceling app can radically change your day. To note, these apps aren’t just about making your professional life better, it can make downtime or creative pursuits smoother too. You’ll be able to focus and speak or present with confidence because the surrounding sounds in the environment won’t be a distraction.

How do noise canceling apps work? What’s the science behind it?

To put it simply, noise canceling apps work with software that analyzes ambient sound waves in your environment and cancels out everything that isn’t the primary speaker. More about the science behind active noise canceling technology here. The results can be nothing short of amazing. Check out this demonstration video from Krisp. 

Are noise canceling apps safe for hearing health?

Noise canceling apps are safe to use but they do not benefit hearing health. “Noise canceling apps are not protective of hearing health,” says Dr. Amy. “They work by reducing distracting background or ambient noise, making it easier to focus.” But, they can provide assistance for people on the other end of the call (especially if those people have some hearing loss). 

“Noise canceling can help those with hearing loss to hear speech more clearly, without interference from background noise,” says Dr. Amy. “Noise canceling can make phone calls easier to understand and noise less bothersome.”

Are there any pros or cons for noise canceling apps?

There are a few considerations to keep in mind with noise canceling apps. 

In terms of net positives, Dr. Amy notes that users of these apps can enjoy improved speech clarity from reduced background noise, reduced listening fatigue, and improved concentration or focus.

Ready to add a noise canceling app into your life? Check out these five powerful applications that’ll be a helpful sidekick and take your focus to greater heights.

5 Powerful Noise Canceling Apps


Krisp is an AI-power meeting and voice assistant for Windows and Mac. And, it's a total pro at silencing all those annoying background sounds for as little as $5 a month. Think, barking dogs, crying babies, keyboard clatter, street noise, you name it.

This app uses machine learning to analyze your audio, sweeping away the background noise and letting your voice shine. It's like having a little personal assistant on your computer that listens to your audio and magically removes all the noise, leaving only your voice. So, no more pesky distractions during your calls.

Noise Remover

Noise Remover has free and paid plans for noise cancelation services. This online service tackles noise reduction and background music removal, by utilizing an algorithm that wipes out unwanted sounds and produces crystal-clear voice quality. Even cooler: Use Noise Remover’s API and integrate the same feature into your own website or app.

Noise Gator

Looking for another free program? Tap Noise Gator for macOS and Windows. This Java-based tool is as simple (and easy)  as it gets, and it's designed to sweep away background noise during your video calls or teleconferences. Plus, it plays nice with VOIPs like Skype (a total game-changer). The app works by continuously monitoring audio levels in real time in order to produce clear, crisp sound with a noise-free background.

Noise Blocker

Available only for Windows, Noise Blocker is an application that stops microphone noise in its tracks. For $19.99 a month, this program blocks any computer-based sounds like mouse clicks, typing, static, system fans and static, and more. It works like this: In the app, record a sample sound of noises you’d like to eliminate and the program analyzes the data and mutes the sounds. 

FYI: While this app is great for removing user-generated sounds—like typing—it will not remove background noises. 


Keep noise to a minimum with Utterly. For Mac users only, this plugin operates like Krisp (see above), with handy speaker and microphone settings you can switch on and off in any audio app. It’s packed with loads of free features (covering indiscernible chatter, kitchen noises, and coffee shop sounds too) or paid features that casts a wide net to over 500—yes, really—dynamic and static sounds, and prices start at just $4. 

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