As Hearing Aids Go OTC, Soundly and Tuned Are Forming a Partnership To Improve Access to Care

October 12, 2022
Blake Cadwell
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Blake Cadwell
Soundly Staff
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Soundly and Tuned Partnership

Next week the FDA’s long-awaited over-the-counter hearing aid guidelines take effect. The move will make hearing aids widely available at retail and online. 

Industry leading manufacturers like WSA, GN and Starkey have shared plans to launch their own OTC devices. It’s an exciting time by all accounts.

At a time of rapid technology and legislation advance it would be easy to focus on the idea that technology will solve everything. But that’s not how we see it. 

Soundly strongly believes that experienced professionals will continue to play a vital role in the hearing health space.

As more devices and more retail channels open up there will be more questions than ever and audiologists and hearing professionals are unquestionably the best people to answer those questions. 

How do we improve access to audiological care in a new OTC era? 

The Soundly and Tuned partnership is founded on the idea that those with hearing loss should have access to the best hearing care regardless of the device they choose.

Tuned makes 180+ licensed professionals available through Telehealth appointments and unlike models of the past, Tuned audiologists don’t take a commission or have a vested interest in one manufacturer. 

Instead, Tuned bills for their time and gives advice on topics from tinnitus to available apps, safe headphone use and, yes, hearing aids. 

Starting next week Soundly and Tuned will launch new features on that bring Soundly users and licensed hearing professionals closer together through content and access to Telehealth.  

The partnership is just the beginning of our focus on helping those with hearing loss connect to the best technology at the best prices and with the best possible information and care. 

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–The Soundly team