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April 2, 2024

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Behind the Ear


Signia, a respected name within the WS Audiology family, stands out for its blend of cutting-edge technology with user-oriented design. Every few years Signia updates their underlying technology with a new chip and improved functionality. Their newest IX platform gets at the heart of a common problem - hearing in background noise. 

Signia's introduction of their new Integrated Xperience (IX) technology gets a tricky scenario that most of us can relate to: following conversations in noisy places. Signia is thinking outside of the box with their innovative strategy, moving beyond the limitations of traditional beamforming technology, which tends to isolate a single conversation in a crowd. The IX technology, integrates multiple beam-forming capabilities, giving users the power to tune into several conversations happening around them simultaneously. This advancement not only enhances the auditory experience but also enriches the user's social interactions, allowing for a more natural and inclusive conversational environment. 

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What Makes Signia Styletto IX Special?

Signia Styletto IX has more than a few appealing features. We’ll breakdown everything you need to know. 

Size and Shape 

Signia’s Styletto product is the smallest slim RIC style hearing aid on the market. The form factor is popular and feels both fashionable and fun. And with seven color options, there is plenty to choose from. 

Battery Life

Signia's slim RIC hearing aid batteries hold up well to others in the slim RIC category. Their Styletto hearing aids last up to 20 hours on a single charge, and the charger case holds five additional charges. Other charger options include an integrated dehumidifier charger and even a UV light to disinfect.

Advanced Tech 

Imagine encountering a scenario where your current hearing aid settings are not providing the clarity you need. Instead of needing to schedule an appointment with an audiologist for adjustments, the Signia Assistant offers you the flexibility to make swift, on-the-spot modifications independently. We love the practicality and usefulness of this app feature to assist in daily scenarios. It's about simplifying the process to ensure that your hearing aids adapt to you and not the other way around, making it a truly standout feature.

Our Take

Signia's crisp, clear sound quality sets it apart in the world of hearing aids. In addition to their sound quality, Signia also gives their users plenty of options to choose from. For example, Signia’s previous AX generation offered their innovative platform in any style: RIC, BTE, custom, and even CIC. Looking for a rechargeable ITE or a slim RIC? Users get the same cutting edge, split processing technology packaged in the hearing aid style they prefer. As their newest IX platform rolls out across the portfolio line, users can soon enjoy that same flexibility. 

Signia’s new technology is undoubtedly impressive, and with the assistance of the app, it optimizes the ease of use for patients. We're undeniably fans of innovations aimed at enhancing speech clarity in noisy settings. Additionally, their innovative technologies, such as Own Voice Processing (OVP), offer a natural and comfortable listening experience by minimizing the sound of your own voice. We especially like this feature for new hearing aid users who may find their own voice to be too loud or unnatural during the hearing aid adjustment phase.The combination of Styletto's aesthetic appeal with the advanced noise management capabilities of the IX technology are a winning combination.

