Lucid Engage Hearing Aids

$ 799.00  / pair
8 Reviews
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Lucid Engage Hearing Aids

$ 799.00  / pair
$ 799.00  / pair
8 Reviews

Lucid Engage doesn't get as much buzz as OTC competitors like Bose and Sony (likely due to the less-known brand), but this behind-the-ear style hearing aid is quietly the most feature-rich hearing aid on the market. 

Lucid Engage has rechargeable batteries and allows Bluetooth streaming on both iPhone and Android devices. The form factor is a little larger than Bose hearing aids but very discreet. 

Like most OTC hearing aids, Lucid Engage uses a smartphone app to customize your new devices to your specific hearing loss. 

Sam's Club Partnership 

Lucid's app is relatively simple, but if you get stuck, you can work with their remote care team or visit one of over 500 local Sam's Club clinics for free in-person tech support. That's a big bonus that very few other OTC brands can provide. The perk is part of Lucid's decade-long, nationwide partnership with Sam's Club, where Lucid operates hearing clinics inside 500 local clubs.


Rechargeable batteries 

Bluetooth streaming through iPhone and Android


If you get stuck, you can take your hearing aids to most Sam's Club locations for in-person care


Can be complex for people who are not comfortable with smartphones

Slightly less premium packaging and feel than top-of-the-line prescription products

Get Lucid Engage Hearing Aids
Starting at $799 / pair

  • Free returns and shipping
  • Self-fit using a smartphone app
  • Bluetooth streaming
  • 30 hour rechargeable batteries
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How It Works

Lucid Engage is available over-the-counter, meaning you can purchase the hearing aids online or at a local retail store (some Walmart stores and Sam's Club). 

Once you receive your new hearing aids, you'll use the Lucid app to customize the amplification and frequency to match your hearing loss. Unlike some other OTC devices, Lucid does not administer a hearing test through their app; instead, they give you access to a control panel and an interactive chart called Lucid Shape. You will use those tools to customize the hearing aids to your comfort. 

If you need support, you can call Lucid's team directly or take your hearing aids to a local Sam's Club for free troubleshooting and a hearing test.

What's Included

Two rechargeable hearing aids

Recharge case and cable

One year warranty 

Remote customer service or in-person service at Sam's Club locations

Return Policy

Return policy varies by retailer but is at least 60 days from purchase.


Lucid Engage is one of the most feature-rich OTC devices on the market. These hearing aids have multiple microphones to manage background noise, including rechargeable batteries for all day wear and Bluetooth streaming through Android and Apple devices. 

Notable Lucid Engage features:

✔️ Self-fit using the Lucid app

✔️ Rechargeable with 30 hours of battery life

✔️ Available in grey, black and beige

✔️ Compatible with iPhone or Android (you will have to choose at checkout)

✔️ Requires iOS 12 or above and Android 10 or above

What people are saying:

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  • Appearance

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The breakdown

If you are looking for a pair of hearing aids under $1,000, Lucid is worthy of consideration.

These feature-rich devices don't come from a household brand (although they've been around for 10 years), but they do include some very strong underlying technology and a unique partnership with Sam's Club.

Lucid hearing aid recharge case
Inside view of Lucid Engage hearing aid.Lucid Engage hearing aid next to accompanying app.

The tech inside

Our team's tests found that Lucid's Engage product provides similar sound quality and background noise processing to other mid-price products on the market.

The sound quality of Lucid hearing aids is not quite as comfortable or sophisticated as products from ReSound or Widex, but it's close.

Getting up close

Lucid offers Engage in beige, black or gray. These devices sit behind the ear with a discreet wire and speaker that reaches into the ear.

Lucid Engage is not the smallest hearing aid on the market but is comparable to other behind-the-ear style devices.

Lucid Engage hearing aids in three colors.

Overall notes:

Don't throw out the lesser-known brand with the bathwater (that's how that saying goes, right?). Lucid is a strong contender in the OTC space. Their Rechargeable, Bluetooth-enabled product offers the most well-rounded feature set in this price band.

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