Eargo 7

$ 2,950.00  / pair
111 Reviews
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Eargo 7

$ 2,950.00  / pair
$ 2,950.00  / pair
111 Reviews

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It's rare to see something totally new in the hearing health world. For decades hearing aids have become more intelligent, faster, and more connected, BUT they've mostly kept the same form factor.

If you want all the features, most people choose hearing aids that sit behind the ear like ReSound OMNIA.

If you want an invisible design, you'll likely consider a custom-molded hearing aid like Starkey Evolv AI.

Eargo offers something different.

This product isn't for everyone (we'll get to that in a minute), but if you're someone looking for invisible hearing aids, Eargo should be on your shortlist.

Who's Eargo For?

Form factor: Eargo is for someone who wants the smallest hearing aid possible. If you are focused on something other than form factor, there are more feature-rich products on the market for less money. Check out Jabra Enhance Select for reference.

Mild to moderate hearing loss: Eargo is for people with mild-moderate hearing loss. If you have severe hearing loss, these hearing aids will not give you enough amplification.

Somewhat tech-savvy: Eargo is for someone comfortable using a smartphone app. If you prefer hands-on setup and support without needing a smartphone, Eargo likely isn't for you. The product is intuitive (even easy for some), but it requires a basic tech-savvy level.

Pros and Cons of Eargo 7

First, the good stuff:

  • Eargo 7 is far better at handling background noise than previous versions. The noise filter option on the app makes a noticeable difference and significantly improved my listening comfort.
  • Eargo 7 changes programs automatically when sounds change around you. This feature is another significant improvement for the brand and puts Eargo on par with other leading products.
  • The new product offers useful programs and tells you what program you are switching to by name by announcing "mask," "restaurant," or "meeting." Previous versions just identified these programs by a number.
  • Eargo 7 is easily the smallest digital and rechargeable hearing aid available. It's nearly impossible to spot in my ear even if you are looking.

Eargo 7 drawbacks:

  • The sound quality of Eargo 7 is superior to previous versions, but it’s still just short of what I’ve experienced using top-of-the-line audiology-grade products like Phonak or ReSound. The gap is closing, but there is still a gap.
  • The app and product are reasonably intuitive, but they aren't foolproof. If you don’t feel comfortable with smartphone controls this product likely isn’t for you.

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$2,950 ($300 off at launch)

  • Free returns and shipping
  • Invisible
  • Rechargeable
  • Tuned using the Eargo app
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What's Included

2 Eargo hearing aids

An Eargo portable charging case

45-day risk-free trial

2-year warranty

Unlimited replacements and one-time loss or damage coverage

Lifetime support

Return Policy

Eargo offers a 45-day risk-free trial


The invisible Eargo design sits entirely in your ear 

Eargo hearing aids last 16 hours before they need a recharge

The Eargo charge case holds an additional 2 days of cordless power

Eargo hearing aids can withstand 1 meter of water for 30 minutes 

The Eargo app allows you to tune your hearing aids and allows remote adjustments from the Eargo care team

Eargo now gives you more control over background noise with modes for speech and comfort and filter level controls (see more below)

How It Works

Order Eargo 7 hearing aids online or over the phone. All orders come with free shipping, and you can return your hearing aids for any reason for 45 days. 

Your hearing aids will arrive in 4-6 business days. You'll get all the accessories you need along with step-by-step instructions on how to tune your hearing aids at home using your phone. 

Eargo hearing aids are tuned at home using their smartphone app. Once your hearing aids arrive in the mail, the app guides you through a hearing assessment administered through your hearing aids. The results of your assessment, then tune your hearing aids. No office visits or audiologists are necessary. 

If you need it, Eargo offers support from a licensed professional via text, call, or video.

What people are saying:

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The breakdown

Most upstart hearing aid brands white-label existing products from one of the large manufacturers. Eargo didn't go that route. Instead, they built all of their tech from scratch. Eargo 7 is the result of significant investment and all that work shows. It's the smallest rechargeable hearing aid on the market and has a distinct design.

Eargo exploded image view
Man trying on invisible eargo hearing aidTelehealth appointment for Eargo hearing aid

The tech inside

Eargo 7 hearing aids are virtually invisible, rechargeable, and water-resistant. 

The Eargo app allows you to self-program your hearing aids and allows remote adjustments from the Eargo care team. Volume is controlled through the app or by tapping your ears or using the Eargo app. Due to its tiny size, Eargo does not allow Bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls.

Getting up close

Eargo 6 hearing aids are virtually invisible, and the devices sit entirely in your ear canal and are removed using a clear pull tab. The devices use an innovative tip design that allows air to flow naturally into the ear.

Eargo hearing aid and recharge case

Overall notes:

Eargo stands out for its design, innovation, size, and telecare team. The only drawback is that Eargo takes some tech savvy. For thousands of happy customers, that's worth the tradeoff.

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