Starkey Genesis AI 16

$ 2,998.00  / pair
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Starkey Genesis AI 16

$ 2,998.00  / pair
$ 2,998.00  / pair

Starkey released a brand new family of hearing aids in late February of 2023. Starkey Genesis AI replaces Starkey's Evolv AI lineup which was intruduced just a year earlier. Genesis is re-built from the ground up in a home-makeover-style transformation.

Before we dig into what changed, here’s what stays the same.

  • Starkey Genesis AI still comes with optional disposable or rechargeable batteries (now with longer life).
  • Starkey Genesis AI is; still Bluetooth enabled for iPhone and Android devices with hands-free calling for iPhone. You will need to keep your phone close if you use an Android to pick up your voice. No changes here.  
  • Starkey Genesis AI will keep some important underlying technology, including the deep neural network that manages background noise and the incredibly popular edge mode. The deep neural network is now more powerful with the capability to make 80M adjustments per hour (mostly imperceptible of course).

So what is new with Starkey Genesis AI? 

We’ll start with the new form factor.

The Genesis AI hearing aids have a completely new design compared to their predecessors, including both receiver and canal and custom models.

The receiver in canal version has a smoother exterior that I prefer to the ridges and corners in previous generations.

Genesis should also be smaller than previous generations due to the smaller components throughout. Overall, the exterior updates seem like a win.

Another major hardware update in Genesis is the battery life.

Genesis now boasts the longest-lasting rechargeable battery on the market, with up to 51 hours on a single charge.

The smaller Genesis mini RIC cuts down on battery size and still maintains 41 hours. Most people are fine with 20 hours, but this extra battery life could mean a weekend camping trip without a charge. That’s new.

Starkey’s larger in-the-ear devices are also available in rechargeable styles. Their in-the-ear style hearing boasts an impressive 36 hours as well.

At the moment, Starkey just took the lead in the battery department.

Let’s take a look under the hood. Starkey updated the chip inside their new hearing aids and made some big improvements to speed and capacity.

The Genesis AI hearing aids feature the smallest and fastest processor that Starkey has ever made, with 6X more transistors than past models.

This processor is critical to handling the AI inside Starkey devices. Starkey’s new Edge Mode+ cleans up audio in real-time with more advanced compression to reduce listening effort.

The powerful processor also enabled even more intelligent features within health tracking and the Starkey personal assistant.

If Tony Stark were picking a hearing aid, it seems like he would probably pick this one (and not just for the name).

Let’s talk about apps.

Starkey has sometimes been criticized for overly complex app controls. It appears they are starting fresh with a brand new Starkey App that puts the most-used features front and center.

The new app will also have new abilities to update hearing aid firmware and some helpful how-to videos. All welcome changes in my book.

Overall Pros and Cons

If you are looking for top-of-the-line hearing aids, Starkey is a safe choice. They are the 5th largest maker of hearing aids globally and the only major U.S.-based maker of hearing aids. Of course, their new Genesis hearing aids won't be for everyone.

👍 Starkey Genesis AI Pros

All-around premium hearing aid with Bluetooth connectivity, strong customization and quality sound.

Genesis now boasts the longest-lasting batteries on the market.

New faster processing and increased memory means Starkey can add in extra features like fitness tracking and transcription.

Available in a full family of products from invisible to receiver in canal. Appropriate for mild to severe hearing loss.

👎 Starkey Genesis AI Cons

Starkey Genesis AI requires a visit with a local doctor (not available through Telehealth or OTC).

Genesis AI will cost an average of $6,500/pair (we've found the devices for as low as $4,598/pair).

Some customers are overwhelmed by Starkey's additional features like fitness tracking and personal assistant.

Local clinic
$2,998 / pair

  • Local, in-person care from a licensed hearing provider
  • Free appointments for first year
  • 45-day risk-free returns
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Where to get Starkey hearing aids

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To get Starkey hearing aids with local care, we recommend you work with ZipHearing.

ZipHearing represents a network of 600+ hearing professionals around the country and offers pre-negotiated pricing at 25%-40% below the national walk-in average for the same product.

Click the "find care" button above to be connected with a local clinic.

Using ZipHearing, you can access the same clinics found in the phonebook at a reduced rate due to the negotiating power of ZipHearing's thousands of customers. 

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How to choose a technology level

Starkey comes in four technology levels. Around 70% of people choose the top-of-the-line Genesis AI 24 while 20% choose Genesis AI 20. Here is a summary of differences in technology.

