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Widex Moment Sheer 330 Review

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April 1, 2024

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Behind the Ear
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Widex Moment Sheer was introduced in September 2022. The new line of hearing aids is focused less on extra features like fitness tracking or transcription and more on sound quality. Customers who try Widex stay with the brand for decades. 

Widex Moment 330 is the second technology level available and comes with most of the core features available. The 330 has 12 channels of customization for your audiologist to work with and loses some ability to process high-frequency sounds and adjust for wind noise. If you spend time in mid-sized groups and at home, this product is an excellent choice.

Pros 👍
  • ‍Focused on sound quality, delivering clear sound with the lowest delay in the industry.
  • Includes industry leading tinnitus features.
  • Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids come with rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth streaming capabilities.
  • Smallest RIC product on the market.


Cons 👎
  • Remote adjustments require an additional accessory.
  • Widex offers a premium product at a premium price that may be out of budget for some.
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Soundly Scorecard
Hearing Loss Level 🔊
Mild - Severe
  • Widex Moment Sheer is a fully customizable, prescription hearing aid appropriate for mild-severe hearing loss
  • If you have severe hearing loss, your care provider may fit you with a custom earmold to reduce feedback
  • If you have profound hearing loss, you may be a better fit for a high-powered BTE style (currently available in Widex's previous generation, Widex Moment)
Care Type 🏥
  • Widex Moment Sheer is a prescription device fit and programmed by a professional
  • Widex RemoteLink neck loop is required for remote follow-up programming (requires registering in the hearing clinic's software)
Sound Quality 🔊
Strong in Background Noise
  • Widex has the fastest processing time among all major hearing aid manufacturers
  • Widex is a favorite choice of musicians and audiophiles
Comfort 🦻
Very Comfortable For All-Day Wear
  • Widex Moment Sheer comes in in a comfortable receiver-in-canal style that is easy to wear all day


Style  ðŸ’«
Behind The Ear
  • Sits behind the ear with a receiver (speaker) that reaches into the ear canal
  • Widex Moment Sheer is one of the smallest RIC devices on the market
  • Choose between thirteen color options, including neutral colors (tech black, titanium grey, silver grey, dark cherry, chestnut brown, autumn beige, golden brown, honey blonde, pearl white) and fun colors (shocking pink, sporty red, Mediterranean turquoise, and deep blue)
Battery ðŸ”‹
Rechargeable Or Disposable
  • Widex Moment Sheer comes with the option of rechargeable or disposable batteries
  • Get 29 hours on a 4-hour full charge (no streaming) or 16 hours with 8 hours of streaming.
  • A quick charge of 30 minutes yields 4 hours of battery life
  • Disposable 312 batteries (last 7-10 days)
Connection ðŸ“¡
Bluetooth Available
  • Widex Moment Sheer allows Bluetooth streaming, music listening, and phone calls across all models. iPhone users can take calls hands-free, while Android users must keep their phones close to pick up outbound audio
  • Widex Moment Sheer uses Apple's MFI connection and Android's ASHA connection to stream content through Bluetooth
Dexterity Level 🤏
  • Moment Sheer is reasonably easy to handle but does require the wearer to place the hearing aid behind their ear and insert the receiver into the ear (consistent across all behind-the-ear styles)
  • Moment Sheer includes a push button for on-the-go volume and program changes
Waterproof Level 💦
  • Widex Moment Sheer is water resistant with an IP rating of 68
  • This hearing aid can withstand dust and water submersion in one meter of water for up to 30 minutes
App features ðŸ“±
Has An App, Telehealth Capable, Find My Hearing Aids
  • Remote care: to access remote care, you'll need the RemoteLink neck loop and Widex Remote Care app
  • Customization: volume, programs, MySound personalization
  • Tinnitus masking: created by your hearing care professional or using the Widex ZEN app
  • Find my hearing aid: yes - app feature
  • Health tracking: not available
Pricing and Process


The national average price for Widex Moment Sheer 330 hearing aids is around $5,700 per pair.

Our research indicates that the best pricing and care packages are currently available through ZipHearing. ZipHearing offers a pair of Widex Moment Sheer 330 hearing aids with one year of unlimited care for $3,598 per pair.


ZipHearing will match you with a local clinic near your zip code and pre-negotiate a lower price (typically 25% less than the national average).

Fill out the form on this page to get matched with a local clinic.

Our readers are consistently happy with ZipHearing's offering and give the company 97% 5-star ratings on Trustpilot.

How to Choose a Technology Level

Widex Moment Sheer comes in several technology levels. Each device looks identical from the outside, but on the inside, each technology jump offers more sophisticated sound processing and special features. In general, wearers opt for the top technology they can reasonably afford.

The key differences between tech levels mostly come down to background noise management.

Widex Moment Sheer 440

  • 15 bands of customization
  • 11 background sound analysis settings
  • Includes background noise Speech Enhancer

Widex Moment Sheer 330

  • 12 bands of customization
  • 7 background sound analysis settings
  • Includes background noise Speech Enhancer

Widex Moment Sheer 220

  • 10 bands of customization
  • 4 background sound analysis settings
  • Does not include background noise Speech Enhancer

Widex Moment Sheer 110

  • 10 bands of customization
  • 3 background sound analysis settings
  • Does not include background noise Speech Enhancer

Review Widex's full feature matrix here.

Read our full guide to choosing a technology level here 👈




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The breakdown

Widex Moment Sheer hearing aids come at a comparable price to the other top-of-the-line products like Oticon More and ReSound One. So what makes this hearing aid different? Widex Moment is laser-focused on one thing, sound quality. Nearly every innovation within the Widex Moment line goes back to this goal. They don't have the leading rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth connections, but these are devices to consider if you want fast and clear sound.

Widex Moment hearing aids in recharge case
Exploded view of Widex Moment hearing aidMan using Widex app to adjust hearing aids

The tech inside

The Widex Moment processes sound in .5 milliseconds, 5X faster than earlier models. This speed increases comfort and speech clarity. Widex uses its app to gather real-time feedback from users in all kinds of listening environments. Every day thousands of customers tell the hearing aids which sound settings they prefer, and Widex uses this data to get smarter over time. Widex Moment hearing aids also offer the full suite of standard features like Bluetooth connection and rechargeable batteries.

Getting up close

Widex Moment hearing aids are among the smallest devices on the market. They have easily accessible buttons on each device that allow volume and mode control. The devices come in 13 colors, including tech black, pearl white, and autumn beige.

Man adjusting the volume on his Widex Moment hearing aids

Overall notes:

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