Jabra Enhance Plus

$ 799.00  / pair
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Jabra Enhance Plus

$ 799.00  / pair
$ 799.00  / pair

Jabra Enhance Plus is a relatively new product from GN Hearing (also the parent company to ReSound).

The earbud-style product is self-customized to your hearing loss and can alternate between amplifying the sounds around you, playing music and podcasts, or both.
Think of this product as a hearing aid/headphone hybrid. It won't fully replace the need for hearing aids but offers a great starting point for someone who needs support in specific situations.

Jabra Enhance Plus devices connect to the Jabra Enhance Plus app, which will administer a hearing test and customize the devices to match your hearing loss. This device is sold over-the-counter and does not require a doctor's visit.

Important note: Streaming to the Jabra Enhance Plus app is currently only available through iOS devices.

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What's Included

A pair of Jabra Enhance Plus devices

1 recharge case that holds up to 3 charges for on-the-go use

Multiple ear tip sizes to fit a range of ears

Access to the Jabra Enhance Plus for programming and volume control (iOS only)

Return Policy

Jabra Enhance Plus devices come with a 100-day return policy.


Jabra Enhance Plus devices offer an impressive blend of consumer and medical technology.

The technology in the device hinges on a clinically tested hearing test that users take through the Jabra Enhance Plus app. With that test in place, the devices go to work amplifying sounds according to your hearing profile.

When you stream music or phone calls through the headphones (only available through iOS) the devices automatically amplify sounds that you might normally miss based on your hearing loss.

When you switch to Listen Mode the world around you is amplified to match your hearing loss. Jabra Enhance Plus offers three listening modes: Adaptive (highlights voices), Focus (amplifies the sound in front of you), Surround (gives you 360 sound).

Use the app or the push buttons on the side of each device to change the volume and program.

How It Works

Jabra Enhance Plus is a registered OTC hearing aid. You can purchase the product directly through Jabra's site here. Once the product arrives at your home, you will begin by taking the app-based hearing test.

Some local retailers like Best Buy carry Jabra Enhance Plus in their brick-and-mortar locations.

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Reviews From Early Access Tech Reporters

The breakdown

Jabra Enhance Plus isn't meant for all-day wear like a traditional custom-mold or behind-the-ear style but is excellent for situations like watching TV or conversing quietly.

iPhone users will enjoy clear streaming sound that is automatically adjusted to match their hearing loss.

Man wearing Jabra Enhance Plus hearing aids
Woman at coffee bar wearing Jabra Enhance PlusJabra Enhance Plus hearing aid exploded view.

The tech inside

Jabra Enhance Plus is a part of a new class of hearing aids that you might think of as hybrid devices. One part hearing aid and one part headphone, this product is water resistant, has 12 hour battery life, and streams music and phone calls from iOS devices.

Jabra Enhance Plus is owned by GN Hearing and borrows from the health giant's decades of experience in managing background noise and amplifying the sounds that matter most.

Getting up close

Jabra Enhance Plus devices come in black and tan. Both devices look more like consumer electronics than hearing aids.

Each hearing aid has a round push button that toggles between programs and controls streaming volume. The Jabra Enhance Plus case has a premium finish that feels a lot like the case for Apple's Airpods.

Woman holding a Jabra Enhance Plus with shallow depth of field.

Overall notes:

Don't expect Jabra Enhance Plus to replace your all-day hearing aid. This device is best as a crossover for someone looking for a second pair of hearing aids or someone who isn't quite ready for a traditional product.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD

Not a replacement for all-day hearing aids but a functional boost for situational listening enhacement.

Ramsay Poindexter, AuD
Garrett Thompson, AuD

Jabra Enhance Plus is an earbud with superpowers.

Garrett Thompson, AuD
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