Full Review of Costco's Jabra Enhance Pro Hearing Aid

March 29, 2023
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
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I visited Costco to trial their Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aid. In this review I'll share what I learned.

Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids at Costco

👋 Looking for a good comparison?

Many of my readers compare Costco hearing aids to Jabra Enhance Select. Jabra Enhance Select is the telehealth option from the brand. You can read reviews on that product here.

Costco is one of the largest sellers of hearing aids in the U.S. Costco Members get free hearing tests and have access to some of the best prices on the market. You can read my full review of the Costco test and fitting process (with lots of pictures) here.

Costco doesn’t manufacture any hearing aids. They sell devices from the four largest hearing aid manufacturers globally.  

There are five big players in the hearing aid manufacturing market. Costco works with three them to offer their latest technology at lower prices and under different names than you would find at a local clinic.  

#1. Demant: Maker of the Philips brand at Costco (similar to Oticon Real)
#2. WS Audiology: Makes hearing aids for Costco under the Rexton brand (similar to Signia)
#3. GN Hearing: Maker of Jabra Enhance Pro (similar to ReSound)

In this article, we’ll focus on Jabra Enhance Pro. We’ll look at the technology, design, prices and alternatives.

Jabra Enhance Pro Overview  

Image of a man wearing Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids

Costco's Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids start at $1,799 for a pair and include a standard recharge hearing case. You can upgrade to a premium case for an additional cost.

If the name Jabra sounds familiar, it's probably because the brand makes millions of consumer headphones and office headsets yearly.

Few people know that Jabra is owned by GN Hearing, the maker of ReSound hearing aids.

Jabra Enhance Pro is nearly identical to ReSound's OMNIA device. ReSound OMNIA is my go-to hearing aid; you can read my full product review here.

The most significant innovation in the Jabra Enhance Pro is the addition of a third microphone that sits inside the ear.

Most hearing aids only have two microphones placed on the body of their devices. The additional Jabra microphone allows the natural shape of your ear to impact sound quality.

Jabra Enhance Pro Styles and Accessories

Image of Jabra Enhance Pro accessories

Jabra Enhance Pro is only available as a behind-the-ear style product and is currently available in 8 colors. Costco offers a few notable accessory devices.

  • TV Streamer 2 - Allows direct TV streaming into your hearing aids
  • Multi Mic and Micro Mic - Allow you to place an external microphone near a partner or near a speaker in a meeting for directly streamed audio
  • Two remote controls - Choose between two remote controls that allow easy volume and program adjustments (you can make these same updates using the app or buttons on most models of the hearing aid)

Every pair of Jabra Enhance Pro hearing aids comes with an included charge case that must be plugged into the wall while charging. You can upgrade to a premium case that holds up to three charges in the case itself for on-the-go charging.

Image of Jabra Enhance Pro chargers

Jabra Enhance Pro Tech Checklist

✅ Bluetooth streaming on Android and Apple devices

✅ Rechargeable batteries with 30 hours of life per charge

✅ Optional 312 battery-powered version for those who prefer a non-rechargeable battery

✅ Automatic program adjustment that senses environment

✅ Remote program adjustments are available after the first two appointments

❌ No telecoil available

Is Jabra Enhance Pro Worth The Price?

Costco shoppers currently have three brands to choose: Jabra, Philips and Rexton.

Where does Jabra stack up on that list? 

Many features in these devices are equal. All three top hearing aids fit discreetly behind the ear, give full customization to your hearing professional, offer rechargeable batteries, and come with Costco's full-service offering.

Jabra stands out in two ways.

#1. Jabra Enhance Pro has a more innovative design. The 3rd microphone inside the ear increases sound clarity, and many users say it gives a "natural" sound. I also prefer the body shape of Jabra Enhance Pro to the other options at Costco.

#2. Jabra Enhance Pro comes with great accessories. The Jabra Enhance pro Multi Mic is one of the best listening accessories I've tried. Jabra has a separate TV streamer but multi-mic can stream from your TV as well. It's a great offering!

Ultimately the price for all products at Coscto are very competitive compared to the national average. You can listen to sounds samples from Jabra's sister product ReSound OMNIA here.

I hope this review has been helpful. If you have questions or comments. Drop us a line at hello@soundly.com.

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