An Audiologist’s Review of Rexton Hearing Aids

January 23, 2023
Amy Sarow | Doctor of Audiology
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Amy Sarow | Doctor of Audiology
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Gray Rexton Hearing Aids with black case and charger

Looking for more hearing aids at Costco? Among Costco's hearing aid options, Rexton has many attractive features. Read on to learn about the latest Rexton models, device technology and features, pros and cons, prices, and how the products compare to other options at Costco. 


Rexton hearing aids are a rebranded version of Signia hearing devices. Signia (formerly Siemens) is part of the Sivantos Group which is one of the top six hearing aid manufacturers. Some key features of Signia products that stand out include their split processing technology that helps in background noise, one of the smallest instant-fit CIC hearing aids on the market, and several convenient charger options for their rechargeable hearing devices.

Rexton Hearing Aids Models

Rexton has several different hearing aid form factors in its M-CORE line and new BiCore hearing aid line. The hearing aid options include RIC, BTE, and IIC models. These models come with directional microphones, sound processing algorithms, feedback cancellation systems, and noise reduction capabilities.

Current Rexton models include BiCore C R-Li and C R-Li T, BiCore ITE/ITC custom options, M-CORE SR, M-Core R, and M-Core iX.

BiCore C R-Li and C R-Li T

Costco offers a bundle with its newest Rexton RIC rechargeable hearing aids. These hearing aids feature split processing technology that can help give you an extra boost in background noise. These RIC hearing aids have a traditional profile with a button for volume control and an optional telecoil feature. Additionally, you'll enjoy direct streaming to your iPhone or compatible Android phone. This device comes with a variety of charging options, as you'll virtually never run out of battery life with BiCore R-Li T getting up to 39 hours without streaming. And that’s not all, the BiCore R-Li can provide up to 28 hours of power from a single charge. Even with just five hours of streaming, the aids can each still get 36 hours and 24 hours respectively.

BiCore ITE/ITC Custom Options

These custom hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible and connect to iPhone or compatible Android devices. They offer an impressive 28 hours of battery life—without streaming—from a single charge and the contactless charging feature is easy to use for those with dexterity concerns. In terms of color choices, these hearing aids come in various shades to match skin tone.


Many like the design of this hearing aid, which resembles the award-winning Styletto X from Signia, a slim RIC design. This rechargeable device (with a lithium-ion battery) can last a full day on just a three-hour charge. With its portable case, it can hold an additional three days of charge for added convenience on the go.


This BTE-style hearing aid has a more traditional profile and can be fitted with slim tubes or an earmold for flexibility (within the fitting range to fit mild to profound hearing loss with the B-Li M, B-Li P, and B-Li HP options). This hearing aid uses a rechargeable battery and an optional telecoil feature. And, it's rather impressive with 61 hours of runtime on a single charge.

M-Core R

This RIC hearing aid comes with rechargeable or disposable battery options and an optional telecoil feature. If you’re also looking for variety in color shades, this more traditionally shaped RIC hearing aid comes in 10 different hues.


These hearing aids offer an instant fit option with an ear tip that comfortably fits the ear canal. Unfortunately, this product does not provide rechargeability and will not be compatible with a SmartPhone either. However, if discretion and small size are a priority, this option may work well for you.

Rexton Technology & Features

The newer hearing aids in the BiCore series offer enhanced noise-reduction capabilities and splendid rechargeability. As also seen with Signia products, Rexton offers an array of convenient charging options. Rexton products also come with various optional accessories such as wireless remote controls, remote microphones, and TV streamers for easier access. Additionally, Rexton’s devices have a three-year warranty for added peace of mind.

Convenient Rechargeability Options

Need more rechargeable options? Except for instant fit devices, nearly all hearing aid options are rechargeable. Most hearing aid users prefer this option for the convenience of never running out of battery life while out and about in their daily lives. Some of my BTE patients with hearing loss sometimes alternate wearing one hearing aid at night for personal safety. The impressive battery life of 61 hours on a single charge means this option is open to those patients.

Made for iPhone

Rexton hearing aids are equipped with a Made for iPhone capability which covers streaming and wireless connectivity with Bluetooth-compatible devices and TVs. This hearing aid offers connectivity options for anyone who likes to video stream or listen to music.

Rexton Pros & Cons

Rexton hearing aids offer excellent technology in various form factors to cover a wide range of hearing loss and aesthetic preferences. While Rexton is available at a more budget-friendly price, their products are equivalent to the Signia advanced level of technology. It’s a good product for the cost. However, if you’re looking for more support in background noise, then a premium Signia device will offer maximum support in background noise. Read more about levels of hearing aid technology here

Remember, glitches happen. Bluetooth connectivity can have glitches at times. Check with your hearing care provider regarding any recent changes or updates. In my experience, Android phones tend to have more glitches than iPhones. However, many people experience technical glitches once software updates come out, regardless of the hearing aid manufacturer. Experience single-sided deafness? Then look at the CROS option because Rexton does not offer it, but you can get  a CROS through Signia.                      

Rexton Prices & Comparisons To Other Options At Costco

One of the main benefits of using a Rexton hearing aid is its affordability; depending on the model you choose, you can expect to pay $899 per device with an additional cost of $100 for an earmold. Of note, the price may vary based on your location. Additionally, all of their products come with a three-year warranty protecting against any malfunctions or repairs needed during that period, which can be incredibly helpful if something goes wrong.

When comparing different brands there are certain factors to consider: extended battery life, sound quality, comfort level, and customer service. Rexton offers more form factors in their hearing technology than some products at Costco, such as the Philips hearing aid line

However, Rexton hearing aids offer many of the same features as their Signia counterparts at an affordable price. Consider all these before making your final decision about which product is right for you.

While Rexton (and Costco) offer an impressive selection of features at an accessible price point, there are better options than Costco if you're looking for more customized care or have single-sided hearing loss or complex hearing loss.


All in all, there are many great reasons you might choose Rexton hearing aids. They offer quality products at an affordable price along with helpful features such as Bluetooth streaming capability, directional microphones, sound processing algorithms to help with background noise, et cetera. So if you're looking into getting new hearing aids, then definitely consider Rexton hearing aids.

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