Phonak Audéo Lumity Review, Prices and Surprises

April 28, 2023
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
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Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Soundly Staff
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Phonak lumity hearing aids

One of the most exciting aspects of my job as an audiologist is watching people experience life with a renewed sense of clarity and hearing. As an audiologist, I have been working with Phonak hearing aids for years. And that’s why I was thrilled to take on the challenge of testing out the newest Phonak hearing aids—Phonak Lumity—for myself. With my professional and first-hand experience, I can now share my first-hand observations about this revolutionary technology. Read on to learn more, including everything to know about the Phonak brand, noteworthy features, and everything you need to know.

About Phonak

Sonova and Phonak Headquarters

Phonak is a leading hearing aid manufacturer that has been around for over 70 years. As part of the Sonova Group, Phonak is renowned for their high-quality hearing aids that utilizes advanced technology to offer a great hearing experience. In 2017, Phonak was the first hearing aid brand to feature a rechargeable lithium-ion battery.

Following that innovation in 2018, Phonak became one of the first to stream Bluetooth audio to both hearing aids, rather than only to one ear. Today their hearing aids feature the industry's leading universal Bluetooth connection capabilities, and their hearing aids are designed to improve speech understanding with motion sensors, reduce listening effort, and track health data. They also have a strong focus on innovation and have won multiple awards for their products.

Noteworthy features

  • StereoZoom 2.0
  • SpeechSensor
  • Motion Sensors
  • Hands-free calling
  • Universal Bluetooth

Phonak Lumity hearing aids offer a range of advanced features that set them apart from other products on the market. Let’s talk about what Phonak is best known for and who is best suited for this technology.

Clarity / Speech in Noise Processing

Phonak boasts that their StereoZoom 2.0 and SpeechSensor features help provide the best experience in background noise of any Phonak technology to date. SpeechSensor searches your environment and highlights the main speech signal, while StereoZoom focuses on the person you want to hear while reducing background noise interference. While no hearing aid technology works perfectly in background noise, Phonak has some impressive capabilities to help you hear your best with less listening effort.  


Patients love the universal Bluetooth connectivity with Phonak hearing aids. If you like to connect to multiple Bluetooth devices, Phonak is the best option on the market. Some patients use multiple devices, and it can be a pain to disconnect one and then reconnect the other device when switching back and forth. If you use several devices—like tablets, phones, and laptops—you’ll love the ease of use with seamless Bluetooth connectivity. A Phonak hearing aid can be connected to two devices at one time and up to eight total devices. Do you have a TV with Bluetooth connectivity? They’ll also connect directly to your TV!

Convenient Technology 

Are you looking for hands-free calling, answering a call with a tap on the ear, or want to create a customized hearing aid program? Phonak hearing aids have options to accommodate your needs. While Phonak hearing aids work well without any needed changes on your part due to motion sensors and other innovative technology, they offer customization for those who prefer it.

Man wearing Phonak Lumity in background noise

Other Form Factors

In addition to the typical RIC hearing aids, Phonak also offers Phonak Lumity hearing aids in several different options. Their standard Lumity looks nearly identical to the previous Phonak Paradise hearing aids. However, patients can also choose a telecoil option (L-RT) or Lumity Life (L-RL) for added moisture and humidity protection. Another stylish option now exists for patients looking for something different: the Lumity Slim. Similar to the Signia Styletto, this slim RIC design is a more modern take on the traditional RIC hearing aid. 

Design of the Phonak Lumity Hearing Aid

If you’re looking for custom hearing aids, Phonak has a great product portfolio for custom devices—with ITE to completely invisible options, like Phonak Lyric. By offering various form factors, Phonak ensures that there is a hearing aid style suitable for every individual’s need.

Lumity hearing aids using the myPhonak app

Personal Listening Notes And Observations From Wearing

During my personal trial of Phonak Lumity hearing aids, I can attest to their quality. My observations from wearing the hearing aids have been very positive. In this section, I’ll mention some of the highlights and key takeaways.

Physical Fit 

I found the Phonak Lumity hearing aids very comfortable in my ear. Both the receivers and dome tips were comfortable. The Phonak Slim was also comfortable to wear. These devices fit the curvature of the ear, in the same way that a shoe is made for a right or left foot. I liked that the Slim features a push button. When I recently tried the Signia Styletto, that device does not have a push button and the only way to power the device off or change programs was either by using the app or placing the devices in the charging case to restart them. However, when comparing the two devices, the Phonak Slim is notably larger (see photos). 

Sound Quality 

The sound quality is crisp and clear, providing excellent clarity in conversations. I describe the sound quality as having a sharpness or a “bite” to it, which I found highlighted speech well. When it came to streaming music, I found the overall sound lacked some of the bass that I normally prefer and I tried adjusting the levels in the app. Personally, I find that speech sounds comfortable and clear, so it was only when I listened to music that I wanted more bass. If you also prefer that sound with music, you might consider creating a custom program in the Phonak app, as it allows you to change the settings to accommodate your preferences. 

In general, the automatic changes that the hearing aids made in my different listening settings felt smooth. However, there were occasionally times when I heard a “click” or a shift in settings. The hearing aids did a good job of selecting the most optimal listening settings, but I did appreciate the ability to make adjustments on the app if I needed. 

Soundly Scorecard

Care 👩‍⚕️

  • Type: Local provider or hybrid Telehealth

Sound Quality Notes 🎵

  • Overall: sharp, percussive sound quality with smooth adjustments to the environment. 
  • Music: sharp, hollow sound quality. 

Aesthetics ✨

  • Size options: 1) stand RIC with rounded surfaces; 2) long, slim RIC hearing aid
  • Colors: Chestnut, sandalwood, sand beige, silver gray, graphite gray, velvet black, beige, champagne. Slim colors (two-tone): Silver, graphite, copper, sandalwood

Battery 🔋

  • Type: Rechargeable
  • Length: 24 hours on a 3-hour charge (including 80 min of streaming); 30 minute quick charge provides 6 hours battery life
  • Charger type: Inductive charger with plug in charger, portable option available for Lumity Life 


  • Bluetooth: Universal connectivity for all Bluetooth devices
  • Hands-free: Y
  • Multiple devices: Y
  • Tap control: Y
  • Telecoil: Y

Dexterity 🤏

  • Small parts: Medium to high
  • Push buttons available: Toggle switch; Lumity Slim - push button

Waterproof level 💦

  • IPRating: IP68
  • What that means: This hearing aid can be submerged at a 1 meter depth for up to 30 minutes.

App features 📲

  • Remote care: Available through the Phonak app in coordination with your provider
  • Customization: Volume, treble/bass, adjustable custom programs in the app 
  • Tinnitus masking: Available through your healthcare provider 
  • Find my hearing aid: N/A
  • Health tracking: Tracks length of wear time and step count 

Accessories 🎚️

  • Remote control: Y
  • Wearable mic: Y
  • TV streamer: Y
  • Roger technology is a premium assistive listening technology


Overall, Phonak Lumity Hearing Aids are an excellent product that I highly recommend to my patients. The hearing device’s features are impressive and the sound quality is top-notch. The varying options in style mean that there is a product to suit every individual’s needs. Especially for patients with Android phones, multiple Bluetooth devices, or technology needs. If you’re still looking for more information to help you in your hearing aid selection, check out our sound samples that allow you to hear different hearing aid technologies or our other resources to help support you in your hearing health journey.

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