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Signia Silk Charge&Go 5IX Review

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Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A

Dr. Amy Sarow is a practicing clinical audiologist and serves as Audiology Lead for Soundly. Her expertise and experience span topics including tinnitus, cochlear implants, hearing aid technology, and hearing testing. She holds a doctoral degree in audiology from the University of Iowa. During her residency at Mayo Clinic, Dr. Sarow was inspired by the three-tiered, patient-centered approach, incorporating clinical work, teaching and research.

Blake Cadwell
Blake Cadwell

Blake Cadwell is a hearing aid wearer and co-founder at Soundly. He regularly tests and reviews hearing technology to share his experience with Soundly’s readers. Blake's research and perspectives have been featured in the The New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, AARP and FastCompany.

April 1, 2024

Soundly is an independently owned hearing health research tool. Our reviews are conducted by hearing aid wearers and audiologists. We physically review the leading hearing aids on the market for sound quality, comfort, durability, and more. Our review process starts with hands-on unboxing and days, weeks, or months of wear. We also record live sound demos using a calibrated binaural microphone (read more here). We experiment with backend fitting software for prescription products and use test box measures to measure prescriptive accuracy and flexibility. Our work is funded through reader support. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission. Read more about our story here.

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In the Ear
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Signia Silk was the hearing aid choice of the late Queen Elizabeth and has been one of the top invisible hearing aids on the market for years. In October 2023, Signia Silk became the market's smallest rechargeable, prescription-programmed hearing aid.

Keep scrolling for our full review, Soundly Scorecard, and notes on pricing and process.


Signia Silk is a tiny, fully customizable hearing aid with a robust set of technologies, including wireless controls via the Signia App, remote programming after your first office visit, and intelligent sound algorithms that sort out background noise.  

Signia Silk originally made a name for itself by using what they call Click Sleeves to match the size of your ear canal and make their hearing aids ready to wear. The majority of invisible-style hearing aids require a custom ear imprint. Signia's approach cuts down on prices and wait times.

Now, Signia is back with a complete renovation of their popular Signia Silk. The new Silk Charge&Go IX features a brand-new operating system and, most notably, a rechargeable battery.

What Makes Signia Silk Special

Form Factor

Signia Silk is among the best invisible hearing aids on the market. The devices sit entirely in the ear canal and are only visible to those who look straight inside your ear.

Advanced Technology

Signia uses dual processing chips inside their devices to separate speech from noise. That additional power also creates the foundation for Signia's 2023 beam-forming update for multiple speakers.

One of our favorite features inside Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids is Own Voice Processing (OVP). OVP records your voice and actively reduces its level of amplification. This slight adjustment significantly impacts comfort - many wearers don't want to hear themselves booming through their hearing aids.

The bottom line is that Signia Silk has the best hearing algorithms and sound management technology in the category.

Rechargeable Batteries

Now for the big news. Signia Silk is the smallest prescription hearing aid with rechargeable batteries. Each set of Silk Charge&Go IX hearing aids comes with a sleek little charging unit and the ability to stay connected all day.

Our Take

If you are on the market for in-the-ear hearing aids and want rechargeable batteries, Signia Silk is in rare company. Eargo (OTC disruptor) is the only other invisible option with rechargeable batteries. Some customers note that custom-molded devices like Starkey Genesis or Oticon Own are a bit more comfortable for all-day wear. Still, those devices require disposable batteries at comparable sizes.


Pros πŸ‘
  • Full-featured, premium hearing aids
  • More affordable than custom-molded devices
  • Smallest prescription devices with rechargeable batteries
  • It does not require a custom earmold
Cons πŸ‘Ž
  • More expensive than OTC competitors
  • No Bluetooth streaming is available
  • It can be slightly less comfortable than RIC or custom-mold options
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Soundly Scorecard
Hearing Loss Level πŸ”Š
Mild - Severe
  • Signia Silk hearing aids are appropriate for mild-severe hearing loss
  • Silk devices are not custom-molded and may create feedback for more severe hearing loss
  • If you have profound hearing loss, you are a better fit for high-powered BTE hearing aids
Care Type πŸ₯
  • Signia hearing aids are prescription devices fit and programmed by a professional
  • Unlike other leading in-the-ear style devices, Signia Silk does not require a custom-earmold. Instead the device comes with a range of Click Sleeves that fit a wide range of ear sizes
  • After an initial fitting, you can connect with your care provider remotely through the Signia app for fine-tuning and program changes
Sound Quality πŸ”Š
Strong in Background Noise
  • Signia uses a unique multiple beam-forming technique with its Integrated Xperience technology that helps isolate background noise and boost speech clarity
  • Signia's Own Voice Processing (OVP) helps take the edge off of that uncomfortable sound quality of the user's own voice that many patients experience when adjusting to hearing aids
Comfort 🦻
Somewhat Comfortable For All-Day Wear
  • Signia Silk IX hearing aids are slightly less comfortable than custom-molded alternatives


