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January 26, 2023
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ReSound OMNIA hearing aids

I got my first pair of professionally programmed hearing aids in the summer of 2020. I had tried a few online products without much success (more about online hearing aids here) and finally decided to go the traditional route.

After a lot of research, I chose ReSound ONE. I liked the modern product design, rechargeable batteries, and innovative third microphone. You can read my full experience with ReSound ONE here.

Two years later, ReSound is back with a new product. ReSound OMNIA. I’ve now had a chance to wear the product extensively including at a recent NFL game.

I also sat down with GN Group’s Chief Audiology Officer, Dr. Laurel Christensen, to learn more (GN is ReSound’s parent company).

Let’s get into it!  

About ReSound

ReSound Brand Hearing Aids

ReSound is the lead hearing aid brand owned by GN Group, the 4th largest maker of hearing aids in the world. GN has headquarters in the outskirts of Copenhagen, but its impact is global, providing products in over 100 countries.  

ReSound hearing aids are available from leading hearing care professionals and are considered one of the most respected brands by audiologists. ReSound was the first brand to feature an iPhone-compatible hearing aid in 2013. They continue to innovate with more intelligent devices, longer battery life, and unique design. The new OMNIA design boasts an industry-leading background noise solution.

Fun fact. ReSound wasn't always a European company. It was founded by Rodney Perkins, who grew up in Evansville, Indiana, and advanced technology from Bell Labs to create hearing aids.

New (And Old) ReSound OMNIA Features

Image of ReSound Hearing Aid Making a Hands Free Phone Call

OMNIA is all about background noise.

When I sat down with ReSound's Chief Audiologist, Dr. Laurel Christensen, she shared that ReSound OMNIA is really about one thing—breaking through background noise to hear in speach. According to ReSound, 80% of hearing aid wearers list "hearing in background noise" as a main priority.

The OMNIA product is rechargeable and offers Bluetooth streaming from Android and Apple devices. OMNIA also allows hands-free calling (you don't have to keep your phone in hand) with iPhone and iPad.

But none of those features were the main focus of our conversation. Dr. Christensen shared that she "couldn't believe it" when she first saw the OMNIA data from the research team. The new product incorporates an all new four-microphone beamformer for better hearing in noise.  When compared to the performance of ReSound ONE’s Ultra Focus feature, ReSound OMNIA results in a 150% improvement in speech understanding.

The new innovation targets a specific, and challenging, scenario. Imagine you are in a restaurant with noisy patrons and bustling wait staff. Your dining partner is telling a story from the day as you look at them across the table.

Man talking to woman wearing ReSound OMNIA hearing aids

ReSound hearing aids of the past did pretty well in this environment, but sometimes loud noises from beside or behind you would muddle the soundscape.

The newly re-built OMNIA program improves performance in that situation by 150%. The brand measures this by turning up the background noise in a test environment until the user can no longer make out the majority of the speech in front of them. OMNIA’s new Ultra Focus means wearers can understand the same amount of speech with an 8.6 dB increase in background noise volume.

Long story short, OMNIA gives restaurant goers and meeting attendees a new superpower. Dr. Christensen wouldn't speak to any competitors directly, but she shared that "Omnia is significantly better than anyone on the market at dealing with background noise."

Another upgrade in OMNIA is improvements in the sound of your own voice.

When I first got my ReSound ONE hearing aids, my voice sounded loud and boomy. That's normal for new hearing aid wearers, and it takes time for your brain to adjust to the sound of your voice.

As a bonus feature, ReSound added some additional engineering that reduces the volume of your own voice to prevent annoyance for new users.

Woman and man on a video call wearing hearing aids

What stays the same?

ReSound OMNIA isn't reinventing the wheel with their new product. A lot of features stay the same.

Naming conventions

Each ReSound product comes with several technology levels. In keeping with the ReSound ONE naming convention, ReSound OMNIA comes in OMNIA 9 (top end), OMNIA 7 (mid), and OMNIA 5 (most affordable) tech levels.

OMNIA hearing aid design
ReSound left the body of the ReSound ONE unchanged. I'm a fan of this product's sleek look, and I'm happy they didn't reinvent it.

ReSound App
ReSound OMNIA uses the same app as previous hearing aid generations. The app gives you control over program, volume, and remote care options. A separate ReSound app can be downloaded for tinnitus masking.

ReSound did add a new feature called “check my fit,” which lets you compare the placement of your hearing aid to a photo of the original fitting to ensure you have the device in your ear correctly.

Image of a man using the ReSound 3D App

M&RIE Receiver
ReSound ONE added a 3rd microphone (called the M&RIE receiver) located on the receiver inside the ear. The microphone uses the natural shape of your ear to capture sounds. This innovative design has been very popular, and studies have shown it reduces listening effort. The M&RIE receiver will continue in OMNIA hearing aids for those with mild - moderate hearing loss.

Image of the ReSound M&RIE receiver available in OMNIA

Other Tech In ReSound OMNIA Hearing Aids

ReSound OMNIA hearing aids are full-featured devices with all the expected modern tech, including:

✅ Rechargeable batteries with an easy-to-use induction charger
✅ Bluetooth connection to Android and iOS devices
✅ Hands-free calling on iPhone and iPad
✅ Remote adjustments and software updates after an in-person fitting
✅ Optional version with disposable batteries for those who prefer that style
✅ Fully customizable by a licensed hearing professional

How to Purchase ReSound OMNIA

Woman taking a hearing test and being fit with ReSound OMNIA hearing aids

ReSound hearing aids are only sold by an in-person hearing professional. That hearing professional will test your hearing and program the ReSound OMNIA to match your hearing profile. Your local professional can also provide technical support in connecting your hearing aids to a phone and downloading necessary apps.

You can find a local professional in a few ways.

Option 1: Use a care database like this one to search local clinics and get in touch directly. This option gives you the most flexibility but often leads to the highest price.

Option 2: Work with a care network like ZipHearing, who offers pre-negotiated pricing in most zip codes. Prices through ZipHearing are typically 25%-40% lower because of the volume of customers they serve.

OMNIA Prices

The average "walk-in" price of ReSound OMNIA hearing aids is $5,000-$7,000 per pair. That should include three years of service.

ZipHearing offers OMNIA hearing aids for the following prices:

OMNIA 5 $3,198
OMNIA 7 $3,798
OMNIA 9 $4,598

Of course, prices could vary depending on tech level and service levels you receive.

Final Thoughts

ReSound OMNIA is a great option for those focused on cutting through background noise in restaurant and meeting situations. If you are a long-time ReSound wearer or a first-time hearing aid wearer, like I was in 2020, the chances are you'll like this product.

The only downside is the price. If you can't swing 3,198-$4,598 I'd recommend checking out options from Jabra Enhance or Bose.  

You can go deeper on ReSound OMNIA with this review from Dr. Cliff Olson.

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