Best Seller

Lively 2 Lite

$ 1,195.00  / pair
905 Reviews
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Best Seller

Lively 2 Lite

$ 1,195.00  / pair
$ 1,195.00  / pair
905 Reviews

Lively hearing aids are built by the world's 4th largest hearing aid manufacturer (ReSound). Lively made a name for itself by recreating the full-service audiology model online. Instead of requiring you to come into their office, Lively reduces the cost by programming remotely and shipping to your home. All Lively products come with a 100-day return policy and 3 years of unlimited remote care.

You can find the same product for sale at a local clinic for around $3,500.

Lively Lite is the most affordable model it comes with disposable batteries instead of rechargeable and does not have some of the most recent sound quality features in the Pro. If you plan to use your hearing aids at home or or in small gatherings this product can get the job done.

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  • Nearly invisible
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Behind the Ear
What's Included

2 hearing aids and a charging case

Manufacturer loss and damage protection and warranty

3 years of follow-up care with the Lively audiology team

Free mobile app for easy adjustments

Support from the Lively care team, 7 days a week

Return Policy

Lively offers a 100-day risk-free trial


Manufactured by ReSound, a trusted leader in the category 

Offers powerful background noise reduction and intelligent sound algorithms

Stream music, podcasts, and phone calls through Android and Apple phones

Change the volume and program using the app or buttons on the hearing aid

Get remote care and program adjustments from anywhere (no office visit required)

How It Works

Start with a free phone consultation with a Lively care provider. They will arrange for your online test during this call or get your current test results. 

You'll purchase the product (with a 100-day risk-free return policy) over the phone or online.

A Lively audiologist will program your hearing aids to match your hearing loss and ship the product to your home. 

After you have the product in hand, you can make minor adjustments using your app or schedule free follow-up appointments to make further programming adjustments.

Every pair of Lively hearing aids comes with 3 years of free service.    

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The breakdown

First, the big question. Why is this product cheaper than the traditional alternative?

Lively moves the whole fitting process from local shops (with lots of overhead) to one central operation and remote audiologists. 

Lively hearing aids are made by ReSound, which sells similar technology for $3,500 through a local care provider.

Hand holding Lively hearing aids and using Lively app
Hands holding Lively hearing aid caseLively telehealth appointment in progress on a computer screen

The tech inside

Lively 2 Lite hearing aids connect to an app that allows for volume control, program control, and remote audiology visits. All levels of Lively hearing aids are Bluetooth enabled and connect to all Apple and Android devices. Lively Pro is the only level of hearing aid that allows hands free calling on iPhone. All levels of Lively hearing aids can be programmed remotely by your audiologist—no more in-person visits.

Getting up close

Lively hearing aids sit behind the ear and offer buttons for easy volume control. Ear tips and the behind-the-ear wires can be adjusted based on your ear size and shape. Lively hearing aids are less than one inch long and are virtually invisible from the front and side profiles.

Man wearing Lively hearing aid

Overall notes:

If you have mild to moderate hearing loss, are on a budget, and want an audiologist to program your hearing aids to match your hearing loss, this is one of the most compelling products on the market.

Jen Anfinson, AuD

Lively offers white-labeled ReSound hearing aids in their entry-level technology. This is a nice option if you're on a budget.

Jen Anfinson, AuD
Garrett Thompson, AuD

Their hearing specialists can personalize and program Lively hearing aids in real-time; highlighting the benefits of remote care.

Garrett Thompson, AuD
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