Pros 👍
  • Crisp, clear sound quality
  • High quality prescription hearing aid
  • Signia Assistant app feature
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Dexterity-friendly charger
  • CROS compatible
  • Accessory options (e.g., TV streamer, remote mic, etc.) are easy to use
Cons 👎
  • No push button or disposable battery option
  • No ‘Find My Hearing Aid’ feature
  • Fewer color options available than some manufacturers
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Soundly Scorecard
Hearing Loss Level 🔊
Mild - Severe
  • Signia Styletto is a fully customizable, prescription hearing aid appropriate for mild-severe hearing loss
  • If you have severe hearing loss, your care provider may fit you with a custom earmold to reduce feedback
  • If you have profound hearing loss, you may be a better fit for a high-powered BTE style hearing aid
Care Type 🏥
  • Signia Styletto is a prescription device fit and programmed by a professional
  • After an initial fitting, you can connect with your care provider remotely through the Signia app
Sound Quality 🔊
Strong in Background Noise
  • Signia uses a unique Split Processing technique helps isolate background noise and boost speech clarity
  • Signia's Own Voice Processing (OVP) helps take the edge off of that uncomfortable sound quality of the user's own voice that many patients experience when adjusting to hearing aids
Comfort 🦻
Very Comfortable For All-Day Wear
  • Signia Styletto comes in in a comfortable receiver-in-canal style that is easy to wear all day
Style  💫
Behind The Ear
  • Sits behind the ear with a receiver (speaker) that reaches into the ear canal
  • Signia Styletto offers a stylish, slender form factor that is unique in the category
  • Choose between various color schemes and options. Two-tone options: Black/fine gold, black/graphite, black/silver, cosmic blue/fine gold, blue/rose gold, blue/silver, white/fine gold, snow white/rose gold, snow white/silver. Solid color options: Beige, black, deep brown
Battery 🔋
Rechargeable Only
  • Rechargeable only
  • 20 hours on a full charge (16 hours, including 5 hours of streaming)
  • Two charger options: Portable charger with induction charging, or plugin Dry & Clean charger
  • Wireless charging available with the purchase of a Qi USB-C charging cable
Connection 📡
Bluetooth Available
  • Signia Styletto allows Bluetooth streaming, music listening, and phone calls. iPhone users can take calls hands-free, while Android users must keep their phones close to pick up outbound audio
  • Signia Styletto uses Apple's MFI connection and Android's ASHA connection to stream content through Bluetooth
  • Signia Styletto hearing aids can connect to multiple devices (ie. TV and phone) simultaneously
Dexterity Level 🤏
  • Signia Styletto is reasonably easy to handle but does require the wearer to place the hearing aid behind their ear and insert the receiver into the ear (consistent across all behind-the-ear styles)
  • Signia Styletto does not include push buttons, so all program and volume changes need to be made through the Signia app or an external microphone (purchased separately)
Waterproof Level 💦
  • Signia Styletto is water resistant with an IP rating of 68
  • This hearing aid can withstand dust and water submersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes
App features 📱
Has An App, Telehealth Capable, Find My Hearing Aids
  • Remote care: Included in the Signia app (not a separate app)
  • Customization: Treble/bass, volume, microphone directionality, Signia Assistant
  • Tinnitus masking: Customizable options through your hearing care professional
  • Find my hearing aid: Not available
  • Health tracking: Step tracking, activity (e.g., high intensity versus low), and wear time
Pricing and Process


The national average for a pair of Signia Styletto IX is $7,600, and may vary depending on technology level.

Signia Styletto IX is a prescription product and will require working with an audiologist or hearing care professional in person. The hearing aids can be fit with an earmold or dome tip. Depending on your hearing loss and ear canal geometry, your hearing care provider will make the best recommendation about which is best for you. If needed, an earmold will require an impression of your ear and takes several weeks to come back from the manufacturer before your hearing aid fitting. After establishing care with your provider, you may do follow-up visits via telehealth.

Our research indicates that the best pricing and care packages are currently available through ZipHearing. ZipHearing offers a pair of Signia Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids with one year of unlimited care for $4,798 per pair.


ZipHearing will match you with a local clinic near your zip code and pre-negotiate a lower price (typically 25% less than the national average).

Click "Get Started" on this page to get matched with a local clinic.

Our readers are consistently happy with ZipHearing's offering and give the company 97% 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

Choosing a Technology Level

There are three technology levels available for Signia Styletto. It’s highly recommended to get the Signia Styletto 7IX, as this technology level has more background noise support, transient noise management, and fitting bands for customization. 

Signia Styletto 7IX

  • 20 bands of customization
  • 48 background sound analysis settings 
  • Includes Echo Shield

Signia Styletto 5IX

  • 16 bands of customization
  • 32 background sound analysis settings 
  • Does not include Echo Shield

Signia Styletto 3IX

  • 12 bands of customization
  • 24 sound processing channels
  • Does not include Echo Shield

The award-winning Styletto design is also a big hit for its sleek design, adding a touch of style and sophistication to your daily routine. Signia also caters to individuals with single-sided deafness through their CROS option, ensuring no one is left behind. And whether your hearing loss is mild or profound, Signia has got you covered with devices specifically tailored to fit your unique needs. With Signia, it's not just about hearing—it's about experiencing the best hearing that fits your lifestyle.


