A Detailed Costco Hearing Aid Review

March 17, 2023
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Are you in the market for a new hearing aid but don't want to break the bank? You're not alone. Many people are looking for affordable hearing options without sacrificing quality. The good news is, with advances in technology and increased competition, there are more options than ever before for price-savvy consumers. 

One money-saving spot you need to know? Costo. That’s right, the members-only bulk shopping retailer also operates in the hearing health space. Many of our Soundly readers compare Costco hearing aids to Jabra Enhance Select. Jabra Enhance Select is the telehealth option from the brand (P.S. Read reviews on that product here.) 

So let's dive in and explore some of the best affordable hearing aids at Costco.

First things first, if you’re looking to get insights firsthand from the Soundly team, check out this video below.

Costco Hearing Aid Facts

  • Costco hearing tests are free to members
  • Costco sells 14% of the hearing aids in the U.S.
  • Costco hearing center employees are typically hearing specialists (instead of audiologists)
  • Costco hearing care professionals do not make a commission
  • Costco currently offers three brands of hearing aids that closely mirror private practice but under different names (more below)
  • Costco hearing aids start at $1,799 a pair for behind-the-ear style hearing aids and go up to $2,700 a pair for custom mold hearing aids
  • Costco offers a two-year one loss or damage replacement for free
  • All Costco hearing aids come with unlimited free follow-up appointments remotely or in store
  • Clean your hearing aids any time at Costco for free while you shop
  • You will need a membership to access Costco’s hearing aids, and Costco does not sell its hearing aids online at this time, so you’ll need to go into a store

All in all that’s pretty solid. But are there any disadvantages?

Costco unbeatable prices and top-notch technology. The retailer uses top-of-the-line technology and their products are practically to premium offerings available via private practice audiologists.

Here are some cons to keep in mind:

  • Costco relies mainly on hearing aid dispensers rather than audiologists. While many of their professionals are excellent (including the one I saw), there may be some variability among the hundreds of dispensers nationwide.
  • Costco does not sell online. If you're not near a Costco, you're out of luck—they don't sell online. And if you live in a rural area, expect to make multiple trips for fittings and cleanings.
  • Costco specializes in behind-the-ear hearing aids and has a limited selection of custom mold or in-the-ear options. For those seeking an invisible option, local providers offering Eargo or Starkey may be more suitable.

Making An Appointment At Costco

Ready to take the plunge and make a hearing appointment at Costco? Here’s what to know:

  • Find a local Costco store near you here
  • Sign up for a Costco membership (Basic packages start at $60 per year)
  • Call Costco and ask to transfer for the hearing center; a representative will schedule an appointment for you

Fill out your intake form online or fill it out in person (arrive 10 minutes prior to the appointment to do so)

Taking the Costco Hearing Test

Image of the front of Costco and the inside of Costco

Remember hearing tests are free at Costco with membership (and you must be a current member to take a hearing test).

The process is easy and direct. It goes like this: Arrive early to fill out the intake forms (or save time and print them out at home and bring the completed forms to your appointment). Then, a hearing professional will retrieve you from the waiting area and the test begins. 

Image of the Costco hearing center and intake form

To start the test, the licensed professional will place a foam wire in each ear.

Image of the Costco hearing test booth and hearing test earbuds

Then, you’ll click the button each time a beep is audible. This first part of the test establishes the audiogram and hearing aid programming targets based on your hearing. (FYI: Try the Soundly online hearing test for an example of how this works.)

Image of in-progress Costco hearing test

Next, the hearing professional will test speech comprehension (this involves speaking various words into a microphone). After that, the earbud wires will be removed and a bone conduction headphone will be worn in its place (in order to test bone conduction hearing).

Image of Costco bone-conduction headphones in use

That’s not all. Then, theCostco professional will test your hearing by using static in one ear while testing the other ear to measure the interaction between both sides. The test concludes with the professional playing louder beeps to assess your responsiveness to loud noises.

In just 10 minutes, the care provider will test your  hearing and you’ll be able to review the results together. 

