Lucid Fio In-The-Ear

$ 999.00  / pair
11 Reviews
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Lucid Fio In-The-Ear

$ 999.00  / pair
$ 999.00  / pair
11 Reviews

Fio is Lucid's invisible-style product that offers rechargeable batteries and allows customization using the Lucid app. The Lucid Fio is a lot like the Eargo hearing aid (although slightly larger) at around 40% less price. Like Eargo (and most invisible hearing aids), Fio does not allow Bluetooth streaming. One notable feature in Fio is that in order to adjust programs or the volume, you will need to place the devices back in their recharge case.


Rechargeable and nearly invisible 

Easy to handle and comfortable in the ear 

Affordable compared to other invisible options 


Must place the product back in the case to recharge

Slightly larger than competing options from Eargo 

Get Lucid Fio Hearing Aids
Starting at $999 / pair

  • Free returns and shipping
  • Self-fit using a smartphone app
  • Nearly invisible
  • Rechargeable batteries
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How It Works

Lucid Fio is available over-the-counter, meaning you can purchase the hearing aids online or at a local retail store (some Walmart stores and Sam's Club). 

Once you receive your new hearing aids, you'll use the Lucid app to customize the amplification and frequency to match your hearing loss. Unlike some other OTC devices, Lucid does not administer a hearing test through their app; instead, they give you access to a control panel and an interactive chart called Lucid Shape. You will use those tools to customize the hearing aids to your comfort. 

If you have questions or issues along the way, you can call the Lucid support team for live troubleshooting and advice.

What's Included

Two Fio hearing aids and a recharging case

Charging cord

1-year warranty

Return Policy

Return policy varies by retailer but is at least 60 days from purchase.


Fio uses multiple microphones to analyze the soundscape around you and converts that signal into amplified sound played through a tiny speaker placed directly in your ear. Fio isn't as high-tech as other hearing aids on the market but prioritizes clear sound in the smallest package possible.  

Notable Lucid Fio features:

✔️ Nearly invisible unless someone looks directly in your ear

✔️ Self-fit using the Lucid app

✔️ Rechargeable with 16 hours of battery life

✔️ Available in aluminum

❌ No Bluetooth streaming is available

What people are saying:

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  • Appearance

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The breakdown

If you are looking for an invisible hearing aid that doesn't require a doctor's visit or a custom mold, Fio should be on your shortlist.

Fio is rechargeable, easy to use, and delivers impressively clear sound. Compared to Eargo, the device is a bit larger but also 40% less expensive.

Lucid Fio hearing aids on a table
Lucid Shape appFio hearing aids

The tech inside

Fio packs a lot of technology into a small space. Our team found that the sound quality is reasonably clear, and the app customizations are impressively flexible.

The rechargeable batteries last 16 hours (long enough for most days' wear).

The drawbacks? Fio doesn't allow streaming and requires users to place the device back in the case to adjust the volume.

Getting up close

You'll have to look closely to spot Fio in the ear. The device is impressively tiny and sits in the way of glasses and masks.

Fio is only available in metallic silver color at this time. Each device has a pull tab on the back to allow for easy removal.

Fio hearing aid in a mans ear

Overall notes:

The field gets narrow pretty quickly if you are looking for an in-the-ear and OTC device. Most people compare Fio to its closest competitor Eargo. Fio is more affordable and more customizable. It's also slightly larger.

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