Customs By ReSound

$ 4,598.00  / pair
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Customs By ReSound

$ 4,598.00  / pair
$ 4,598.00  / pair

ReSound is blurring the line between headphones and hearing aids with this new custom product released in the summer of 2022.

The smooth and rounded control buttons on each hearing aid look like they belong on a new set of Beats By Dre headphones. Inside the ear, the hearing aids live up to their name. Each device is custom molded to match your ear canal's shape and size. The custom design means increased comfort and sound quality.

If you've listened to Bluetooth streaming through an open-fit hearing aid, you'll know that hearing aids don't deliver great streaming quality. The sound usually lacks bass. Customs by ReSound solve this issue by filling the ear and providing very impressive music, podcast, and phone-call sound quality.

Like most Bluetooth hearing aids, Customs by ReSound allow hands-free calling with iPhone (you can leave your phone in your pocket), but you'll need to have your phone close by if you use an android.

This might be the most dexterity-friendly product on the market. The recharging case is custom molded to match each device which makes placing the product in the charger almost foolproof. The onboard buttons for volume and program adjustment are sleek but easy to access.

The only drawback to this product? Customs look more like headphones than hearing aids. That means you might need to explain to your dinner mates that you aren't streaming a podcast in the middle of a meal...or are you?

Local clinic
$4,598 / pair

  • Local, in-person care from a licensed hearing provider
  • Custom earmold impressions
  • Free appointments for first year
  • 45-day risk-free returns
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What's Included

2 custom molded hearing aids

1 custom-molded charger to match your hearing aids

3 year factory warranty

Face-to-face, in-person fitting and programming

Return Policy

Customs by ReSound come with a 45-day risk-free return policy at any of our local partner clinics. If you change your mind, don't like the product, or want to try something else, you get 100% of your money back.


Customs are rechargeable. Put the devices in the charger for three hours and get a full day of battery life.

It's worth noting that the ReSound charge case is custom molded to match your hearing aids to ensure a perfect charging fit. That's a nice touch we haven't yet seen from other brands. Customs by ReSound might be the most dexterity-friendly hearing aids we've seen.  

Customs By ReSound include dual microphones, which allows the devices to adjust for the direction a hearing aid wearer is looking.

Like most Bluetooth hearing aids, Customs by ReSound allow hands-free calling with iPhone (you can leave your phone in your pocket), but you'll need to have your phone close by if you use an android.

Customs by ReSound have an IP68 rating, meaning they can be submerged in 1.5 meters of water for 30 minutes without damage. This feature is especially useful for anyone who tends to forget they are wearing hearing aids when they jump in the shower.

How It Works

Soundly partners with a network of licensed hearing health professionals in nearly every zip code in the U.S.

You pay the price you see here and get 45 days to return your hearing aids risk-free.

Customers report that our network provider's pre-negotiated rates on prescription products lead to 20%-40% savings compared to retail prices.

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The breakdown

The roster of available in-the-ear hearing aids often competes for the tiniest form factor. Customs by ReSound are unapologetically NOT invisible. This product takes a different approach with a headphone-inspired design that isn't hiding from anything.

What you get in return is a hearing aid with lots of built-in technology and an easy-to-manage pushbutton. This hearing aid isn't for everyone, but it does offer a compelling option for anyone who isn't afraid to show off their devices.

Customs by ReSound hearing aids
ReSound app being used to adjust hearing aidReSound one hearing aid exploded view

The tech inside

Customs by ReSound offer the full suite of available hearing aid tech, including dual microphones, IP68 waterproof rating, Bluetooth streaming from a range of devices, and full-featured professional customization. Customs can be controlled using the ReSound app, allowing remote sessions with your hearing professional after the initial appointment.

Getting up close

Customs by ReSound are created from an earmold impression gathered by a local hearing professional.

The devices are then molded to match your exact ear shape and size. This step ensures comfort and higher quality sound.

Each hearing aid comes with an onboard button to control volume or programs. ReSound offers six colors, including black, beige, gold, and brown.

ReSound One hearing aid in a man's ear

Overall notes:

If you are looking for a hearing aid that plays back music and podcasts with AirPod level quality, or you want a device that looks more like the latest headphone from Skull Candy, Custom by ReSound could be a great choice.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD

ReSound has been a leader in innovation for many years, and they've done it again.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD
Garrett Thompson, AuD

ReSound offers elegant design and good (if not elite) sound quality. These hearing aids are high quality and reliable.

Garrett Thompson, AuD
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