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September 7, 2022
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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ReSound recently announced a new rechargeable, custom product. We got our hands on the product for a review and spoke to ReSound's head of audiology. In this review we'll share what we learned.

image of customs by ReSound

Customs By ReSound are a hearing aid product, unlike anything I’ve tried before. They blur the line between a pair of modern Bluetooth headphones and a premium, medical-grade hearing aid.

The sleek buttons and black body color look nothing like the hearing aids I remember my grandparents wearing, but I’m pretty sure these are the most dexterity-friendly hearing aids on the market.

Image of a man wearing customs by resound and holding them in hand

The sleek buttons and black body color look nothing like the hearing aids I remember my grandparents wearing, but I’m pretty sure these are the most dexterity-friendly hearing aids on the market.

As I write this review, I’m listening to a 90s hits Spotify playlist streamed straight into my hearing aids.

In this guide, I’ll talk you through everything I’ve learned about Customs by Resound.

Let’s get into it!

About ReSound

ReSound is the lead hearing aid brand owned by GN Group, the 4th largest maker of hearing aids in the world. GN has headquarters in the outskirts of Copenhagen, but its impact is global, providing products in over 100 countries.  

ReSound hearing aids are available from leading hearing care professionals and are considered one of the most respected brands by audiologists. ReSound was the first brand to feature an iPhone-compatible hearing aid in 2013. They continue to innovate with more intelligent devices, longer battery life, and unique design.

One thing I appreciate about ReSound is their tendency to design products that look just a little bit sleeker than the standard. I'm a big fan of the design in the popular ReSound OMNIA, and I think Customs by ReSound are one of the best-looking hearing aids of their kind from 2022.    

Fun fact. ReSound wasn't always a European company. It was founded by Rodney Perkins, who grew up in Evansville, Indiana, and advanced technology from Bell Labs to create hearing aids.

Fitting Process

Customs by ReSound Custom Earmold Process

Appointment #1 - Hearing Test and Ear Impressions

If you are interested in getting custom hearing aids from ReSound, you’ll want to start by finding a local audiologist. ZipHearing is an excellent place to start because all of their audiologists agree to pre-negotiated pricing, which usually saves customers 25%-40%.

I worked with my go-to local clinic and set up an initial appointment to test my hearing and gather earmold impressions.

Earmold impressions were taken by filling the canal of my ear with a green paste that was removed a few minutes later. That imprint was then shipped to Resound to create my custom devices.

Appointment #2 - Programming and Adjustments

A few weeks later, I returned to my local clinic to retrieve my custom hearing aids. Each device is slightly different from the other to account for my specific ear shape. One very cool feature of the new Customs by Resound is that the hearing aid recharge case is also custom molded to match the exact shape of each device.

The result is that replacing these devices in the case is almost foolproof.

My audiologist and I sat together as she programmed the new hearing aids and asked me a series of questions. Once they were customized to my hearing loss, we paired the devices to my iPhone (customs also work with Android), and I got back in my car to make my way through afternoon traffic.

Follow Up Appointments - Fine Tuning The Sound

Nearly all hearing professionals offer free follow-up appointments for 1-3 years. Customs by ReSound allow for remote programming adjustments, so when I need to tune-ups I will likely be able to do that from the comfort of home.


Customs by ReSound Review

Customs by ReSound are packed with the latest hearing technology. Here are some of the highlights.

Customization - For starters, these are full-featured hearing aids with full customization capabilities, impressive sound algorithms, and dual microphones to process background noise.

App controls - The ReSound app gives users control over fine-tuning and preset programs like "restaurant", "outdoor", "music," and more. Users can tweak sound settings and save them as programs in the app.

Bluetooth - Like most Bluetooth hearing aids, Customs by ReSound allow hands-free calling with iPhone (you can leave your phone in your pocket), but you'll need to have your phone close by if you use an Android.

woman using Customs by ReSound to make a phone call

Water Resistant - The components in Customs by ReSound are coated with water-resistant material that makes this product waterproof up in up to 4 feet of water. It’s not recommended that you swim in the product, but an accidental shower shouldn’t affect performance.

Customs by ReSound with water on them

Rechargeable - Each product comes with a custom molded hearing aid charge case. Three hours of charging gives a full day of use.

Customs by ReSound and recharge case

Customs By ReSound Pricing

ReSound hearing aids are only sold by an in-person hearing professional. That hearing professional will test your hearing, take an earmold and program Customs by Resound hearing aids to match your hearing profile. Your local professional can also provide technical support in connecting your hearing aids to a phone and downloading necessary apps.

You can find a local professional in a few ways.

Option 1: Use a care database like this one to search local clinics and get in touch directly. This option gives you the most flexibility but often leads to the highest price.

Option 2: Work with a care network like ZipHearing, who offers pre-negotiated pricing in most zip codes. Prices through ZipHearing are typically 25%-40% lower because of the volume of customers they serve.

Customs By ReSound Example Prices

The average "walk-in" price of ReSound Custom hearing aids is $5,000-$7,500 per pair. That should include three years of service.

ZipHearing offers Customs by ReSound hearing aids for the following prices:

Customs By ReSound 9 $4,598 (highest tech)
Customs By ReSound 7 $3,798 (mid tech)
Customs by ReSound 5 $2,998 (budget option)

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a hearing aid that plays back music and podcasts with AirPod level quality, or you want a device that looks more like the latest headphone from Beats By Dre, Custom by ReSound could be a great choice.

If you want a hearing aid that completely disappears in your ear or don't want to work with a local clinic, we suggest looking at something like Starkey Evolv AI or Lively.

You can go deeper on Customs by ReSound with this review from Dr. Cliff Olson.

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A great option for anyone looking for a full-featured hearing aid that is easy to handle.

–The Soundly team

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