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October 11, 2022
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👋 In a hurry? Get a free sample of Eargo hearing aids here.

Hearing aids mostly come in familiar shapes and sizes. The most popular style of hearing aids sits behind the ear with a wire that reaches into the canal.

For people who want a more invisible device, audiologists and manufacturers work together to create custom-molded devices like Starkey Genesis AI and Phonak Virto.

When Eargo joined the hearing aid market nearly a decade ago, they introduced a design that the industry had never seen. For starters, Eargo hearing aids are rechargeable and invisible. They are self-fit using a smartphone app and Eargo has 30+ audiologists who are available to make adjustments remotely.

It’s the form factor that really makes Eargo stand out.

Eargo devices are truly invisible in most ears. When I tried the device for the first time my wife didn’t notice I was wearing them for several hours until I asked her to look directly in my ear.

Unlike traditional custom-molded invisible hearing aids, Eargo uses patented silicone tips that hold their hearing aid in place inside the ear canal.

Whether you are a hearing aid veteran or a first-time shopper, it’'s hard to imagine exactly what these devices will look and feel like without seeing them in person.

That’s why Eargo offers to ship a free (non working) sample to your home with no commitment.

How the process works

Eargo free sample kit

Eargo is on a mission to add a new design format to the hearing health world. That’s a big job so they are happy to ship you a sample in hopes that you love it and want to purchase the actual device.

1. Fill out this form 👈

If you want an Eargo sample you can start by filling out this form. You will need to give an actual phone number and you’ll receive a call from the Eargo team to gather a bit more information.

It isn’t a sales call exactly since the product is free, but it is Eargo’s way of understanding your level of interest. Importantly, Eargo does not sell your phone number to anyone else so the request shouldn’t lead to future spam.

2. Receive your hearing aid in the mail

Your Eargo sample will arrive in the mail with a bit of educational information about the product and two devices that you can place in your ears to test their visibility and comfort. Important note: Eargo’s sample hearing aids do not have working components inside and will not amplfy sound or even turn on. The purpose of this kit is simply to give a sense for size and feel.

3. Decision time

Eargo samples do not need to be sent back to the manufacturer. Once you have the sample product in hand you can try it out and decide if you are interested in pursuing a pair of Eargo devices. If you decide eargo is right for you we highly suggest Eargo 6 for it’s sound quality and customization. You can call, text or chat Eargo with any additional questions you might have about the product. You can also read my full Eargo 7 review here.

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