An Audiologist’s ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aids Review

April 10, 2023
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
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Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Soundly Staff
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Soundly Staff

As an audiologist, I have experience working with top hearing aid manufacturers. Recently, I had the opportunity to try the new ReSound OMNIA miniRIE hearing aids, which gave me a new perspective.

I found it insightful to experience the OMNIA technology firsthand, and I'm excited to share my experience with you here. In this article, I'll explain more about the brand and the noteworthy features of the OMNIA and share notes from my personal listening experience.

About the Brand

ReSound is a leading global provider of hearing care solutions and has been in business since 1943. They are the fourth-largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world and one of the most established brands in the industry. GN Resound is a GN Store Nord AS division based in Denmark. GN Audio is another company division specializing in headsets and earbuds, such as the Jabra earbuds. GN Resound has set the standard for innovation and quality over the years. With over 75 years of experience in the industry, they have become one of the leading providers of hearing aid technology, selling their products to over 100 countries worldwide.

Noteworthy Features

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids come with a variety of exciting features that make them an excellent choice for anyone looking for high-quality hearing aids, in particular in background noise. Let's get into some of the most noteworthy features. 

To start, the M&RIE receiver recently won awards for its innovative design and sound quality. This receiver boasts exceptional wind reduction capabilities and enhanced performance in background noise.

The Ultra Focus program is a feature on the premium OMNIA hearing aid (and, it allows you to have conversation in noisy spaces where it may have been hard or difficult to do so). This is due to the program’s leading tech, and Resound's technology is labeled with ascending numbers for each technology level: standard (5), advanced (7), and premium (9). To that end, those with premium technology can access Ultra Focus to highlight the person right in front of them and block out background noise.  

In February 2023, they released the latest product: The ReSound OMNIA miniRIE hearing aid, designed to provide superior sound clarity, comfort, and convenience. It has a smaller, sleek design than the previous Omnia hearing aids.

Additionally, these hearing aids feature advanced noise management technology, which helps reduce background noise so you can focus on conversations in noisy environments. The OMNIA features the most advanced noise management technology to date from GN Resound. 

The recent OMNIA update is now also available in the custom hearing aids as well. These Resound custom hearing aids look like earbuds rather than traditional hearing aids. 

Other Form Factors

The highlight of Resound's portfolio is the latest OMNIA hearing aids, which come in several different sizes and form factors, including receiver-in-canal (RIC) and the mini version. In addition, the OMNIA chip is available in their custom hearing aid options (ITE, ITC, and CIC) and a BTE form with rechargeability.  

Additionally, they offer accessories such as remote microphones, TV streamers, or a phone clip. These accessories can be used with your device to enhance speech understanding in noisy environments and charging docks, making it easy to keep your device charged when not in use.

Personal Listening Notes and Wearing Observations 

I was impressed by how clear and natural-sounding voices were when wearing ReSound OMNIA hearing aids. The sound was crisp yet comfortable at all times, even in noisy environments like restaurants or bars, where background noise can often become overwhelming when using traditional hearing aids without proper amplification settings enabled. Plus, the hearing aids connected seamlessly to my iPhone, and I could make adjustments easily. And while the streaming was clear, I personally preferred to turn the bass up a bit when streaming. 

As for the M&RIE receivers, there are some great points to highlight from my experience. 

Sound Quality

First, the sound quality with M&RIE is good. I appreciated how these receivers removed the sound of my hair moving across the microphones or the tapping sound on the microphone. This is a big plus. 


However, the M&RIE receivers in my ears were a bit uncomfortable to wear. As time passed, I started getting used to them with more wear. But this might be an obstacle if you have narrow or sensitive ear canals (so, keep this in mind!), or you may want to consider an encased receiver or suitable dome tip instead. 

Soundly Score Card

Care 👩‍⚕️

  • Type: Local provider or hybrid remote care 

Sound Quality Notes 🎵

  • Overall: Clear sound quality with additional enhancement in M&RIE (wind reduction, background noise, etc.)
  • Music: Good sound quality with option to boost bass to your preference

Aesthetics ✨

  • Size: Small, sleek size that sits discretely behind the ear
  • Colors: Sparkling silver, champagne, gold, bronze, warm grey, graphite, espresso, deep black

Battery 🔋

  • Type: Rechargeable or disposable
  • Length: 24-30 hours on a charge without streaming, 12 hours with non-stop streaming
  • Charger type: Induction charger with a premium charger that holds three additional charges, or a desktop charger option 


