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March 13, 2023
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New to the world of researching hearing aids? If you want all that and more packed into your new hearing aid, you may be keen to consider a large brand renowned for their AI-powered hearing aids and “open” sound. Oticon is a major player in the hearing health space—along other leading brands like Signia and Phonak, to name a couple. 

Oticon has the social proof and a track record of proven innovation. The real cherry on top of this hearing brand’s history? The brand was actually inspired by the Queen of England’s coronation (it’s true). 

Ready to learn more? Scroll on and we’ll deep dive into Oticon’s background, products and styles, tech, prices, and much more.

About Oticon

Oticon is one of the largest—and most esteemed—hearing aid manufacturers on the market worldwide. While they may be a giant now, the brand has humble and profound roots. 

Let’s go back to 1903, when Hans Demant noticed that Crown Princess Alexandra wore an early hearing aid during her coronation. This revelation was nothing short of attention grabbing—and inspiring!—because Demant’s wife Camilla had hearing loss since childhood. (This even compelled Demant to travel to England and purchase the same exact product for his wife in Denmark.)

Image of Hans Demant and the Queen of England

This simple act of buying a hearing aid ended up launching something entirely brand new. Soon, he began importing hearing devices for more and more folks in Denmark, and this was just the beginning of a vital and enduring healthcare legacy (which still stands today).

Image of an old Oticon ad and a child trying Oticon products in the mid 1900s

Fast forward to 2023: The company Demant is still a leading manufacturer of hearing health aids, and in fact it’s the second-largest producer in the world. So what’s the scoop on Oticon? The brand still has their HQ anchored in Denmark and their global impact spans more than 100 countries (pretty cool, huh?). 

Image of an Oticon researcher and the flags in front of Demant's headquarters

Even cooler: Oticon’s also has the world’s largest psychoacoustic research facility (see photo below), where doctors and scientists investigate and test everything from background noise effects on hearing to how the ear shape changes when a person yawns!

Image of Oticon's research center

Oticon Hearing Aids

Every few years, Oticon releases a new product and each line builds in more features plus supportive—and intelligent—tech additions.

In February 2023, Oticon Real launched and it’s quickly gaining traction as one of the most-respected hearing aids around the globe. Why is it so popular? Well, to begin this device is rechargeable and boasts hands-free calling on iPhones and audio streaming on Android devices. 

Image showing Oticon More hearing aids in hand and in a charging case

These features are important for everyday living, but what makes the Oticon Real stand out is how the device holds and processes sound. Typically, most hearing aids quell background noises and prioritize speech, but Oticon Real enriches the brain with a robust sound landscape. In fact, the brand says that a user can hear 30% more sound with the Oticon Real devices.

Okay so—that sounds mighty impressive. How exactly does Oticon achieve that? Well, the brand uses a 360 spherical microphone to capture sounds from 12 million life situations—yep, that number is correct—and then utilizes that sound to train the computer within the hearing aids. 

Image showing a 360 Microphone

Which means, hearing aid wearers experience a more natural sound environment that lets in the sounds and noise of daily living instead of shutting them out.

Image illustrating the Oticon More sound processing technology

A Closer Look At Oticon Hearing Aid Technology

  • Oticon Real hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled and connect to Apple devices and most Android devices.
  • Oticon Real hearing aids now offer fully hands-free calling on iPhone. Use an Android phone? You can still listen to a call through your device, but will need to hold the smartphone to capture your own voice.
  • Oticon incorporates leading artificial intelligence features to analyze settings and match it to one of 12 million soundscapes.
  • Oticon’s new Sudden Sound Stabilizer reduces loud noises like buzzers, dogs barking, or loud bangs (think, dishes clanging). The brand states that this element reduces listening effort by 22% in particularly noisy situations.
  • Speaking of noise, the Oticon app has volume and setting controls that enables remote audiology visits after your initial fitting. FYI: You can also use the Oticon app to turn your phone into a remote microphone. 
  • Oticon Real hearing aids come in rechargeable and non-rechargeable models. The rechargeable model has 16-22 hours of power with three hours of charge, and a 30-minute quick charge can provide an additional six hours of power.
  • Travel-friendly Oticon Real hearing aids come with a recharging case that also carries an  additional cordless charge. 

See a full breakdown of Oticon Real here

Oticon Hearing Aid Styles

Image of the full line of Oticon hearing aids

Much like other leading brands in the scene, Oticon has a full spectrum of hearing aids that include form factors from custom molded and invisible hearing aids to Bluetooth enabled behind the ear models. Get more intel on the brand’s offerings and pediatric products right here

While a hearing health professional can help you choose the right product, our team recommends requesting the latest Oticon Real models (instead of older models) because they offer the latest technology. To note, Oticon Real is only available in behind-the-ear styles and if you prefer a custom-molded hearing aid (that fits inside the canal), opt for Oticon Own.