Image of a Costco audiogram

Comparing Costco’s Hearing Aids

Alrighty, the test's done and now it's time to talk about what's next. Costco's got three different brands for you to choose from, and I'll give you the lowdown on each of 'em. But no matter which one you go with, you'll get the same perks:

  • Free follow-up appointments
  • Free cleanings while you shop at Costco
  • One $0 free replacement for loss or damage (lasts two years and covers practically everything like water damage)
  • Remote program adjustments (available for most models)

Costco Kirkland 10.0 - $1,399
Costco’s Most Popular and Most Affordable
(temporarily discontinued)

Image of Costco's hearing aid in hand

Kirkland 10.0 Summary 

Kirkland is the Costco house brand. However, don’t let the private label get you in the weeds. Costco does not make hearing aids, the members-only club merely sells hearing aids.

The Costco Kirkland 10.0 is here to rock your world. Made by Sonova, it boasts technology almost identical to the Phonak Paradise P90, which goes for an arm and a leg at private practices ($4K-$7K per pair). But guess what? You can snag the Kirkland 10.0 for a jaw-dropping $1,399 a pair at Costco.

Kirkland 10.0 Styles and Accessories 

Image of Costco Signature 10.0 Hearing aid in ear

Kirkland 10.0 only rocks the behind-the-ear style and lacks in-the-ear options. But you can level up with a custom earmold. The 5 available colors are dope, and a hard-cover charger case comes with every pair (only charges when plugged into the wall). Want to accessorize? No worries, Kirkland Signature 10.0 is compatible with a variety of add-ons that you can buy separately at Costco.

Accessories that can be purchased separately:

  • TV Streamer - Stream nearly any TV directly into your hearing aids 
  • EasyLine Remote Control - Volume and program adjustment without having to use an app or onboard hearing aid buttons
  • Partner Mic - A microphone that a partner can wear in public spaces to stream directly into your hearing aids
  • On-the-go charger - Holds multiple charges for on-the-go charging (and it’s an upgrade for the already included plug-in charger
  • RogerDirect - Costco does not sell Roger devices, but Kirkland Signature 10.0 devices are compatible if you purchase one online or at a local clinic

Kirkland 10.0 Tech Checklist  

✅ Bluetooth streaming on Android and Apple devices. Visit this page to see if your phone is compatible
✅ Answer calls by tapping your hearing aid and talk on the phone without your phone nearby
✅ Rechargeable batteries with all-day battery life on as little as 3 hours of charge
✅ Optional 312 battery-powered version for those who prefer a non-rechargeable battery
✅ Built-in telecoil to pick up landline calls and directly to audio in public spaces like many concerts and church services
✅ Automatic program adjustment that sense your movement and environment
✅ Water resistant in 1 meter of water for up to 60 minutes
✅ Remote program adjustments are available after the first two appointments 

ls Want more detaiIs on the Kirkland 10.0 hearing aid? Watch this full review from Dr. Cliff Olson.

Rexton BiCore - $1,799 

Smallest Design, Longest Battery Life

Image of Costco's BiCore hearing aid

This one’s for those who are always on-the-go. If you want Costco's latest and greatest design, feast your eyes on the Rexton Bi-Core. For $1,799, you can snag a pair of these sleek hearing aids that come with a portable recharge case for easy on-the-go charging. Plus, they're the smallest devices currently available at Costco and can last up to 40 hours on one charge.To note, this device is almost identical to its sister product, Signia Pure Charge&Go AX.Rexton Style and Accessories

Image of Rexton hearing aids at Costco

Rexton Style and Accessories

Costco has various Rexton products in different styles. The popular Bi-Core C R-Li is the top choice, inspired by Signia Pure Charge&Go. Others may prefer the trendy M-Core SR (based on Signia Styletto) or the discreet ready-to-wear hearing aid (based on Signia Silk). For custom-mold options, Costco has a smaller selection of devices modeled after the Signia Insio.

As for accessories, Costco sells two items alongside their Rexton products. 

