World Of Sound

Inspired by World Hearing Day, Soundly and GN Hearing have partnered to ask three global artists to help us "see sound" and imagine its impacts on our overall health.

Sound's Invisible Power

Sound can connect us, move us or cause us harm. Most of us rarely think about this invisible force in our lives, and we believe it's time to change that.

  • Hearing wellness has never been more important, yet many people still feel uncomfortable talking about it. We hope this project starts a new conversation.

    Education Platform
  • We believe hearing wellness deserves more attention. By actually “seeing” sound, we can spark conversations about its role in overall health and bringing people closer together.

    GN Hearing
    Hearing Health Leader

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Curious? Test Your Hearing.

Soundly partnered with sound engineers, designers and audiologists to create a simple hearing screener.