Lexie Hearing Aid Review - Affordable Price With Leading Care

April 1, 2023
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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Lexie hearing aids

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Lexie Hearing launched in 2020 with a simple thesis to make hearing aids more affordable for everyday Americans.

Lexie was created by parent company hearX Group which got its start through a popular hearing testing app used by over one million people worldwide. That experience gave Lexie’s founders the confidence to rethink how hearing aids are sold and programmed to drive down prices.

Instead of working with local audiologists, Lexie puts the power in hearing aid wearers' hands with an innovative self-fit app. The results are impressive. Since the brand's launch two years ago, Lexie has had more than 500 reviews online with an average of 4.7 stars.

Lexie’s hearing aids use simple technology but at $799 Lexie costs less than one-fifth of the national average for a pair, and customers consistently rank Lexie among the top customer service brands in the industry.

I've been a fan of Lexie's work since I tried their hearing aids in 2020, but in July of 2022, Lexie came out with some BIG NEWS that got me even more excited about the brand. Lexie is now the exclusive care partner of Bose. Yep, that Bose.

Bose has been dabbling in hearing health for years but has struggled to find the right channel for its products. The new partnership gives Bose's clinically proven self-fit technology a long-term home with a company that knows how to provide quality care.

The partnership is a big win for consumers looking for affordable hearing aid options.

In this guide, I'll mainly focus on Lexie's original (slightly cheaper) product, Lexie Lumen, but you can read my full review of Bose hearing aids here.

Lexie Hearing Aid Purchase Process

Lexie hearing aids are sold direct-to-consumer. This model means you will not need a doctor's appointment. Visit this page to compare Lexie’s original product to their new Bose product offering. Bose hearing aids are slightly more premium and cost $100 more.

Once your hearing aids arrive in the mail you'll be prompted to Lexie’s virtual hearing test which will tune your hearing aids to match your hearing loss. More on that process below.

If you need support at any point in the process you can call, chat or email the Lexie support team.  

The video below shows a great visual overview of the Lexie product and app.

Unboxing The Lexie Hearing Aid

My Lexie hearing aids arrived in a simple box that included:

-A manual for setup
-A case to keep my hearing aids in
-Some alternate tubes and domes  
-A few drying capsules
-A measurement tool to determine what length of tube I should use

I was anxious to try on the hearing aids, so I put the batteries, chose my tube length, and turned my new hearing aids on in less than 5 minutes. I was immediately impressed by the natural sound. Lexie hearing aids don’t use AI, rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth streaming but they are far from a cheap amplifier.

Programming My Hearing Aids With The Lexie App

After unboxing the hearing aids and trying them out, I downloaded the Lexie app, which is available for iOS and Android. I was extremely impressed by the simplicity of the app experience.  

After downloading the app and registering with my name and info, my phone was easily paired with hearing aids.

Image of a woman using the lexie hearing aid app to program her hearing aids

The first thing the app did was guide me through a hearing test administered through my new hearing aids. The test places a big button on the screen that you tap each time you hear a beep. After I completed the test, the app indicated that it was programming the hearing aids to match my results, and I then landed on my control page where I could alternate environments, change the volume, or test again.  

Control the volume through the app or using the buttons onboard the Lexie devices.

Wearing The Lexie Lumen Hearing Aids

Woman wearing Lexie hearing aids and holding them in her hand

Overall I’ve found the Lexie hearing aids comfortable and wearable.

A few things I’ve loved:

  • The weight and design is extremely comfortable
  • I’ve found the sounds to be very natural
  • Lexie hearing aids are simple to use. You can change things in the app, but you can also change the volume and environment settings using the buttons on the back
  • Mostly I love that Lexie is genuinely affordable and also works

Some drawbacks:

  • The hearing aids do not stream phone calls or music. For the price point, this is understandable, but as an avid podcast listener I would love to have the option to listen through my hearing aids.
  • Lexie requires batteries which need to be changed every 4-5 days.
  • Lexie does not offer the latest tech innovations like AI or sophisticated background noise reduction algorithms.

Overall Notes

Overall, Lexie hearing aids impressed me! The app was smooth and well designed, the hearing aid have been reliable and I’m excited to recommend the product to those who have been held back by budget. At $42 per month, Lexie might put some real pressure on the big guys.

Compare Lexie Lumen and Lexie’s new Bose hearing aid hereShop Lexie at Best Buy here

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