Style  πŸ’«
  • Sit inside the ear
  • Only available in one completely-in-canal size (nearly invisible in many ears)
  • Choose from two faceplate colors: Black and Mocha
Battery πŸ”‹
Rechargeable Only
  • Signia Silk Charge&Go hearing aids have a rechargeable battery that lasts all day on a single charge
Connection πŸ“‘
Bluetooth Not Available
  • Signia Silk IX does not come with Bluetooth streaming
Dexterity Level 🀏
  • Signia Silk Charge&Go is a small device but does not require battery changes
Waterproof Level πŸ’¦
  • Signia Silk hearing aids are not advertised as water resistant. Keep these devices away from water when possible.
App features πŸ“±
Has An App, Telehealth Capable
  • Remote care: Included in the Signia app (not a separate app)
  • Customization: Treble/bass, volume, microphone directionality, Signia Assistant
  • Tinnitus masking: Customizable options through your hearing care professional
  • Find my hearing aid: Not available
  • Health tracking: Step tracking, activity (e.g., high intensity versus low), and wear time
Pricing and Process


The national average price for Signia hearing aids is around $4,744 per pair.

Our research indicates that the best pricing and care packages are currently available through ZipHearing. ZipHearing offers a pair of Signia Silk hearing aids with one year of unlimited care for $1,198 - $3,198 per pair.


ZipHearing will match you with a local clinic near your zip code and pre-negotiate a lower price (typically 25% less than the national average).

Fill out the form on this page to get matched with a local clinic.

Our readers are consistently happy with ZipHearing's offering and give the company 97% 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

How to Choose a Technology Level

Signia Silk comes in several technology levels. Each device looks identical from the outside, but on the inside, each technology jump offers more sophisticated sound processing and special features. In general, wearers opt for the top technology they can reasonably afford.

The key differences between tech levels mostly come down to background noise management.

Signia Silk 7IX

  • 20 bands of customization
  • 48 processing channels
  • Includes Echo Shield

Signia Silk 5IX

  • 18 bands of customization
  • 36 processing channels
  • Does not include Echo Shield

Signia Silk 3IX

  • 16 bands of customization
  • 32 processing channels
  • Does not include Echo Shield

Review Signia Silk's full feature matrix here.

Read our full guide to choosing a technology level here πŸ‘ˆ




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The breakdown

The Signia Silk X is the smallest professionally programmed hearing aid on the market that doesn't require a custom mold. The ready-to-wear design cuts down the cost of the devices (compared to other traditional options) and allows you to get your devices more quickly. There are a lot of cheap Signia Silk lookalikes advertised online, but this product offers the full range of programming capabilities and modern tech you would expect for the price.

Tiny Signia Silk hearing aid in a woman's hand
Woman wearing Signia Silk hearing aidWoman adjusting Signia hearing aid volume on the Signia app

The tech inside

Signia Silk hearing aids offer professional-grade programming capabilities in a nearly invisible package. They do not stream music or phone calls but allow volume and programming changes through the Signia app. Signia Silk hearing aids also offer CROS, telecoil, and remote programming.

Getting up close

Signia Silk hearing aids sit entirely in the ear canal, making them nearly invisible. They do not have external buttons, but volume can be controlled using the Signia app or remote control. 

You can choose between black or tan faceplates for your hearing aids. Signia Silk hearing aids use a size 10 battery that will need to be replaced every 5-7 days. 

Woman looking in a mirror with Silk hearing aid

Overall notes:

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