An Audiologist's Review of Widex Moment Sheer™ Hearing Aids

May 1, 2023
Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
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Amy Sarow, AuD, CCC-A
Soundly Staff
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Soundly Staff

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As an audiologist, I have the opportunity to work with the major hearing aid brands and each one has its own unique features. For example, over the years I've worked with Widex hearing aids. Widex works incredibly well for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss due to their new ZeroDelay technology. And when it comes to assistive tinnitus treatment, Widex is an excellent option. 

Recently, I got to try the Widex Moment Sheer™ for myself. Working with patients who wear Widex gives me some perspective as a professional, but wearing them myself gives me a unique insight. In this detailed review, I will share everything I learned about the Widex Moment Sheer™ device, from the Widex brand to its standout features, other form factors, and more.

About the Brand

Widex is a Danish brand that has been in the hearing aid market for over 60 years. In 2019, Widex joined Sivantos. This combined company is now known as WS Audiology, the third-largest hearing aid manufacturer in the world. The company is known for its innovation and technology with hearing aids that create natural, pleasant sound quality and good music fidelity. For example, Widex was the first hearing aid manufacturer to implement AI technology in its hearing aids. Widex Moment was released in March 2020 with a line of BTE, RIC, and custom hearing aids. Moving forward with more innovations in September 2022, Widex released the Moment Sheer rechargeable hearing aid with a more modern design and several new, exciting features.

Noteworthy Features

  • ZeroDelay
  • PureSound technology
  • SoundRelax

Widex technology uses ZeroDelay, which reduces the delay from when sound enters the microphone ports to when the hearing aid amplifies it. Widex claims their ZeroDelay feature reduces echo and makes it much easier to process sound seamlessly. In traditional hearing aid technology, patients with normal low-frequency hearing perceive sound naturally through the ear canal and process sound through the hearing aid. In addition, traditional hearing aid technology requires time to process the sound before delivering it to the eardrum. While processing happens in most hearing technology within 6.5 milliseconds, ZeroDelay brings that number down to a negligible 0.5 ms time delay, resulting in what they describe as a seamless sound experience.

Powered by ZeroDelay, Widex technology boasts the PureSound program due to the naturalness of the sound processing. Widex argues that the comb-filter effect is responsible for an unnatural sound quality in hearing aid technology for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss. Essentially, the time delay from the sound processing combined with the natural sound coming through the ear canal creates an artifact that the user perceives as unnatural, distorted sound. Fortunately, this PureSound technology is available in all levels of Widex Moment technology, from essential to premium (110 to 440). While other hearing aid features will differ, such as background noise capability, any Widex Moment wearer can enjoy the natural PureSound technology in their main hearing aid program.

Widex has been well known for its unique tinnitus masking sounds for years. Known as fractal tones (think wind chimes), the Widex SoundRelax options create soothing tinnitus masking solutions.

What's New

The Widex SHEER sRIC has many of the same great features as the previous mRIC, which include direct streaming capability, PureSound processing, and machine learning. One new feature on the sRIC are the microphone ports, which create a better, clearer sound quality due to the extra cushioning under the microphone grid. Widex has also designed a new charger without a lid to go with the Widex Moment Sheer™. Previously, some found the lid frustrating to use, so this recent change veers away from that.

Widex's new dome tips offer greater flexibility to fit more severe hearing losses. Additionally, their open dome tips are excellent acoustically for those with normal to mild low-frequency hearing loss, using natural acoustic hearing.

SoundRelax is a tinnitus management strategy that uses fractal tones, one of Widex's best-known features. Widex has added eight new tones in the SoundRelax library, which now includes even more tinnitus relief options.

Other Form Factors

Besides the Sheer, the Widex Moment line has other form factors, such as the wireless CIC, ITC, and ITE hearing aids. Recently, Widex redesigned the internal components of the custom hearing aids to be 40% smaller, providing a sleeker, more discreet appearance. Widex also offers a BTE in their Moment line for those who need more power. Regardless of the form factor, all Widex hearing aids offer the same great sound quality.

Personal Listening Notes And Observations From Wearing

In general, my listening experience while wearing Widex was positive. While the sound of a hearing aid will never sound completely natural, the ZeroDelay technology does give a smooth listening experience. While wearing the hearing aids, I tested out a few challenging environments to put them to the test. For example, Widex did an excellent job managing wind noise on a windy day while riding a bike. Despite the strong wind, I picked up almost no wind sound, which is quite a feature. I also noticed in reverberant environments, such as smooth, tiled surfaces in a bathroom, there was less of that jarring, unpleasant sound as water or speech resonates and reverberates.

A few points that I wouldn't say I liked as much included several minor observations. While the hearing aids are very comfortable in the ear, the receiver wire doesn't sit entirely flush with the ear and sticks out more than I would like compared with the fit of other brands. However, this will vary based on ear size and shape, so take this with a grain of salt. The sound quality of streaming is excellent with Widex. However, when I adjust the volume by pressing the volume button on my phone, it makes a beeping sound with each volume increment, which some may find annoying or distracting.

The Checklist

Care 👩‍⚕️

  • Type: Local provider or hybrid Telehealth 

Sound Quality Notes 🎵

  • Overall: smooth, resonant sound quality with natural bass sound 
  • Music: clear, robust sound quality while preserving environmental awareness of surroundings

Aesthetics ✨

  • Size: currently the smallest rechargeable RIC hearing aids available
  • Colors: 13 different color options, including neutral colors (tech black, titanium grey, silver grey, dark cherry, chestnut brown, autumn beige, golden brown, honey blonde, pearl white) and fun colors (shocking pink, sporty red, Mediterranean turquoise, and deep blue)

Battery 🔋

  • Type: Rechargeable or disposable (size 10 and 312 options)
  • Length: 29 hours on a 4-hour full charge (no streaming) or 16 hours with 8 hours of streaming. Quick charge: 30 minutes yields 4 hours of battery life
  • Charger type: wireless power transfer charger with magnetic component or 3-in-1 Clean n Charge option. 


  • Bluetooth: iPhone and compatible Androids
  • Hands-free: available for iPhone
  • Multiple devices: N
  • Tap control: N 
  • Telecoil: Y (available with a 312 battery) 

Dexterity 🤏

  • Small parts: requires medium dexterity
  • Push buttons available: push button

Waterproof level 💦

  • IP rating: IP68
  • What that means: This hearing aid can be underwater (1-meter depth) for 30 minutes without damage. 

App features 📲

  • Remote care: to access remote care, you'll need the RemoteLink neck loop and Widex Remote Care app
  • Customization: volume, programs, MySound personalization
  • Tinnitus masking: created by your hearing care professional or using the Widex ZEN app
  • Find my hearing aid: yes - app feature
  • Health tracking: not available

Accessories 🎚️

  • Remote control: Y
  • Wearable mic: Y
  • TV streamer: Y
  • Widex RemoteLink neck loop is required for remote programming (requires registering in the hearing clinic's software)
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Final Thoughts

The Widex Moment Sheer™ has many great features, especially for patients with mild to moderate hearing loss looking for natural sound quality. Additionally, if you're looking for tinnitus management or excellent music fidelity, you'll want to consider Widex hearing aids. Are you looking for more help in making your hearing aid selection? Check out our other content and resources, including our library of sound samples. At Soundly, our goal is to support you in the process of choosing the best hearing aid for you confidently.

–The Soundly team

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