Sony CRE-C10

$ 999.00  / pair
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Sony CRE-C10

$ 999.00  / pair
$ 999.00  / pair

Sony teamed up with WS Audiology (the second-largest hearing company in the world) to co-create its products. Sony's CRE-C10 devices are nearly invisible and offer prescription-grade sound quality controlled through your smartphone. CRE-C10 does not offer Bluetooth streaming or rechargeable batteries.

CRE-C10 uses a size 10 disposable battery that offers over 70 hours of continuous wear. Size 10 batteries are widely available and commonly used in small devices. Sony's hearing aids were released in mid-October, so there are few reviews of the product, but it's safe to say this will be a leading consideration for those who want an in-the-ear style device.

CRE-C10 comes with a Sony app that allows users to control the volume and sound quality of the devices. No audiologist visit is required. 


  • Nearly invisible
  • High-quality sound for a lower price
  • Self-fit at home


  • Not as small as OTC competitors like Eargo
  • Not rechargeable
  • Does not allow Bluetooth streaming
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What's Included

2 Sony CRE-C10 hearing aids 

Sony Hearing Control app to change programming and volume

Jewel carry case

6 size 10 batteries

click sleeves in 4 sizes, and care tools

Return Policy

Sony hearing aids come with a 30-day returns for any reason.


Sony branded devices are fully functioning hearing aids that will allow consumers to perform an app-based fitting augmented with AI (artificial intelligence). 

CRE-C10 comes with several sizes of "click-sleeves" that can be swapped out to match the size of your ear. 

According to the brand, Sony's technology offers sound quality similar to traditional hearing aids. That means more coming from the 2nd largest hearing aid maker in the world. 

CRE-C10 hearing aids are wirelessly linked to create a 360 audio "picture" of your surroundings. The algorithm onboard the devices then reduces background noise that it deems less critical and prioritizes voices. 

Sony CRE-C10 hearing aids do not allow Bluetooth streaming and use a disposable size 10 battery that will need to be changed about once a week. 

How It Works

Order Sony hearing aids directly through the Sony Site. All orders come with free shipping, and you can return your hearing aids for any reason within the first 30 days and receive a full refund.

Your hearing aids will arrive in 4-6 business days. You'll get all the accessories you need, along with step-by-step instructions on how to customize your hearing aids using the Sony Hearing Control app.

At any time in the process, you can speak to Sony customer support, but it is not clear that Sony team members are specifically trained for hearing health.

What people are saying:

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The breakdown

Sony CRE-C10 hearing aids offer an innovative self-fit approach and impressive backing from the audiology space. But are they good?

The product is still relatively new, so reviews are hard to come by, but we know this product will be one of the leading in-the-ear devices available.

Man holding a case with Bose hearing aids in it
Sony hearing aid in a man's earSony Hearing Control app

The tech inside

CRE-C10 is a reasonably simple device without rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth streaming capabilities. What makes this product unique is that it makes audiology-grade technology available over the counter.

Getting up close

Sony CRE-C10 is only available in black at this time.

Each hearing aid sits inside the ear canal using one of four click-sleeve sizes.

CRE-C10 does not come with any buttons, so adjustments to volume and sound quality will need to be made through the app.

Sony invisible style hearing aid in carry case

Overall notes:

If you want an OTC product that sits inside the ear, you should consider Sony's CRE-C10. It doesn't have quite the same technology as Eargo, but it also comes at less than ½ the price.

Soundly Team

This is a recently released product. Awaiting audiologist review.

Soundly Team
Soundly Team

This is a recently released product. Awaiting audiologist review.

Soundly Team
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