Best in Background Noise

ReSound OMNIA 9

$ 4,498.00  / pair
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Best in Background Noise

ReSound OMNIA 9

$ 4,498.00  / pair
$ 4,498.00  / pair

If background noise management is your number one priority, ReSound OMNIA should be on your shortlist. ReSound is one of the most respected brands in the hearing category, with more than 5,000 employees and millions of devices sold yearly.

ReSound announced their current flagship OMNIA in August 2022 with a clear focus on giving users a more comfortable experience in background noise.

Our team has put OMNIA through the paces, and we've been very impressed with the overall quality of the product and its ability to handle background noise. We've tried this hearing aid at a busy Vegas casino, a child's birthday party, and even an NFL football game. All with impressive results.

ReSound claims that OMNIA offers 150% improvement in background noise compared to previous ReSound Models. We have yet to validate the claim in our own research, but it seems plausible based on first-hand experience.

In February 2023, ReSound released an impressively small miniature version of OMNIA. OMNIA can be customized with rechargeable or disposable batteries, and every pair of hearing aids comes with access to the ReSound app. ReSound OMNIA allows Bluetooth streaming through Android and Apple devices, but only Apple devices allow hands-free calling (you'll need to keep the phone close by for calls on Android).

If you push your hearing aids to the limits through travel, public events, or busy restaurants, ReSound OMNIA is worth considering.

👍 Pros:

Best for background noise management
Easy-to-use app
Small form factor and an optional 3rd microphone in the ear

👎 Cons:

Requires in-person care (no direct-to-consumer option)
More expensive compared to telehealth and OTC options
OMNIA uses a push button style instead of a rocker-style button (which can be confusing for some)

Choosing a Technology Level

ReSound comes in a few technology levels. Each level offers more features and comes at a higher price. Learn more about hearing aid technology levels here.

ReSound OMNIA 9 is the top offering from the ReSound family. It is made for people who lead an active lifestyle, including travel, work, and time spent in groups. If you plan to test the limits of your hearing aids, the additional spend is likely worth it.

Local clinic
$4,498 / pair

  • Local, in-person care from a licensed hearing provider
  • Free appointments for first year
  • 45-day risk-free returns
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Return Policy

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free return policy at any of our local partner clinics. If you change your mind, don't like the product, or want to try something else, you get 100% of your money back.


ReSound OMNIA makes some impressive improvements on previous generations. The Ultra Focus within OMNIA is the most advanced background noise reduction feature we've seen to date.

What's new:

ReSound OMNIA invested heavily in improvements to their Ultra Focus feature, which users can activate in background noise settings like restaurants or meetings where the sound in front of them is most important. The new Ultra Focus feature inside OMNIA improves speech clarity by 150% in those challenging situations.

OMNIA also makes improvements in the way your own voice sounds through the hearing aids. 

What's not changing

The body of OMNIA hearing aids looks identical to the sleek previous generation (ReSound ONE). 

OMNIA hearing aids will keep the M&RIE receiver which increases natural listening by placing a 3rd microphone at the end of the hearing aid wire inside the ear. Every other hearing aid brand uses microphones only on the body of the hearing aid itself. 

OMNIA hearing aids will continue Bluetooth streaming for Android and iPhone and hands-free calling on Apple devices. 

OMNIA comes with rechargeable batteries and features 30+ hours of battery life per 3-hour charge. 

What's Included

2 hearing aids

Charger, or 1 year supply of batteries

3 year factory warranty

Face-to-face, in-person fitting and programming

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Reviews for previous generation. OMNIA reviews will be added when available.

The breakdown

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids come at a comparable price to the other top-of-the-line products like Oticon More and Phonak Audeo Paradise. So what makes this hearing aid different?

The third microphone is industry-leading and gives the hearing aid more power to pick out the important sounds in background noise.

The newly renovated Ultra Focus feature gives users the ability to hone in on their dinner or meeting partner with more clarity than other options in the industry.

ReSound has a more open sound quality than comparable products like Phonak Audeo Paradise. The ReSound ONE design is unique, very small, and looks very tech-forward.

ReSound One hearing aid
ReSound app being used to adjust hearing aidReSound one hearing aid exploded view

The tech inside

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are rechargeable. 3 hours of charging gives you 30 hours of use.

These hearing aids allow Bluetooth streaming on Android and iOS devices and offer hands-free calling on iPhone and iPads.

The ReSound app allows you to control the direction of sound, access various settings for restaurants, music and more.

ReSound hearing aids feature a third microphone (called the M&RIE receiver) and offer a powerful Ultra Focus mode for restaurants and meetings.

Getting up close

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids sit behind the ear and offer simple buttons for volume control.

Ear tips and the behind-the-ear wire can be adjusted based on your ear size and shape.

The ReSound OMNIA has a unique design-forward shape that looks more like consumer technology than a medical device.

ReSound One hearing aid in a woman's ear

Overall notes:

ReSound OMNIA is an all around excellent product with an innovative approach to microphones, dining situations and design. If you can swing the price, it doesn't get much better.

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