  • Smart Transmitter 2.4 ($159) - Streams TV wirelessly into your hearing aids
  • Rexton Smart Key ($89.99) - A remote control you carry in your pocket for quick volume and program updates (you can make these same updates using the app or buttons on most models of the hearing aid)

Rexton BiCore Tech checklist  

✅ Bluetooth streaming on Android and Apple devices
✅ Rechargeable batteries in behind-the-ear models
✅ Optional 312 battery-powered version for those who prefer a non-rechargeable battery

✅ Automatic program adjustment that senses your movement and environment
✅ Remote program adjustments are available after the first two appointments
✅ Optional telecoil to pick up landline calls and directly to audio in public spaces like many concerts and church services

Jabra Enhance Pro - $1,799
Innovative Engineering

Image of hand holding Costco Enhance Pro

Jabra Enhance Pro Summary 

Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids start at $1,799 for a pair at Costco and feature a third ear microphone for better sound quality. They're made by GN Hearing, the same company behind ReSound hearing aids, and are nearly identical to the ReSound OMNIA 9 device.

Image of Jabra Enhance Pro Product at Costco

Jabra Enhance Pro Styles and Accessories 

Behold the Jabra Enhance Pro, a behind-the-ear hearing aid marvel available in 8 captivating colors. Costco also boasts a small yet splendid selection of accessory devices to elevate your listening experience.

  • TV Streamer 2 - Allows direct TV streaming into your hearing aids
  • Multi Mic and Micro Mic - Allow you to place an external microphone near a partner or near a speaker in a meeting for directly streamed audio
  • Two remote controls - Choose between two remote controls that allow easy volume and program adjustments (you can make these same updates using the app or buttons on most models of the hearing aid)

Jabra Enhance Pro Tech Checklist

✅ Bluetooth streaming on Android and Apple devices
✅ Rechargeable batteries with 30 hours of life per charge
✅ Optional 312 battery-powered version for those who prefer a non-rechargeable battery
✅ Automatic program adjustment that senses environment
✅ Remote program adjustments are available after the first two appointments
❌ No telecoil available

Philips HearLink - $1,799
AI Powered Background Noise Reduction

Image of hand holding Philips HearLink hearing aids in a recharge case

Philips HearLink - Summary

Oh, the joys of shopping at Costco: Deep discounts on big-name products with a twist. Case in point? Phillips HearLink hearing aids, which ring in at just $1,799 for a pair. How do they do it? By rebranding a version of their popular product with a new name. But don't let that confuse you: HearLink still packs a punch with AI technology borrowed from Oticon More, delivering a natural sound while minimizing pesky background noise.

Image of Philips hearing aids at Costco

Philips HearLink Styles and Accessories 

Costco offers both a rechargeable and non-rechargeable version of HearLink to accommodate various preferences. Additionally, they sell a variety of useful accessories to enhance the functionality of HearLink.

  • Philips TV Adaptor - Stream TV audio directly into your hearing aids
  • Philips AudioClip - Use your AudioClip to make hands-free phone calls via Android phones (not necessary for iPhones)
  • Philips Remote Control - Change the volume and program of your hearing aids without an app or the buttons on your device

Philips HearLink Tech Checklist  

✅ Bluetooth streaming on Android and Apple devices
✅ Rechargeable batteries with 30+ hours of life per charge
✅ Optional 312 battery-powered version for those who prefer a non-rechargeable battery
✅ AI-powered sound algorithms that sort out background noise
✅ Remote program adjustments are available after the first two appointments
❌ No telecoil available

Costco and Health Insurance

Hearing aids are often not covered by insurance plans. If your policy does include benefits for hearing aids, note that you cannot use them directly at Costco. However, you may be able to submit expenses for reimbursement afterwards. Read on for more helpful information.

Does Costco accept insurance?

No, Costco does not accept insurance for hearing aids at this time. If your insurance plan covers hearing aids, you can purchase them at Costco and seek reimbursement from your insurance company by submitting an invoice after payment.

Note: Hearing aids are typically not covered by health insurance plans, including Original Medicare. To avoid surprises, it's best to verify what your specific insurance plan covers.

Does Costco accept TruHearing benefits?

Currently, Costco is not a TruHearing provider. Get the intel on TruHearing benefits and process here

Can you use your FSA and HSA for Costco hearing aids?

Yep, you can! You can utilize your HSA or FSA funds to purchase hearing aids at Costco since they are an eligible expense. Learn more about purchasing hearing aids through HSA and FSA here

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