Sony CRE-E10

$ 1,299.99  / pair
16 Reviews
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Sony CRE-E10

$ 1,299.99  / pair
$ 1,299.99  / pair
16 Reviews

Sony is the 3rd largest headphone maker in the world (behind Apple and Samsung).

The tech powerhouse stayed away from hearing aids until late 2022 when the FDA published new rules that allow hearing aids to sell over the counter (no doctor required). 

Shortly after the FDA's update, Sony announced that they would release two products.

Sony Offers Two Hearing Aid Designs

CRE-C10 - Invisible style without Bluetooth or rechargeable batteries

CRE-E10 - Earbud style with Bluetooth streaming and rechargeable batteries 

Both of the new OTC hearing aids from Sony were co-designed with hearing health giant WSA. WSA has decades of hearing aid experience and owns brands like Widex and Signia. 

Product Highlights

Consumer reviews of Sony CRE-E10 are mostly glowing (see below). Many users feel that Sony hearing aids go toe-toe with prescription options. You can hear a live sample of Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids above. 

The biggest complaints are that the CRE-E10 recharge case can be temperamental and that the devices are streaming-enabled with iPhone devices (sorry Android users). 


  • CRE-E10 offers a comfortable earbud-style fit with excellent sound quality 
  • CRE - E10 offers rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth streaming (iPhone only for now)
  • CRE - E10 gives you control over your program with an onboard hearing test and bass/treble controls 


  • CRE-E10 hearing aids are more expensive than some other OTC options 
  • CRE-E10 hearing aids come with little to no professional support (you can call customer service with questions) 
  • CRE-E10 hearing aids are more visible than their smaller CRE-C10 counterparts 
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How Programming Works

CRE-E10 hearing aids pair with the Sony Sound Control app. CRE-E10 users are guided through a short hearing test via the App.

The test results are then used to program your hearing aids to match your hearing loss.

After the initial test, you can control the volume, directionality, and bass/treble through a simple app interface.

You will not work with a hearing professional to program your hearing aids at any point.

Sony does offer reputable customer service if technical issues arise.

Where to Buy

Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids are available at or in select retail locations like Best Buy. 

Soundly Scorecard

Care Model 👩‍⚕️ 

CRE-E10 is an OTC device that does not require a professional for fitting or management. 

Sound Quality 🎵

CRE-E10 offers clear, audiology-grade sound quality with solid background management. 

CRE-E10 offers some of the best streaming quality (iPhone only) in the category.

Aesthetics  💫

CRE-E10 is not invisible but does have a sleek earbud-style design that many wearers enjoy. 

Battery 🔋

Rechargeable with a 26 nonstop runtime

Connection  📡

CRE-E10th Connects to iPhone and Android devices but only streams Bluetooth through iPhone. 

CRE-E10 offers hands-free calling for iPhone users. 

Dexterity 🤏

CRE-E10 is very easy to handle and offers an excellent option for anyone with dexterity challenges. 

Pay special attention to the charger since some users have complained that their devices didn't fully lock in at night and failed to charge. 

Waterproof level 💦

CRE-E10 has an IP Rating of IP68, which means this hearing aid can be underwater for a few minutes without issue.

App features 📱

The Sony Sound Control app allows users to take a test that programs their devices to match their hearing loss.

The rest of the App is very minimal, with features to control directionality, volume, and bass + treble.  

Accessories 🎚️

Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids do not come with other listening accessories at this time.  

CRE- E10 Vs. Alternatives

CRE-E10 is most often compared to its sister product CRE-C10 and competitor Jabra Enhance Plus.

CRE-E10 offers similar sound quality and functionality to Jabra Enhance Plus, but we found that Sony's product is more comfortable.

CRE-E10 is significantly larger than CRE-C10, but we preferred its sound quality and streaming features for iPhone.

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The breakdown

We tested CRE-E10 hearing aids in a variety of environments including in front of the TV, out in public, and in quiet conversations.

CRE-E10 gave us crisp, clear sound in conversations and front of the TV. We were impressed. 

Overall we felt this was a high-quality product, although it is somewhat less comfortable than behind-the-ear style hearing aids like Bose or Jabra Enhance Select.

Sony CRE-E10 Unboxing
Sony CRE-E10 reviewSony hearing aids in ear

The tech inside

The Sony app is incredibly simple to use. We did have some issues pairing our CRE-E10 hearing aids.

Ultimately we corrected those issues through a call with customer service.

With that snafu out of the way, we felt the overall technology experience was on-par with other OTC leaders. 

Getting up close

Sony CRE-E10 hearing aids sit inside the ear and come with a variety of eartips to fit various ear canals. Sony CRE-E10 comes in only black at this time. The devices look more like a pair of Sony earbuds than a pair of hearing aids. The sleek matte black finish is a really nice touch.

Hand holding Sony CRE-E10 hearing aid

Overall notes:

If you’re on the hunt for an earbud style headphone and you use an iPhone, Sony CRE-E10 should be on your shortlist. The product has great sound and a fairly easy setup.

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