Why Soundly Created Hearing Aids For Roblox

September 7, 2022
Soundly Staff
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Soundly Staff
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In the summer of 2022 Soundly gathered a group of developers and designers to create a collection of hearing aids on Roblox. This is the story.

Hearing aids on Robolox

If you know someone under 18, there's a good chance they are playing Roblox.

Roblox is the #1 online gaming platform among kids around the world. Players dress up their avatars to match their real-life persona and then use that avatar to visit hundreds of games and experiences across the platform.

A search for "glasses" in the Roblox avatar shop returns over 1,000 colorful options, but until recently, the same search for "hearing aids" didn't bring back much.

This summer, we decided to change that with a collection of colorful hearing aids in bold and playful styles.

We gathered a group of talented designers, creative thinkers, and development talent.

The group generated over 100 design ideas for a brand new hearing aid line on Roblox. Ultimately we landed on five designs that created the inaugural collection.

In late August, we unveiled the collection. The Roblox community responded with thousands of social engagements and more than a dozen media stories.

Most importantly, hundreds of hard-of-hearing Roblox players put on their virtual hearing aids for the first time.

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–The Soundly team