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March 16, 2023
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POV: You take a hearing test, meet with an audiologist, and you discover that your hearing health could benefit from a hearing aid. What happens next? Odds are, you’re going to make a list of elements in a hearing aid that are important to you (sound quality, price, etc.), and other factors that can have a positive impact on your well-being. 

If sound quality is on the top of that list, then Widex is just the ticket. This brand is laser-focused on sound quality. Our audio nerds at Soundly dug deep in the backstory of the Widex brand, sat down with Senior Director of Audiology Dana Helmink and discussed all things Widex (and exactly why the brand is obsessed with sound processing that results in natural sound). 

Ready to learn more? Get the full scope on Widex below, plus their newest hearing aid styles and technology, pricing, and more.

About Widex

Widex is one of the major players in the hearing health market and they’re sold in nearly 100 countries with thousands of employees across the globe. Widex global HQ is located in Denmark and In 2019, and their U.S. operations are in New York City. Signia and Widex partnered to create WSA audiology, and both of these partners still operate as independent brands. 

As for the company’s roots, Widex began in 1956 when engineer Christian Tøpholm and businessman Erik Westermann transformed Tøpholm’s basement into a workshop and production center. In this space, the Widex 561 was invented and the business took off.

Founders of Widex and their first hearing aid design

As hearing aid technology keeps on advancing, Widex has remained at the forefront of the industry with life-changing innovations that prioritize sound quality above all else. In fact, Widex was the first brand to introduce the Quattro Q8 in 1988: A digitally programmable hearing aid with a remote control (talk about ahead of its time!).

By 1995, Widex made history once again by introducing the Senso Series, the world's first digital in-the-ear (ITE) hearing aid. These accomplishments set the stage for the company to continue pushing the boundaries of sound technology and prioritize natural sound quality over trendy features like Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries.

According to Widex representative Dana Hemlink, the company's mission to prioritize sound quality remains unchanged even today. In 2023, the company is laser-focused on new features that provide even better sound quality to help those living with hearing loss.

But Widex's commitment to excellence doesn't stop at sound technology. The company is also a leader in sustainability, with headquarters just outside Copenhagen that utilize a geothermal system using groundwater to store a year's worth of heating and cooling (how’s that for a lower carbon footprint?). A towering windmill above the campus delivers more power than Widex uses, making the headquarters CO2-neutral and allowing excess energy to be returned to the electricity grid as a CO2-free contribution to the local area.

Essentially, Widex is a company that not only prioritizes superior sound quality but also operates with a commitment to sustainability that aligns with today's growing environmental consciousness (without sacrificing goals or costs).

Image of Widex headquarters with wind turbine

Widex Hearing Aids

Widex continues to set the standard with its impressive product lines. With each release (every few years or so), Widex introduces updated features plus improved sound quality, ensuring that users receive the best possible hearing experience.

In September 2022, Widex launched its Widex Moment Sheer line of products, featuring rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth connectivity. While some other brands may have opted for more experimental features—such as fitness tracking and fall detection—Widex prioritizes natural sound quality over of-the-moment bells and whistles.

Image of a woman wearing Widex hearing aids

With the Moment Sheer line, users can expect a seamless connection to their devices, as well as impressive sound that allows them to fully engage in their daily lives. Widex's commitment to excellence and cutting-edge technology is clear with each new product release, and the Moment Sheer line is no exception.

How so? The Moment Sheer line boasts a highly rated achievement in its sound-processing speed. This hearing aid line processes sound in .5 milliseconds, which puts the next closest competitor in the dust (seriously), because the closest competitor is 10x slower at 5 milliseconds.

That being said, we all want to hear the world around us as clearly and naturally as possible, and that's where Widex takes the cake. Our team of Soundly audio enthusiasts had the chance to chat with Senior Director of Audiology Dana Helmink about why speed is such a crucial factor in hearing aid technology, and her insights were truly eye-opening.

