Eargo 7 Review, Prices, Unboxing and Surprises

February 23, 2023
Blake Cadwell
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Eargo 7 unboxing

Tip: Use this page for a free non-working sample of Eargo 7 to test the product's fit and feel.

It's rare to see something totally new in the hearing health world. For decades hearing aids have become more intelligent, faster, and more connected, BUT they've mostly kept the same form factor.

If you want all the features, most people choose hearing aids that sit behind the ear.

If you want an invisible design, you'll likely consider a custom-molded hearing aid.

Eargo offers something different.

Don't get me wrong, this product isn't for everyone (we'll get to that in a minute), but if you're someone looking for invisible hearing aids, Eargo should be on your shortlist.

In this guide, I'll take you through my unboxing and setup of Eargo 7 and share some more information about the brand and technology.

Let’s dig in!

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Who is Eargo For?

Form factor: Eargo is for someone who wants the smallest hearing aid possible. If you are focused on something other than form factor, there are more feature-rich products on the market for less money. Check out Jabra Enhance Select for reference.

Mild to moderate hearing loss: Eargo is for people with mild-moderate hearing loss. If you have severe hearing loss, these hearing aids will not give you enough amplification.

Somewhat tech-savvy: Eargo is for someone comfortable using a smartphone app. If you prefer hands-on setup and support without needing a smartphone, Eargo likely isn't for you. The product is intuitive (even easy for some), but it requires a basic tech-savvy level.

Eargo Background

Images of the Eargo founders and their 2018 Time Magazine award.

Eargo was founded in 2010 and released its first product 5 years later. In February 2023, Eargo launched its 7th generation model. Eargo 7 is smaller than the original 2015 product and has much more capability, but it focuses on invisibility.

Unlike custom molded hearing aids, Eargo uses a patented ear tip to "float" the device deep in your ear canal while allowing airflow and relative comfort.

We'll get into all of the features of the Eargo 7 below, but it's important to note that Eargo 7 is the smallest invisible-style device on the market. Eargo 7 is also the only invisible product that comes with rechargeable batteries. Impressive combination.

Eargo 7 Technology Overview

Eargo 7 builds on some significant improvements that came with Eargo 6 (water resistance and background noise management).

Here are some of the important technical notes for Eargo 7.

OTC With Benefits - Like previous generations, Eargo hearing aids are programmed using a smartphone app and onboard hearing test. You can also text or call an Eargo audiologist for remote adjustments.

SoundAdjust+ - Eargo now gives you more control over background noise with modes for speech and comfort and filter level controls (see more below).

Rechargeability - Eargo 7 has a really impressive 16-hour battery life, and the recharging case carries another two days of power (similar to AirPods).  

More Volume Control - One complaint I've had about Eargo in the past is that the app allows less volume change than I'd like. Thankfully, Eargo 7 doubles the volume adjustment range from previous models.

Other Eargo Basics

  • Eargo offers a 2-year warranty on Eargo 7 hearing aids
  • All Eargo hearing aids come with unlimited support from a remote team of audiologists
  • Eargo offers free returns within 45 days
  • You can get a free non-working sample sent to your home.

Let’s start with the Eargo purchase experience.

Eargo 7 hearing aids ship on March 13 but you can purchase them online starting now. You can also call the brand over the phone and order with a representative. Eventually Eargo 7 will be available at some retailers like Best Buy and Victra.

Regardless of where you purchase the product, I suggest ordering a free non-working sample from the brand to see how they fit in your ears. Eargo does not require a credit card for the sample.

  • How much do Eargo hearing aids cost?
  • Eargo 7 - $2,950 for a pair (latest tech and highest sound quality)
  • Eargo 6 $2,450 for a pair (strong underlying technology with less sound quality controls)
  • Eargo 5 $1,950 (less customization, less background noise reduction)
  • Eargo Neo HiFi $1,650 (older tech that is soon phasing out)
  • Can I return the Eargo hearing aids if they don’t work?
  • Yes, as long as they are in good condition and returned within 45 days.
  • Read the full Eargo return policy here.
  • What is the Eargo warranty if something breaks?
  • The Eargo 7 has a two-year warranty, and the less expensive models (Eargo 6, Eargo 5 and Eargo Neo HiFi) have a one-year warranty. More details here.
  • Does Eargo have Bluetooth for phone calls or music?
  • None of the Eargo models allow for Bluetooth connection due to the size.
  • Can I exercise and play sports with my Eargo hearing aids?
  • Eargo hearing aids are water-resistant, and you can sweat in them without concern. I have run several miles in my Eargos and have not had an issue.
  • What Support will I get as I get my Eargos setup?
  • Eargo has a staff of audiologists, and they set up an initial call with you to teach you about your hearing aids and program them remotely.
  • How Long Does a Pair of Eargo hearing aids Last?
  • Eargo told me to expect a three-year life from my hearing aids before needing replacement or upgrade.

Ultimately, I found the Eargo team friendly and responsive to my questions. I purchased my devices on their site in around 10 minutes and received my pair of hearing aids five days later.

Unboxing Eargo 7

My Eargo hearing aids arrived in a well-designed box that felt more like an Apple product than a medical device. The charging cable, cleaning brush, alternate tips, and wax guard fit neatly.

