Best Seller

Audicus Aura

$ 1,398.00  / pair
7170 Reviews
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Best Seller

Audicus Aura

$ 1,398.00  / pair
$ 1,398.00  / pair
7170 Reviews

The Audicus Aura is a well-respected invisible hearing aid offered 1/4 the traditional price. The hardware is manufactured by the largest aid maker globally, Sonova, and the programming is completed by the Audicus team of remote hearing specialists. The entire process happens without an in-person doctor's visit. Some have called Audicus the Warby Parker of hearing aids for their disruptive model and approachable brand. 


Audicus Aura sits entirely in the ear 

Access to telehealth services at no charge, no in-person doctors visits

Priced at 1/4 the traditional cost of invisible hearing aids


Audicus Aura is well made but doesn't have every technological bell and whistle.

Aura is not rechargeable or Bluetooth streaming enabled (this is true of most invisible styles). 

The small size can make this hearing aid hard to handle. 

Volume control requires tapping the ear (the hearing aid does not have buttons or an app).

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$1,398 / pair

  • Free returns and shipping
  • Quality, nearly invisible hearing aid
  • Professionally programmed
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In the Ear
What's Included

2 hearing aids custom programmed to your hearing loss

Various ear dome sizes to fit your ears

Unlimited specialist support

1 year manufacture warranty

Return Policy

Audicus offers a 45-day risk-free trial


Manufactured by Sonova, a trusted leader in the category 

Aura offers background noise reduction and intelligent sound algorithms

Change the volume by tapping your ear, this device does not have buttons or app controls

How It Works

All Audicus products are fully programmable by a hearing professional. Unlike some other over-the-counter options, you will not need to self-program your devices. 

Audicus will ask you to take an online hearing test or send an existing hearing test. The company then assigns one of their remote audiologists to program your hearing aids. If you need further adjustments you can send your hearing aids back for reprogramming for free but can not get remote programming with this product.

What people are saying:

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The breakdown

First, the big question. Why is this product 1/4 the cost of the traditional alternative?

Audicus cuts costs in two ways. First, they program hearing aids remotely to cut down on markups. Second, the Audicus Aura is a no-frills product. It gets the job done but has very few leading tech features like app controls and rechargeable batteries.

Audicus hearing aids are made by Sonova, which sells similar technology for $4,000 through a local care provider.

hand holding Audicus Aura hearing aids
Audicus Aura hearing aidsWoman trying on Audicus Aura hearing aids

The tech inside

Audicus Aura hearing aids fit completely in the ear and allow custom programming by the Audicus team before they are shipped. The rest of the tech in these hearing aids is straightforward. Audicus Aura hearing aids use a size 10 disposable battery (replaced every 4-5 days) and do not have Bluetooth connectivity. The main selling point is the discreet size at an affordable price.

Getting up close

Audicus Aura hearing aids sit fully in the ear, and they use a clear pull-tab to allow easy removal. 

Audiucs Aura hearing aids come with a black or beige face. Both colors have markings to show which device goes in the right and left ear.

Man wearing Audicus Aura hearing aids

Overall notes:

Audicus has more than 7,000 reviews with an impressive average of 4.7 stars. Audicus customer service and lifetime specialist support are unique to the industry. If you are on a budget and want fully customized hearing aids, Audicus is among the best options available.

Garrett Thompson, AuD

Audicus is an affordable and mostly-hidden hearing aid. It has some drawbacks when compared to industry leaders, but Aura is far from a cheap amplifier.

Garrett Thompson, AuD
Jen Anfinson, AuD

Audicus Aura is a discreet, non-custom, completely in the canal hearing aid. It lacks some features but can be an affordable place to start.

Jen Anfinson, AuD
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