MDHearing Volt Max

$ 699.00  / pair
4282 Reviews
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MDHearing Volt Max

$ 699.00  / pair
$ 699.00  / pair
4282 Reviews

MDHearing is a Chicago-based brand that has sold over 500,000 pairs of affordable hearing aids since 2009. Volt Max is the brand's latest product with rechargeable batteries and self-fitting customization through the MDHearing app. Volt Max comes with VIP care from one of MDHearing's licensed professionals. Volt Max is the lowest-priced hearing aid that is both rechargeable and customizable to your hearing loss.

Customizable based on your hearing test within the MDHearing app
High-quality sound and rechargeable batteries
Remote access to free VIP care

No streaming
Slightly larger than other models
Only offered in beige at this time

Get Volt Max Hearing Aids
$699 / pair

  • Free returns and shipping
  • Affordable
  • Self-tuned
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What's Included

2 Volt Max hearing aids

Recharge case

Accessories included such as a selection of different sized tubes and cables

Unlimited follow-up care with your licensed hearing professionals

Return Policy

MDHearing offers a 45-day risk-free trial


Volt Max hearing aids use the MDHearing app to program your hearing aids at home

Hearing aid volume is controlled through buttons on the hearing aid or through the MDHearing app

MDHearing offers four hearing environments: automatic, quiet, conversation, restaurant

Volt Max has two directional microphones that work together to distinguish the sounds you want to hear from the ones you don’t

Volt Max hearing aids connect to Bluetooth on your phone to adjust the volume and choose different listening environments, but do not allow Bluetooth streaming of music and phone calls

Volt Max hearing aids are rechargeable and come with a portable recharge case that carries up to three full charges

How It Works

Order Volt Max on the MDHearing website. All orders come with free shipping, and you can return your hearing aids for any reason for 45 days. 

Your hearing aids will arrive in 3-7 business days. You'll get all the accessories you need along with step-by-step instructions on how to customize your hearing aids at home.

At any time in the process, you can speak to an MDHearing expert by phone or chat to optimize and fine-tune your hearing aids and enhance your listening experience.

What people are saying:

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  • Price
  • Appearance

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The breakdown

MDHearing offers one of the most affordable products available, but are the Volt Max hearing aids good? In short, yes. MDHearing effectively cuts out the middle man by giving users the power to program their hearing aids using their app. The result is significant savings. MDHearing also cuts costs by selling a product without lots of bells and whistles. MDHearing is a simple product that works for many people.

Woman's hand holding MDHearing aid
Man wearing MDHearing aidsMDHearing directional microphones

The tech inside

Volt Max comes with rechargeable batteries and a portable charge case that holds up to three additional charges. The hearing aids are simple (no fitness tracking or Bluetooth streaming) but they offer customizing using the MDHearing app and consistently get good customer reviews. Volt Max has two microphones that work together to amplify voices and reduce background noise.

Getting up close

MDHearing aids sit behind the ear and offer buttons for easy volume control.

Ear tips and the behind-the-ear wires can be adjusted based on your ear size and shape.

Volt Max is only available in beige at this time.

Hand holding MDHearing Aid

Overall notes:

MDHearing's Volt Max isn't the fanciest or smallest product on the market but it is easily the most affordable hearing aid available that is both rechargeable and customizable.

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