As it turns out, the speed at which sound travels from the microphone on the hearing aid to the receiver in the ear can have a major impact on how natural the sound feels. According to Helmink, many people have become accustomed to hearing aids with a "radio-quality" sound and have accepted it as the status quo. However, that feeling is actually the brain perceiving a time gap between the natural sound that enters our ears and the sound produced by our hearing aids (yep, really!).

At Widex, the goal is to create a soundscape that feels as natural as possible, which is why they prioritize increasing processing speed to improve sound clarity. By minimizing that time gap and reducing the digital artifacts that can interfere with natural sound quality, Widex is able to deliver an audio experience that truly feels like you're hearing the world around you as it was meant to be heard.

Widex Moment

The Moment line comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Whether you're looking for a discreet device that fits completely in the canal, or a larger earbud style that packs a bigger punch, Widex has you covered.

full lineup of Widex Moment hearing aid styles

And no matter which size you choose, you can rest assured that you'll be getting the latest and greatest technology, thanks to the powerful Widex computer chip system at the heart of every device.

Of course, there are some differences between the various sizes and styles of Moment hearing aids. For example, certain features like Bluetooth and rechargeable batteries are only available in larger sizes. However, no matter which device you choose, you can count on the same high-quality sound processing that Widex is known for.

So if you're in the market for a new hearing aid, why not check out the Widex Moment line? With five form factors to choose from, there's sure to be a device that's perfect for your needs and preferences. 

Check out the features from left to right: 

‍Widex Moment: Receiver In Canal

  • Rechargeable
  • Most popular style that is best for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Streams phone calls, music, and podcasts from Android and Apple devices
  • Sits comfortably behind the ear and has buttons or an app for volume changes

‍Widex Moment: Behind The Ear

  • Disposable or rechargeable batteries
  • Made for people with a wide range of hearing loss from mild to severe or profound
  • Allows streaming through Apple and Android
  • Sits behind the ear with buttons or an app for volume changes

Widex Moment Completely In Canal Micro

  • Disposable size 10 battery
  • Smallest size, nearly invisible
  • Custom molded to fit your ear
  • Best for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Does not allow Bluetooth streaming
  • Does not allow remote programming
  • Volume and program control through a Widex app or remote control

Widex Moment Completely In Canal 

  • Size 10 disposable battery
  • Second smallest size
  • Custom molded to fit your ear
  • Best for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Allows remote programming
  • Does not allow Bluetooth streaming
  • Volume and program control through a Widex app or remote control
  • Best for those who want a small hearing aid with remote programming
  • Compatible with a wide range of Widex accessories

Widex Moment XP

  • Largest custom molded device
  • Uses a disposable size 312 battery for 2-3 days longer life
  • Best for mild to severe hearing loss
  • Does not allow Bluetooth streaming
  • Volume and program control through a Widex app or remote control
  • Allows remote programming
  • Best for those with dexterity challenges and a need for longer battery life

Once you choose a form-factor, you’ll need to pick a technology level. Widex offers the above styles at four technology levels. Like all other hearing aid brands, each time you go up a level, you can get more features with an increased price. (FYI: This can seem like a rather confusing pricing model, but it’s standard among all the top brands.) 

What consumers across the board will find is that every tech level in the Widex line comes with robust underlying technology and full customization for your hearing loss and well-being goals.

First up, Widex Moment Sheer 440 is the top technology level available and it’s the cream of the crop. The 440 boasts a complete set of sound processing features, including wind noise reduction, speech enhancement, and 15 adjustment bands of customization for your audiologist. If you regularly travel or spend time in groups, this top-end level can very well be worth the additional cost.

Next is Widex Moment 330, the second technology level available and comes with most of the core features available. Still impressive, the 330 has 12 channels of customization for your audiologist to work with but it loses some ability to process high-frequency sounds (and also loses the ability to adjust for wind noise). If you spend time in mid-sized groups and at home, this product is a solid option.

Following in the next level: Widex Moment 220 is the third technology level available and comes with most of the core features available. While pretty handy, the 220 has 10 channels, but it does not offer the highest level of speech enhancement (which can be tricky for some users). If you spend the most time in 1-1 settings or at home, this product will work well for your lifestyle.