Genesis AI 24

  • Has 24 programming channels for more refined customization
  • Offers 35dB wind noise reduction
  • Offers 22 dB speech in noise reduction
  • Offers all special features like Edge Mode, fitness tracking, tap control, translation, assistant, and transcription

Genesis AI 20

  • Has 20 programming channels for customization
  • Offers 19dB wind noise reduction
  • Offers 12 dB speech in noise reduction
  • Does not offer tap control or translation but does offer Edge Mode, transcription and assistant

Genesis AI 16

  • Has 16 programming channels for customization
  • Offers 10 dB wind noise reduction
  • Offers 8 dB speech in noise reduction
  • Does not offer transcription, tap control or translation but does offer Edge Mode and assistant

Genesis AI 12 (big feature drop off)

  • Has 12 programming channels for customization
  • Offers 10 dB wind noise reduction
  • Offers 8 dB speech in noise reduction
  • Does not offer Edge Mode, assistant, transcription, translation or tap control

If you aren't sure how to choose a technology level, head over to this guide for more tips from our audiology lead.

How Starkey stacks up against competitors

Starkey is the fifth largest manufacturer of hearing aids globally. The brand's hearing aids are often compared to SigniaPhonakOticonReSound, and Widex.

While there is a lot we could say about the nuanced differences between each product range, Starkey is the clear leader on a few fronts.

Longest Battery Life

Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids have up to 51-hour battery life on a single charge. That's easily the longest in the industry (Signia Pure Charge&Go is second with around 40 hours).

Innovative Extra Features 

Starkey Genesis AI is the most feature-rich hearing aid on the market. From AI sound processing to fitness tracking, turbocharging, fall detection, and even real-time language translation, Starkey sets itself apart for anyone who wants the absolute smartest device. The downside is that all these features can be confusing for less tech-savvy customers.

U.S. Based 

Starkey is the only major global manufacturer with headquarters in the U.S.

Soundly Scorecard

Care Model 👩 

  • Starkey Genesis AI is a prescription product only available at local clinics. 
  • Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids do come with built-in telehealth capabilities that allow your hearing provider to make updates remotely after an initial in-person fitting.   

Sound Quality Notes 🎵

  • Starkey hearing aids have a robust underlying sound design that prioritizes speech over noise.
  • Starkey’s Edge Mode uses AI to eliminate background noise and boost clarity. Edge Mode is now available in the top three technology levels (24, 20, and 16) 

Aesthetics  💫

  • Starkey Genesis AI has a newly built exterior that sits behind the ear (Starkey also has custom devices which you can read more about here). 
  • The new design has a streamlined look that mimics modern consumer technology products from Apple and Samsung. 
  • Genesis is available in a slightly smaller mini design (called mRIC). That size gets 41 hours of charge instead of 51 (still impressive). Genesis comes in seven colors including: Beige, Graphite Grey, White, Tech Black, Silver, Chestnut, and Caramel.

Battery 🔋

  • Starkey Genesis AI comes with a range of battery options, and all of them are impressive. The standard model offers 51 hours of power on a single charge.
  • Place the devices back in your charger overnight and wake up to a fully recharged device. 
  • Genesis offers a disposable battery version for those who prefer disposable batteries (we know you are out there!) 

Connection  📡

  • Behind-the-ear style Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids all have Bluetooth connectivity with iPhones and Android devices. 
  • iPhone devices allow hands-free calling (your phone stays in your pocket).
  • Android devices stream phone calls into your ears but require you to keep your phone close to act as a microphone.  

Dexterity 🤏

  • Starkey Genesis AI hearing aids are in line with other leaders in terms of dexterity.
  • The recharging case is easy to use for most people
  • In-the-ear style hearing aids might be more appropriate for anyone who has difficulty placing the receiver wire in their ear.  

Waterproof level 💦

  • Starkey Genesis AI has an IP Rating of IP68, which means this hearing aid can be underwater for a few minutes without issue.

App features 📱

The Starkey app is packed with technology—some highlights. 

  • Day-to-day: Adjust hearing aid settings, stream calls, and find lost hearing aids with various hearing control features.
  • Wellness: Accurately count steps, track engagement, and help achieve well-being goals.
  • Extras: Translate languages, set reminders, and use various features that make life easier.

Accessories 🎚️

  • Starkey offers various accessories, from chargers to remote controls, TV streamers, and microphones.   
  • Talk to your hearing professional about your goals; they can help you choose the right accessories.
  • Review the full line of Starkey accessories here.

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Overall notes:

Starkey Genesis AI has more tech than any other brand of hearing aid on the market. If you can afford the premium price and lead an active lifestyle, this product is a great choice.

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