  • Bluetooth: Android and iPhones 
  • Hands free: With compatible iPhone 11 (or later)
  • Multiple devices: N
  • Tap control: N
  • Telecoil: N (only model with size 13 battery)

Dexterity 🤏

  • Small parts: Medium dexterity ability
  • Push buttons available: One push button (with long and short button press options)

Waterproof level 💦

  • IP rating: IP68
  • What that means: This hearing aid can withstand dust and water submersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

App features 📲

  • Remote care: After an in-office activation, the remote care option is available on the app
  • Customization: Volume control, treble/bass, streaming treble/bass, programs 
  • Tinnitus masking: Customizable programs with a hearing care professional or use the Resound Relief app to experiment with masking noise
  • Find my hearing aid: Yes, feature is included in the app
  • Check my fit: An app feature from Resound to check the hearing aids are in the ear properly

Accessories 🎚️

  • Remote control: Y
  • Wearable mic: Y 
  • TV streamer: Y
  • CROS: N
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Overall, I was impressed with the ReSound OMNIA hearing aids from my personal experience, and I would definitely recommend them. OMNIA is an excellent option for anyone looking for help with background noise, as their new processing and Ultra Focus offer definite advantages. For anyone looking for more app controls or a "find my hearing aid" feature, GN Resound also fits the bill. Finally, if you're looking for more information, explore our other hearing aid comparison content or the Live Listen sound samples to learn more.

–The Soundly team

Frequently asked questions

What are ReSound's Technology Levels

ReSound OMNIA comes in several styles and technology levels. 

ReSound offers three main technology levels for all of their products - 5, 7, and 9. 

5 is the most budget friendly while 9 is the most advanced.

ReSound OMNIA 9 is the top offering from the ReSound family. It is made for people who lead an active lifestyle, including travel, work, and time spent in groups. If you plan to test the limits of your hearing aids, the additional spend is likely worth it.

ReSound OMNIA 7 is a very respectable hearing aid with most of the features of the more expensive model 9. 7 offers slightly fewer customizations and fewer automatic program changes.

ReSound OMNIA 5 is the least expensive option. 5 has all of the essential features like Bluetooth connection and clear sound, but 5 does not come with ReSound's innovative M&RIE microphone. If you primarily spend time at home or in small groups, this product can get the job done for a lower price tag.

What are ReSound's past product families?

ReSound releases new products every year. Below is a list of former product names and the year they were released.

ReSound’s current flagship product for both custom-made and receiver-in-canal hearing aids is OMNIA.  

2022: ReSound Custom Made by ReSound, ReSound OMNIA

2021: ReSound Key (budget option)

2020: ReSound One (former flagship)

2019: ReSound Enzo Q (high-powered behind-the-ear)

2018: ReSound LiNX Quattro (former flagship)

2017: ReSound LiNX 3D (former flagship)

2016: ReSound ENZO2 (high-powered behind-the-ear)

2015: ReSound LiNX2 (former flagship)

2014: ReSound ENZO (high-powered behind-the-ear)

2013: ReSound LiNX (former flagship)

2012: ReSound Vea (former RIC flagship), ReSound Verso (high-powered behind-the-ear) 

2010: ReSound Alera

2008: ReSound Sparx

What naming convention does ReSound use for it's products?

ReSound’s most popular hearing aid is the ReSound OMNIA receiver-in-canal with rechargeable battery. The official name for that product is 


  • RU - indicates the product family (in this case OMNIA)
  • 9 - indicates the technology level 
  • 60 - indicates the style
  • DRWC - indicates dual microphones, receiver-in-Ear, wireless, rechargeable

Here’s a cheat sheet to help you understand most longform ReSound product names. 👇



RT = ONE/Customs by ReSound

RE = LiNX Ouattro


9 = Premium level technology

7 = Advanced level technology

5 = Select level technology



60 = Mini RIE or RIC (Lithium-ion battery)

61 = Standard RIE or RIC (Lithium-ion or 312 battery)

62 = Standard RIE (size 13 battery)


67 = Mini BTE

77 = Standard BTE

88 = Power BTE

88 = High Power BTE (with metal hook)

98 = Super Power BTE


LP = Low Power

MP = Medium Power

HP = High Power


D = Dual microphones

R = Receiver-in-Ear

W = Wireless


KE = Key






CIC = Completely-in-Canal Non-wireless

ITC = In-the-Canal

ITE = In-the-Ear

MIH = Mic-in-Helix

MIH-S = Mic-in-Helix Small

UP = Ultra Power (encased)

MM = M&RIE (Microphone and Receiver-in-Ear)

C = Rechargeable

T = Telecoil

H = High Power BTE (with metal hook)