Closing out the line, Widex Moment 110 is the base technology level available and comes with many of the core features available. This base product is dependable, as the 110 has 6 channels. However, it does not offer several features that help to manage background noise (keep this in mind!). If you are looking for a budget option and have simple listening needs, this could be a good choice. 

Purchasing Widex Hearing Aids

Widex hearing aids are mainly sold via a local audiologist and licensed virtual providers. Ahead are the purchasing options for Widex.

1. Find a local audiologist.

Local search for a Widex audiologist

Use the internet to find a provider that can address your specific health goals, concerns, and lifestyle needs. Once you have an appointment, the health care professional will guide you through the entire process which includes a hearing test with product recommendations. Now, what about costs? You can most likely expect to pay around $5,000 to $7,000 dollars depending on the level of tech you choose. Don’t forget to double check with your audiologist that they are comfortable working with Oticon products.

2. Get a pre-negotiated price via a network.

Widex care provider showing test results

There’s another solid—and cost saving—option for purchasing hearing aids: Many national networks providers that can offer lower costs at approximately 25 to 40 percent cheaper. The professionals likely work with medical providers and clinics you can find online, which will lower the cost before your initial visit. Want to compare pricing? Check out this link.

Widex Hearing Aid Prices

Image of Widex hearing aids and the Widex app

As we mentioned before, users will discover that Widex hearing aid prices are within the same cost realm with other top audiology brands like Phonak, ReSound, Oticon, and Signia. If you call a local audiologist directly, your cost will typically vary from $5,000 - $7,500 for a pair depending on the technology level you choose.

Here are some sample hearing aid prices from Hearing Tracker:

  • Behind-the-ear pair at discount rates: $2,798 lowest-tech - $4,598 highest-tech
  • In-the-ear on pair at discount rates: $2,898 lowest-tech - $4,400 highest-tech
  • Walk-in average for a pair: $5,507 

Widex Product Reviews

Product reviews of Widex Moment hearing aids from past customers

Our Soundly team combed through review sites and came to the conclusion that Widex hearing aids get an average 4.25 out of 5 stars. Some fan favorite features include sound quality, but some other reviewers complained about inconsistent Bluetooth connections. 

Pros: Good sound quality, true they have less echo as advertised. Good tinnitus features (Zen therapy). Cons: Spotty connectivity to app, Bluetooth drops often. Middle of call, one aid will drop out. And if I stream a few hours a day, battery life impacted significantly, only lasting maybe 8 hours. 


Moment 440 Rechargeables are delivering for me. I hear nearly perfect, maybe too well, some things I don't even want to hear, like the fridge running. I'm absolutely blown away by this technology. 


I previously had a pair of high end Widex hearing aids for 8 years and felt it was time to update with a new pair.. I again choose Widex and was amazed as to how much better the new technology is. 


Bluetooth connecting my cell phone to my hearing aids save my career. I can actually hear better on the telephone now than I can in person. 


My new Widex hearing aids are excellent. I like the sound quality, streaming capabilities, and compact fit behind my ears. 


Convinced Widex Moment HA have given me sound quality comparable to what my 20 year old ears had.


I am extremely happy with my WIDEX hearing aids. I was worried that they would be somewhat like the hearing amplifiers that I briefly used. It's a good chunk of money to put out there hoping something will work. I was not disappointed. 


No items found.

Widex vs. Oticon, ReSound, Starkey Signia and Phonak

Image of Widex moment hearing aids compared to hearing aids from Signia and Phonak

So, you're probably wondering how Widex hearing aids stack up in terms of pricing compared to other big brands like ReSound or Oticon. Well, the good news is that they're pretty comparable.

But what really sets Widex apart is their detailed attention to sound quality. Seriously, it's (almost) all they think about! While they may not be leading the pack in terms of rechargeable batteries or Bluetooth connections, their devices are definitely worth considering if you want fast, clear, and natural sound.

Of course, quality comes at a price. If you're someone who values exceptional sound above all else and is willing to invest in a premium product, you're unlikely to be disappointed with Widex Moment.

–The Soundly team

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