Each Oticon Hearing Aid Comes With Multiple Tech Levels

Our Soundly audio wants you to remember: Hearing aids are like cars.Every model has a base option for a base price and offers more technology as you level up. Think touchscreens, leather seats, and seat warmers—but for hearing health.

Each time you rise a level, you receive more features for an increased price. 

Oticon Real 1 is the top-end of the line with the most specialized precision in sound processing and customization in background noise. Real 1 offers 64 sound channels versus 48 from Real 2 and Real 3. 

Oticon Real 2 is the next level below and has all the core features, including Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. However, it offers less precision in sound processing and less customization in background noise. If you enjoy a casual lifestyle with time spent at home or in small groups (including remote work), go for Real 2. If you travel frequently—or self-describe as a social butterfly—consider Real 1.

Oticon Real 3 is the lowest level but has all the core features, including Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries. This technology level offers even less programming customization and less background noise support. If your lifestyle mostly includes one-to-one conversations and spending time at home, Real 3 will suit your needs perfectly. 

Purchasing Oticon Hearing Aids

Oticon hearing aids are mainly sold via a local audiologist and licensed virtual providers. Ahead are the purchasing options for Oticon.

1. Find a local audiologist.

Image of yelp search for a local audiologist

Use the internet to find a provider that can address your specific health goals, concerns, and lifestyle needs. Once you have an appointment, the health care professional will guide you through the entire process which includes a hearing test with product recommendations. Now, what about costs? You can most likely expect to pay around $5,000 to $7,000 dollars depending on the level of tech you choose. Don’t forget to double check with your audiologist that they are comfortable working with Oticon products.

2. Get a pre-negotiated price via a network.

Image of a local audiologist fitting a patient in a clini

There’s another solid—and cost saving—option for purchasing hearing aids: Many national networks providers that can offer lower costs at approximately 25 to 40 percent cheaper. The professionals likely work with medical providers and clinics you can find online, which will lower the cost before your initial visit. Want to compare pricing? Check out this link.

Oticon Hearing Aid Prices

You can find Oticon hearing aid prices within the same cost realm with other top audiology brands like Phonak, ReSound, and Signia. If you call a local audiologist directly, your cost will typically vary from $5,000 - $7,500 for a pair depending on the technology level you choose.

Here are sample prices across the various Oticon Real technology levels from ZipHearing.

Oticon Real 1 - $4,798 for a pair 

Oticon Real 2 - $3,798 for a pair

Oticon Real 3 - $3,198 for a pair

Oticon Reviews

Oticon is heavy-handed on the research (and that's a good thing), but it’s quite difficult to understand and break down how that transforms a product and the wearer’s every day life without actually trying the hearing device itself. That’s where user-generated reviews come in, and our Soundly audio fans put the best ones together for your consideration. From what our team discovered, the reviews are very impressive. Read on below.

My Oticon More hearing aids tuck neatly behind my ears. No one notices! But I notice the difference in how well I can hear. The clarity is amazing.


With my Oticon More hearing aids, I am much more excited about engaging with people.


They're small, they fit right behind the ear, they're very discreet. 


I hear things outside that I wasn't hearing before. Dogs barking, cars going by, those type of things. 


I love the Oticon More aids and I've tried many many different brands in the past. The clarity of sound and the constant connection with my Bluetooth device make streaming my favorite music or listening to a telephone call through my ear pieces just perfect. Highly recommended. 


Got the newest Oticon More hearing aids about 3-4 weeks ago. Love the. Love being able to connect them from an app on my iPhone. Love being able to charge them overnight with the charging station.


I absolutely love my Oticon More 1 hearing aids! I replaced my 9 year old Oticon hearing aids and am so happy I did. My hearing comprehension has been greatly improved as well as sound quality. 


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Oticon vs. Phonak, ReSound, Starkey Widex and Signia

Image of the Oticon App and hearing aid compared to other brands

Oticon is one of five major brands leading the charge in the hearing health world. Like all five brands, their product lines and tech features seem all alike. 

But, what makes Oticon the star of the pack? Oticon’s uniquely committed philosophy on sound. The product consistently delivers more sounds from everyday life like birds, soft winds, and water instead of shutting down everything with the exception of voices. 

This makes Oticon one of these most respected brands in the entire globe. And millions of customers prove that sentiment directly. In closing, if you can swing the price and desire to hear more life sounds around you (as opposed to focusing on voices), Oticon is a splendid choice.

–The Soundly team

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