Lexie B1 Powered By Bose

$ 789.00  / pair
557 Reviews
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Lexie B1 Powered By Bose

$ 789.00  / pair
$ 789.00  / pair
557 Reviews

After years (or decades) of customer requests, Bose finally released a hearing aid. The iconic brand has a proven track record for quality audio products, and these Bose hearing aids are no exception.

This product sells for just $899 per pair (compared to the national average of $4,500).

To achieve this lower price, Bose did two things: 

  1. Bose created a clinically-proven method for hearing aid wearers to program their own devices using a smartphone app. The process cuts out the middle man and saves (quite literally) thousands. 
  2. Bose formed a partnership with Lexie Hearing. Lexie backs up the Bose name with unlimited, lifetime hearing-specialist support. 

If you are looking for an affordable hearing aid with a proven brand track record and quality care, Lexie B1 Powered By Bose is among the best. 

Purchase Bose hearing aids through our secure checkout below or on the Lexie website here.  

✅ Designed and clinically validated by a trusted audio brand

✅ Shipped to your home in 4-6 business days (no audiologist visit required)

✅ 45 day risk-free trial

✅ Free shipping  

✅ Unlimited real-time video and voice support from a Lexie expert

✅ Batteries and accessories included in the box

Who is this product for? 

We find that Bose hearing aids are best for customers with mild-to-moderate hearing loss who are looking for an affordable, low-hassle way to try hearing aids for the first time.

👋 Soundly users get $50 off Lexie B1 hearing aids here with code LEXSOUND23. Click "Learn More" below to claim.

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What's Included

2 Lexie B1 hearing aids Powered by Bose

Award-winning Lexie app

Carry case for your hearing aids

Accessories included such as a selection of different sized domes and cleaning tools

6 weeks of batteries

Lexie Expert support 9 AM - 8 PM ET Monday - Saturday

Return Policy

Lexie B1 hearing aids come with a 45-day risk-free trial


Lexie B1 hearing aids Powered by Bose pair with the Lexie app so that you can adjust your hearing aid settings from home. on your hearing aids at home.

Hearing aid volume is controlled through buttons on the hearing aid or through a smartphone app

Lexie B1 offers 4 hearing environments: Noisy indoor, Outdoors, Music, and Everyday

Lexie B1 hearing aids are sweat-resistant

Lexie B1 hearing aids have directional microphones to amplify the sounds in front of you

Lexie B1 hearing aids connect to Bluetooth on your phone to adjust the volume and choose different listening environments, but do not allow Bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls

Lexie B1 hearing aids Powered by Bose make use of replaceable batteries

How It Works

Order Lexie B1 hearing aids Powered by Bose on this page or directly through the Lexie Site. All orders come with free shipping, and you can return your hearing aids for any reason within the first 45 days and receive a full refund.

Your hearing aids will arrive in 4-6 business days. You'll get all the accessories you need along with step-by-step instructions on how to customize your hearing aids at home.

At any time in the process, you can speak to a Lexie Expert by video, voice call, or chat to answer questions or optimize your hearing aids, enhancing your listening experience.

Lexie Hearing terms and conditions.

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The breakdown

Are Bose hearing aids good? In short, yes. Reviews from audiologists and hearing aid wearers applaud the product for its simple design, easy-to-use app, and industry-leading price. Bose hearing aids don't use AI, fitness tracking, or Bluetooth streaming, but they get the job done for a fraction of the cost.

Man holding a case with Bose hearing aids in it
Hearing professional holding a hearing aid caseWoman using Bose app

The tech inside

Bose hearing aids come packed with the essential tech that makes sound clearer, including directional microphones to improve speech understanding in noisy environments and adaptive noise reduction, which allows you to determine which sounds are important to you.

Perhaps the most impressive Bose technology is its powerful self-tuning app. The app allows real-time adjustments in a familiar bass and treble format.

Getting up close

Bose hearing aids have a modern product design that sits comfortably behind the ear and offers buttons for easy volume control.

The Bose hearing aid carry-case is made of an attractive modern mesh reminiscent of the latest headphones. Bose hearing aids come in only grey at this time.

Man wearing Lexie hearing aids.

Overall notes:

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, are comfortable with smartphone tech, and are on a budget, Lexie is one of the most compelling products on the market.

Garrett Thompson, AuD

It you're not interested in streaming phone calls and don't mind changing hearing aid batteries, Bose is a budget-friendly option with easy to use app and customer support.

Garrett Thompson, AuD
Ramsay Poindexter, AuD

One of the most affordable, good-quality options on the market right now.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD
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