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Full Review

Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Written by
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A

As an audiologist, I am always on the lookout for the latest hearing aid technology. Recently I got to trial the Signia Styletto, an award-winning hearing aid from Signia, one of the leading hearing aid manufacturers.

In the clinic, I've fitted these devices on patients, but having firsthand experience gave me a new perspective.

I learned so much from wearing these devices and combined with my clinical experience, I'm excited to share more about this product to help you decide whether this product is right for you. In this article, I’ll provide an overview of this product and share my observations from using the devices.

About the Brand

Signia is one of the largest hearing aid manufacturers in the hearing industry, manufactured by WS Audiology. Previously, Signia operated under the Siemens name but was more recently acquired by Sivantos.

They offer a quality hearing aid technology portfolio with different form factors and charging options, which I'll explore later. Their products are known for their innovative design and split-processing AX technology to help with background noise.

The Styletto is their latest premium product which boasts a sleek design and top-of-the-line sound quality. Now that you know more about the brand, let's get into more specifics with the Signia Styletto.

Noteworthy Features

The Styletto has several noteworthy features that stand out from other models today. Aside from the sleek design, Signia's AX split processing is known for its smooth handling of background noise and motion sensor AI technology (pretty innovative, right?).

Signia's Own Voice Processing (aka, OVP) helps take the edge off of that uncomfortable sound quality of the user's own voice that many patients experience when adjusting to hearing aids. The convenient rechargeability options are some of the best on the market.

These hearing aids will easily last a full day, and the charging case holds four additional charges without needing to be plugged in.

Finally, you'll appreciate the hands-free calling options if you're an iPhone user. (Psst: Do you need a CROS hearing aid option? Signia's got that as well.)

Other Form Factors

The sound processing in the Styletto is available in three different form factors: behind-the-ear (BTE), traditional receiver-in-canal (RIC), and custom hearing aid options.

That's one of the great things about Signia technology. You'll have the same excellent processing technology available in different form factors.

Who is not best suited for the Styletto?

If you want a hearing aid with a disposable battery option or have dexterity concerns, there are better options than the Styletto. However, there will be other Signia options that can work here.

Personal Listening Notes And Wearing Observations

Okay so, let's get to the good stuff. My experience with Signia was positive overall. However, there are a few issues I experienced and you find more insights below.

The Fit

Overall, I found the Signia Styletto a comfortable fit in the ear. I wore the Styletto with a sleeve dome tip, which felt comfortable in my ear. The slim RIC design is also relatively lightweight, and I have no issues.

In the Office

When I wore the hearing aids into the office, I made several interesting observations. While doing an audiogram, I placed the headset over my hearing aids and was pleased that I didn't experience any feedback. (Note: My hearing aids were set to mild hearing loss, more significant hearing losses could produce feedback.) 

One drawback presented itself unexpectedly. In the middle of a conversation, my phone began ringing in my ears despite being set to silent mode. Later on, I found where to disable ringtones in my phone settings to prevent this from happening again.


I tried out a few different types of streaming, including podcasts and music. The sound quality for both was good. However, I did have some intermittency with my left hearing aid streaming cutting out. The Signia team suggested I place my cell phone in a front or back pocket toward the center of the body (rather than my right coat pocket).

This adjustment fixed the issue. One point that impressed me was the smooth transitions from streaming audio to external microphones. While in my car, I connected my phone to my GPS which spoke the directions through the hearing aids.

In between directions, the hearing aids returned to picking up sound from the car and road with smooth transitions.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I highly recommend Signia’s Styletto as an attractive option for those seeking a high-quality hearing aid solution that offers both comfort and convenience.

With its array of features, including background noise processing, motion sensor technology, Bluetooth compatibility, and streaming, it’s no wonder why this product has become so popular among patients worldwide.

So, if you're looking for a sleek hearing aid option, give the Signia Stylleto a try.

Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Written by
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Lead Editor
Reviewed by
Lead Editor

Soundly conducts in-depth research to guide prospective hearing aid wearers. Our work is funded through reader support. When you buy through our links, we may earn a commission.

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