The product arrived with some battery charge, but Eargo recommends you charge your batteries for four hours before you begin the setup process. The fully charged devices have 16 hours of life, and the recharging case offers another two days of charging on the go.  

Eargo recharging case in hand

These devices are incredibly small. I would guess that 90% of people I interact with don’t see them in my ears.  

I placed the Eargo 7 in my hearing aid test manikin for a second perspective. The devices really disappeared.  

Eargo 7 hearing aids in a testing rig

For perspective, here is an Eargo 7 device side-by-side with a leading prescription hearing aid from ReSound.

ReSound vs Eargo
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Programming And App Controls

Eargo hearing aids are compatible with iPhone and Android devices. The first step in the setup process is to connect your hearing aids (while they are in the charging case) to your phone. Make sure your Bluetooth is on, and your hearing aids are charged. This step took less than a minute.  

Once you are connected, the app will prompt you to start a hearing test. To do that, you’ll need to turn up your phone volume to at least 75% and find a quiet environment.

Why turn up the phone volume? Eargo does not connect through Bluetooth (due to its tiny size). Instead, your phone will control your hearing aids using a high-pitched tone. Your volume needs to be on and turned up for that chirp to reach your hearing aids.

Once the hearing aids are connected, the app will guide you through a 10-minute hearing test. During the test, you will hear a series of tones in each ear, and you’ll press a button each time you hear the sound.

Of note, because Eargo doesn’t use Bluetooth, you might hear the high-frequency buzz (sounds like a cricket to me) during the test. You’ll need to ignore that sound and listen for more traditional beeps.

screeshots from the Eargo hearing test

Once you complete the test, the app will instruct you to place the hearing aids back in the recharging case for about 5 minutes. During that time, the app will re-program your hearing aids to match your hearing loss. Remember, you can always set up an appointment with an Eargo specialist if things don’t sound right.

With my newly programmed hearing aids back in my ears, I can now make on-the-fly adjustments to volume, background noise management, and pre-set programs.

The updated app is where the new Eargo 7 devices stand out. Previous versions of the product offered less customization. I’m a big fan of more control!

screenshots of Eargo 7 app controls

Hearing Through My Eargo 7 Hearing Aids

I tried my first pair of Eargo hearing aids in 2020 and the sound quality improvements since that time are remarkable. Eargo 7 has significantly clearer sound for my hearing loss and the new app controls make the overall listening experiences more comfortable.

Are these the best hearing aids I’ve ever tried? No. If you are only interested in sound quality and special features I’d recommend a prescription level, behind the ear device like ReSound OMNIA.

That said, Eargo 7 might be the best overall invisible hearing aid on the market. That’s impressive because at $2,950 for a pair it’s also signifcantly less expensive than prescription competitors like Starkey Evolv AI Custom.

Pros and Cons of Eargo 7

The Eargo 7 is significantly more customizable than previous Eargo generations that I trialed in 2020 and 2022. Eargo is a legitimate hearing aid that competes with the best. Still, there were some ups and downs.

First, the good stuff:

  • Eargo 7 is far better at handling background noise than previous versions. The noise filter option on the app makes a noticeable difference and significantly improved my listening comfort.
  • Eargo 7 changes programs automatically when sounds change around you. This feature is another significant improvement for the brand and puts Eargo on par with other leading products.
  • The new product offers useful programs and tells you what program you are switching to by name by announcing "mask," "restaurant," or "meeting." Previous versions just identified these programs by a number.
  • Eargo 7 is easily the smallest digital and rechargeable hearing aid available. It's nearly impossible to spot in my ear even if you are looking.

Eargo 7 drawbacks:

  • The sound quality of Eargo 7 is superior to previous versions, but it’s still just short of what I’ve experienced using top-of-the-line audiology-grade products like Phonak or ReSound. The gap is closing, but there is still a gap.
  • The app and product are reasonably intuitive, but they aren't foolproof. If you don’t feel comfortable with smartphone controls this product likely isn’t for you.

A few Other Things to Know

Eargo devices are tiny, and to design such a small device, they had to build in two unique features.

  • First, the program control (selecting between restaurant, music, mask mode, etc.) is completed by double-tapping your ear. The devices sense the vibration and change modes. Each time the mode changes, a voice will announce "mask," "restaurant," etc. You can keep tapping to move through the four options. After cycling through each option, you'll return to "normal" mode.
  • Second, instead of making the devices larger with Bluetooth, Eargo uses a high-frequency sound emitted from your phone to communicate with your devices. Each time you tap a button in the app, a high-frequency sound will broadcast from your phone and tell your hearing aids what to do. Most people won't even hear the sound, but this functionality does mean your phone volume needs to be turned up to at least 75% while you use your app. If the phone was too far on the right side of me, my left hearing aid would not pick up the high-frequency noise and wouldn't respond. Hold the phone directly in front of you to ensure both hearing aids can gather sound from your Eargo app.

Overall Thoughts

Eargo has the most innovative design in the industry, and it isn't really even close. Their devices are invisible, rechargeable, and beautifully designed.

If you enjoy being an early adopter and don’t mind playing with your settings and the app, this product could be a great fit.

If you want a pair of hearing aids that you can take out of the box and start wearing without much learning curve or tech-savvy, I'd recommend looking at other options.

Get Started With Eargo Here

–The Soundly team

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